Rust-Oleum First to Launch Smart Paint

The Rust-Oleum Corporation has launched the first smart paint for the consumer market. NeverWet is a superhydrophobic coating that does not allow water or anything wet to stick on a treated substrate. The product is purchased as an aerosol and can be applied to many different surfaces including plastic, wood, concrete, and fabrics. NeverWet is a nanoparticle engineered coating with many applications beyond spray can use. It was originally developed as an anti-corrosive steel paint based on the assumption that water is the most common catalyst that causes rust.

NeverWet was invented by Ross Technology (RT), a Leola, Pennsylvania company specializing in contract metal fabrication featuring robotic welding, laser and plasma cutting, and paint and powder coating among other manufacturing services. The initial idea was to make steel components impervious to moisture so that RT products would provide a superior value and longevity. Along the way, NeverWet was discovered. It is interesting to see a relatively small and localized company move faster in the smart paint race than the billion dollar, global giants. Plus, RT was not a paint or chemical manufacturer, but has now created a new, Nanotechnology Division.

Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet consumer version has limitations, but for many small items and somewhat shorter coating life spans, the product is fun to try. In addition, there is a “cool” factor to simply applying the novel and futuristic paint in a spray can form. PPT understands that Rust-Oleum has a license agreement with RT for the consumer product, which is a win-win for each company. Rust-Oleum flexes it’s nationally recognized name brand, as well as instant coast to coast shelf space, while RT enjoys an influx of capital to further develop the patented smart paint.

And remember that you most likely read about NeverWet, alongside other nano-based coatings here in PPT first: please reference Smart Paint.|dc_mtid_8903alh25183_pcrid_34878380137_pkw_never%20wet_pmt_e#.UbCiP-cTxfA?&cm_mmc=SEM|G|STO|DSK|D24|Rustoleum

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