Frog Tape® Leaps over Competition

Painting is the number one home improvement project for homeowners. It is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to change or update a room. Without the right tools, though, it can be harder than it needs to be. Painting an entire room only to find out that you have to retouch where you have taped is tedious and frustrating. When you become tired of touching up paint that has leaked under your old masking tape, it’s time to try the new Frog Tape®, made by Inspired Technologies in Le Sueur, Minnesota.

Frog Tape is not just another paper-andadhesive tape. It utilizes a technology called Paintblock®, a chemical treatment that is applied to the tape during the manufacturing process. When latex paint comes into contact with the edges of Frog Tape, Paintblock forms an immediate micro barrier along the edges of the tape. In a video on their website ( water is poured into a cup with Paintblock and within seconds the water has gelled. This demonstration shows what happens when latex (water-based) paint comes into contact with the Paintblock in Frog Tape.

Frog Tape sets a few ‘firsts’ when it comes to painter’s tape. Not only is it the first patented pro painter’s crepe masking tape, but it is also the first tape to come in its own reusable stayfresh container. With other masking tapes, when the protective wrapping is removed from the roll, the tape is left exposed to air, dirt and other debris. The edges of the tape are also vulnerable to damage, making the tape less effective. Each roll of Frog Tape comes in a reusable stay-fresh container, keeping the tape clean and ready for use.

Frog Tape made its public debut at the 2007 National Hardware Show, immediately capturing the attention of show attendees and retailers nationwide. By November 2007, Frog Tape had been chosen from thousands of products to receive a “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science magazine in the Home Tech category. Frog Tape appeared alongside such innovations as the iPhone and a bionic hand in the highly anticipated December issue.

It wasn’t long before Inspired Technologies was flooded with phone calls about Frog Tape. People were eager to know where they could buy Frog Tape and try it out for themselves. In the time since its debut, the public’s response to Frog Tape has been overwhelmingly positive.

Frog Tape once again enjoyed phenomenal success at the 2008 National Hardware Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Press presence was thick as HGTV and the DIY Network came to the Frog Tape booth to film short segments on this innovate product. Frog Tape also had the honor of receiving two national Retailer’s Choice Awards during the course of the Show.

In its promotional materials for Frog Tape, Inspired Technologies asks the question, “Why mask if your tape leaks?” Upgrading to Frog Tape on your next painting job makes this question obsolete.



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