Drink Like a Fish

Big or little, smooth or spiky, vibrant or staid, we are intrigued while watching aquatic creatures. The fascination may arise because the gilled swimmers go about their daily business effortlessly moving around, submerged for life. Most of us take our surroundings for granted; not staying immersed or focused on any one thing for very long. And at work, we float through days, weeks and even months oblivious to the remarkable and unique transformations we pass on. In addition to being cognitive of good health, family peace and friendship, we must realize good at work. Those who continually dive in with little appreciation for craft skills or business knowledge are often interrupted by unsettled waters.

Experts claim that home or commercial aquariums calm onlookers and provide a comforting distraction. Maybe it goes beyond watching to some ancient human evolutionary gilled affinity and/or connection. Either way, it has been observed that sometimes industry professionals may not fully appreciate or enjoy the science and art of painting/coating application. Everyone has talent or inclinations that may be effective in the work place. Although some struggle to find their groove, the majority go about the 8-4:30 contributing positive efforts to the application industry. Of course, like a team, individual input may vary, but usually, the steady that show up offer something productive. At work, more often than not, we see people called out for their less productive inclinations, rather than recognized for contributory skills. And sometimes along the daily stream of gurgling activity, we are absence minded or just blind to the talent of our colleagues.

Maybe it’s because coworkers that have mastered techniques or management tasks make it look easy, so we tend to take the brilliance for granted. Although less often, sometimes we are unappreciative of our own productive tendencies. If work is one third or more of daily living or even adult life, it stands to reason that sincere time is spent honing skills, which eventually results in some expertise. Plus, genuine endeavor and team work are honorable vocation attributes and fins and tails over merely going through the motions. Earnest efforts lead to improvement and understanding, besides, without recognizing good, the career thing could become a long, perilous swim.

We don’t just watch water breathers for the aquatic skills, we stare and marvel at their innate ability to glide, thrive and survive. How about work, is there anything that may intrigue an onlooker or at least capture their attention? The painting craft is ancient and steeped in artistic expression; the techniques are wildly varied and so exceptional that our heritage decorated the Egyptian pyramids and expressed the great Renaissance. Even everyday architectural paint application performed by a craftsman is talent to appreciate. From walls to gold leaf, or tanks to fresco, take some time and recognize the science, preservation and beauty of painting/coating application. Immerse yourself in the tradition of outstanding techniques and ethical business practices, give thanks and drink our industry’s grandeur like a fish.

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