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July 4th is upon us. Or more accurately, it is time to celebrate Independence Day! It is one of my favorite holidays; casual dress, namely shorts, and lots of family, friends and food. “Happy birthday to America” allows us to express thanks for privileges we may sometimes take for granted. To live in the greatest, most generous society the world has known to date and grill steaks, hot dogs or other summer fare is tasty fun and a worthwhile tradition.

Over several decades our industry has consolidated from thousands of manufacturers down to hundreds. In fact, read The Gang of 5 to see that there is just a hand full of national full-line, architectural paint makers left. Where will paint professionals purchase paint and related products? Do you know who you are actually buying from and what the national biggies have to offer?

In the news, finally we are experiencing an uptick in the residential building market, but according to NAHB some builders and suppliers are reporting lumber and gypsum wall board shortages. A Behr Paints Canadian market manager has come up with an early 2014 color prediction. Fox business news reports the single most popular reason why small business owners are losing sleep. The AGC has noted yet another U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) notice-posting rule is invalid.

In addition, the AGC has the numbers to back up the assertion that construction has become a safer work place over the last several years, although the reason may have more to do with the economy than OSHA.  The ABC says that May was nice and flat as far as material price increases are concerned. Also, the ABC recently testified that the decades old Davis Bacon Act needs updating or the trash can.

Enjoy and please take a moment to be appreciative of the importance and reverence of Independence Day. Remember not to burn the hot dogs and that to live and work in a free and open democratic society is a privilege.

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Mark Casale, Editor

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