American Paint Manufacturers

As a follow up to the Gang of Five, we have put together a snapshot of regional paint makers. The previous focus was on manufacturers with nation-wide distribution of comprehensive lines of architectural paint. A common theme among the five biggies, Behr Paints, Benjamin Moore & Company, PPG Industries, the Sherwin-Williams Company and the Valspar Corporation, was a rise to industry prominence and billion dollar plus sales from modest beginnings. Each biggie has extended their brand beyond the U.S., and four of the five are substantially growing and competing on a global scale.

Some of the regional players have reached outside of North America too, but for the most part these companies have survived by keeping their eye on the ball at a more local level. In reviewing the regional paint and coatings makers, we attempted to exclude brands that have been acquired or have license agreements with the five: Kiltz (MasterChem/Behr); Coronado (Benjamin Moore); Glidden and Olympic Paints (PPG); Columbia, Duron, Dutch Boy, MAB, Martin Senour, Mautz, Pratt & Lambert (Sherwin-Williams); and Ace (Valspar). In addition, at press time the American based Comex brands that are part of a potential purchase deal by Sherwin-Williams are in question; Color Wheel, Frazee, Kwal and Parker.

In any event, the Comex-run companies do not meet the condition of American ownership. We will circle back to the Comex acquisition soon. Also, for the record, Rodda Paint, a great Portland, Oregon brand founded in 1932, did not meet the ownership requirement. Rodda is a wholly owned subsidiary of the western Canadian manufacturer, Cloverdale Paint. Some of the older brands noted above have been phased out and hundreds more were closed over the last thirty years. There were four criteria for manufacturers to make our list: made in the America, regional distribution, the production of architectural finishes used by contractors, and private ownership (not acquired by another manufacturer).

There seems to be three types of owners, family, employee and wholly owned subsidiaries of management companies.  Although, we do not have every small paint maker noted, we have attempted to showcase a variety of quality, independent manufacturers.  The purpose here is to identify each paint maker, share some general information and maybe some fun facts. Plus, it may be interesting to you to see if your local company is included. It looks like the oldest regional producer was started in 1890 and the newest in 2012.

At least two companies were started by European craftsmen immigrants, while another began as an almost Ponzi scheme based on the objective of selling paint sales kits. Florida wins the most paint makers sweepstakes, with California finishing second according to headquarters location. It is amazing to see these quality organizations flourish against the odds of acquisition, competition, and plies of new regulations. Since the 1970s, more often than not, small manufacturers ceased to exist. In fact, if we attempted to compile American paint manufacturers in 1970, the list  may have been five or six times longer.

As far as company logos go, there are some appealing and unique depictions, though we prefer the more colorful ones. We are especially fond of the SunColor Paints logo. Like fine craftsmanship, great products stand the test of time and many of the makers noted here have helped paint professionals surpass customer expectations for generations. It is a nice option to have the opportunity to conduct business with a local manufacturer. We endeavored to locate accurate company data; however some sources may have been outdated. Please submit corrections and any manufacturers that should be added or deleted to We will publish updated information. (All information sources are noted).

Bennette Paint Manufacturing Company

Founded: 1966
Headquarters: Hampton, Virginia
Architectural market: Virginia, North and South Carolina.
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Employee
Manufactures private label materials

The Bennette Paint Company, located in Hampton, Virginia, manufactures residential and commercial paints. Bennette is a privately held Virginia corporation and is an independent paint manufacturer. The company operates from a single facility, which includes research and warehouse space.

Bennette has a fully equipped laboratory and technical staff with the capability to develop any type of special coating to meet customer needs. The company private-labels products for customers or will produce materials following client formulas.

BLP Mobile Paints

Founded: 1921
Headquarters: Theodore, Alabama
Architectural market: Alabama, Arkansas, the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,  Texas
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Employee
Manufactures private label materials

BLP Mobile Paints manufactures a wide variety of architectural, industrial, marine, OEM and high performance coatings. Products are available at twenty-two company stores and over 200 independent dealers. The first company store was opened in 1935. Originally, founded in Mobile, Alabama, the company expanded to a 200,000 square-foot plant located at the present day location of Theodore, Alabama in 1975. Production capabilities exceed three million gallons per year.

California Paints

Founded: 1926
Headquarters: Andover, Massachusetts
Architectural market: Northeast
Bermuda; Virgin Islands; China; Lithuania
Distribution: independent dealers
Ownership: Division of California Products Corporation (Management Company)
Manufactures asbestos and lead encapsulation products, and mold remediation materials

California Paints is a division of the California Products Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of quality paints, coatings, and sports surfacing systems. The company started as a manufacturer of colored stuccos and interior plasters. In the 1970’s and 80’s, California Paints made numerous acquisitions including the Carmote Paint Company, Wilbur & Williams High Performance Coatings, Ox-Line Paints, and Colorize Paints (a division of Grow Group).

Recreational Products Division is the world‚Äôs largest producer of acrylic athletic surfacing materials, primarily for tennis courts and running tracks. DecoTurf¬ģ and Plexicushion¬ģ tennis surfacing products are selected for use at the world‚Äôs most prestigious tennis events including the U.S. Open and the Australian Open.

Fiberlock Technologies offers broad and comprehensive product lines for mold remediation, as well as lead and asbestos encapsulation. Fiberlock has supplied environmental control products to customers such as the Pentagon, Disney World, IBM, Amtrak, The National Gallery of Art, Harvard University, NASA, General Electric, AT&T, and General Motors.

Davis Paint Company

Founded: 1921
Headquarters: North Kansas City, Missouri
Architectural market: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Employee
Manufactures private label materials

The Davis Paint Company manufactures multiple lines of paint: Davis Industrial Coatings, Davis Architectural Paint, Cook Consumer Paint, Sahara Oasis Swimming Pool Paint, Eli Weatherby’s Exterior Wood Stains, Master Painter Contractor Coatings and top quality Hold-Tite house paint. The products are distributed throughout the greater Midwest by company stores and independent dealers.

The story of the Davis Paint Company, founded by Berry Davis, is unique, because he launched the business in a rather innovative manner. Mr. Davis began the company from his home with a sales plan, $150.00 in postage stamps, a mailing list and some printed materials.

What resulted was the building of an “agency paint business”, somewhat similar to the Fuller Brush Company’s system of operation. When orders came in he would purchase and re-sell the paint. Mr. Davis believed most of his business would come from the sale of kits to the agents, not from the sale of paint. Almost immediately, Mr Davis realized that he was wrong; a surprisingly large number of paint orders came in. This method of operation came to a climax in the late Twenties and early Thirties when the mailing amounted to an estimated three to five million letters annually.

In the beginning, Mr. Davis purchased the paint from a Kansas City producer (Davis Paint was private labeled by another manufacturer). Several years later, in 1926, the owners of the Cleveland operation sold equipment and a manufacturing business to Davis Paint. The Cleveland investment quickly proved a success. By 1928, manufacturing was underway in Kansas City and the Davis Paint brand, Ever Bright, was introduced.

Diamond Vogel Paints

Founded: 1926
Headquarters: Orange City, Iowa
Architectural market: Midwest
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Family

Diamond Vogel Paints is one of the largest family-owned paint manufacturing businesses in the United States. Diamond Vogel is headquartered in Orange City, Iowa, and has 5 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 company stores.

Andrew Vogel, a colorful but stubborn Dutch immigrant, decided that the only paint good enough for the barns and homes in the varied and often harsh Midwest climate was paint he perfected himself. So, from a modest ‚Äúworkshop laboratory‚ÄĚ in Orange City, Iowa, a paint company was born.¬†The story begins in Friesland, Holland, where Andrew Vogel worked in his father‚Äôs paint shop applying finishes to the homes and carriages of Dutch farmers.

In 1913, the family immigrated to America. Andrew settled in northwest Iowa and soon discovered that American paints did not measure up to his family’s strict standards of appearance and performance. In 1926, with two small grinding machines, each capable of making five gallons of paint, Andrew launched Vogel Paint and Wax Company.

In 1967, Vogel Paint bought the Diamond Products Manufacturing Company of Marshalltown, Iowa and in the early 70‚Äôs the company started to do business as Diamond Vogel Paints¬ģ to capitalize on the strong brand recognition of each company. Other key acquisitions have expanded the company both in technology and geographic reach.

Dunn-Edwards Paints

Founded: 1925
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Architectural market: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Employee

Dunn-Edwards Paints is a leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings in the Southwest, providing a complete line of paints and supplies. Since 1925, Dunn-Edwards have provided more than 450 million gallons of paint to the region. The company operates more than 100 stores throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

Frank ‚ÄúBuddy‚ÄĚ Dunn founded the company in 1925, when he opened a wallpaper store in Los Angeles. The business expanded as he added a line of paints, and later (with two employees) he began manufacturing his own paints in the backroom of the company‚Äôs second store. In 1938, he partnered with his friend Arthur C. Edwards, a former painting contractor and pigment salesman, to form the Dunn-Edwards Corporation.

In 2011, Dunn-Edwards consolidated all its manufacturing and distribution operations by opening the world’s first LEED-certified* paint manufacturing facility. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this ultra-modern facility encompasses manufacturing, product development, quality-control laboratories, distribution center, and a retail store. It was custom-designed to be the greenest and most efficient headquarters in the coatings industry. The new plant is fully automated, and every step in the manufacturing process is controlled by dual computer networks.

Farrell-Calhoun Paint

Founded: 1905
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Architectural market: Mid west 13 states
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Family

‚ÄúPerfecting the Art of Making Paint Since 1905‚ÄĚ

Farrell-Calhoun Paints produces and distributes premium products through 31 company owned stores stretching from St. Louis, MO to Baton Rouge, LA and a dealer network that encompasses 13 states. John A. Ward, Jr., the President/C.E.O, is a chemist committed to research and development. Farrell-Calhoun formulates some of the most innovative products on the market.

Farrell-Calhoun is proud to offer customers ‚ÄúGreen Leaf‚ÄĚ designated products, which meet or exceed the criteria for coatings used in LEED¬ģ certified buildings as determined by the U. S. Green Building Council.¬† For decades Farrell-Calhoun’s manufacturing facility has been engineered so that it does not generate any hazardous waste.¬† From the dust collected in the dust collectors, to the wash water and used thinners used to clean the tanks ‚Äď they turn it all into usable solutions as well as reworking all of the mis-tinted paints.¬† Farrell-Calhoun has also implemented new processes in the manufacturing facility and company stores to become more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases.

Hallman Lindsay Paint

Founded: 1956
Headquarters: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Architectural market: Wisconsin
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Family

Originally founded in 1956 as Hallman Paint, this paint manufacturing company joined forces with Lindsay Finishes in 1991 to form Hallman Lindsay Paint. Today it is the only Wisconsin-owned paint manufacturer that owns and operates 20 stores throughout the state.

Bill Hallman, Bob Lindsay and Don Dega founded Hallman Paints in 1956 on Main Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, Bob Lindsay left to start Lindsay Finishes. Separately, both Hallman Paints and Lindsay Finishes enjoyed steady growth. In 1976, Hallman Paints moved to Sun Prairie to increase manufacturing capability and in 1991, Hallman Paints purchased Lindsay Finishes to form Hallman Lindsay Paints. The 82,000 square-foot factory is situated on 11 acres of land and has the capability to manufacturer all of the products on site.

Today, Hallman Lindsay Paints stands alone as the only remaining Wisconsin-based paint manufacturer making paint sold in company own stores. Local production, producing goods for Wisconsin in Wisconsin, minimizes the expenses and harmful effects of otherwise transporting materials thousands of miles. There are 24 store locations spread throughout the state. Hallman Lindsay Paints paint can be found in Camp Randall, the Kohl Center, Monona Terrace, and thousands of homes across Wisconsin.


Founded: 1894
Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Architectural market: Upper Midwest 9 states
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Family

‚ÄúHirshfield’s‚ĶPeople and products you can trust‚ÄĚ.

Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing is the largest maker of paint in Minnesota. Hirshfield’s produces paints, stains and specialty finishes for residential, commercial and industrial markets. The company was founded in 1894, and manufacturing of architectural & industrial products began in 1982. Product distribution is through 20 company stores and 20 dealers in the upper mid-western United States.
Hirshfield’s operates full-service decorating centers in Minnesota with an unrivaled selection of paints, wallcoverings, fabrics and window fashions. Hirshfield’s Commercial Division services architects, designers,

building owners, and maintenance accounts across nine states with quality wallcoverings, textiles and multi-color paint coatings. Sales offices in Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, Kansas City and Des Moines assure quick responses to customer needs.

H-I-S Paint Company

Founded: 1972
Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Architectural market: Oklahoma, Midwest
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Family

H-I-S Paint is a full-line manufacturer of both high quality paints and coatings for all aspects of the Architectural and Industrial markets. Products are distributed regionally and nationwide. H-I-S currently exports products internationally as well. Joe Cox began H-I-S Paint Manufacturing Company in 1972 paints and coatings are manufactured  in two Oklahoma City factories.

Joe began his career in the paint & coatings industry in 1960 with Capitol Paint Manufacturing and moved to Gemini Lacquers in El Reno Oklahoma. The business began primarily servicing the multi-family housing and property management industry as well as professional paint contractors. In the mid 1980’s a niche for custom industrial and specialty coatings was identified and production commenced. H-I-S Paint remains a family owned and operated company.

Kelly-Moore Paints

Founded: 1946
Headquarters: San Carlos, California
Architectural market: Arkansas, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Employee

Headquartered in San Carlos, California, Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. A leader and innovator of waterborne coating technology, Kelly-Moore was the first major paint company to offer recycled paints along with the large selection of colors and decorative sheens.

In 1946, William H. Kelly and William E. Moore recognized the unique need of professional painting contractors for top-quality affordable paint products and knowledgeable, efficient service. Kelly-Moore has two strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in key markets: San Carlos, California and Hurst, Texas (outside of Dallas). The company produces some of the most technologically advanced paint products and sets the industry standard for new product development and quality control. The San Carlos manufacturing facility is the recipient of five widely recognized green business awards from the State of California and San Mateo County for outstanding efforts to reduce pollution and solid waste and conserve water, energy and other natural resources.

Kelly-Moore has over 145 company owned retail stores in seven states: Arkansas, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. Its knowledgeable staff provides personalized service to those looking for a specific color, paint or brush. The Kelly-Moore experience includes early store openings, free coffee, free delivery of paints (even just a quart), field representation and professional painter benefits.

Kelly-Moore is now exporting paint to Africa, China, Greece, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Vietnam.

McCormick Paints

Founded: 1960
Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland
Architectural market: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Family

McCormick Paints distributes architectural, light industrial and specialty paints through company owned stores and dealers throughout the mid Atlantic region. In 1955, Thomas P. McCormick joined the New York sales team of Devoe Reynolds Company. By 1960, McCormick Paint Works Company was incorporated and Thomas’ father joined the business. For the next few years McCormick Paints manufactured in the morning and delivered in the afternoon. The early, daily batches were between 100 and 200 gallons and the primary product was an interior paint.

Today, McCormick Paints  has 24 stores throughout the Mid Atlantic region and is committed to providing quality products, outstanding service, and color excellence.

“Made in the Northwest for the Northwest, Since 1890‚ÄĚ.

Miller Paint

Founded: 1890
Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
Architectural market: Northwest
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Employee

Miller Paint is an established manufacturer and retailer of paint and related products to consumers and professional painting contractors. The company has grown to include 50 stores and more than 300 dedicated employee owners.

Ernest Miller was a German born scenic artist and house painter who moved to Oregon in 1885. He was unhappy with the paints that were available; the quality did not stand up to the demands of the Northwest weather. In 1890 he purchased a stone mill and began manufacturing his own paints. His products were of such good quality that other paint contractors came to him to ask if they could use ‚ÄúErnest Miller Paint‚ÄĚ and the Miller Paint Company was born.

In 2012, an alliance was created with Kelly-Moore Paints and nine Washington stores were converted enabling customers to purchase both brands.

Muralo Paints

Founded: 1894
Headquarters: Bayonne, New Jersey
Architectural market ‚Äď New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Georgia
Distribution: Independent dealers
Ownership: Family…subsidiary of Norton & Son, Inc.
**Also, manufactures in Australia and South Africa

The Muralo Company manufactures and markets water-based paints in the United States and internationally. It offers interior and exterior paints, primers, enamels and floor coatings, patch and repair products, faux finishes, and wall covering pastes and primers. The company markets products through independent paint and decorating dealers in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

In 1945, Edward Norton risked his savings on a purchase of a two-story building in Jersey City, New Jersey where he could manufacture paint. Business was slow until a big opportunity opened; Sears Roebuck, one of the biggest retailers in the U.S., needed a paint producer to fill a void in its paint supply chain. Norton & Son operated around the clock to fulfill Sears’ needs. By the 1950s, Sears was Norton’s biggest customer, and Norton & Son had moved into a new plant in Bayonne.

Bolstered by the Sears business, Norton & Son salvaged The Muralo Company from bankruptcy court in 1953. Before going belly up, Muralo had manufactured paint in Staten Island, New York since 1894. Norton & Son was able to acquire a number of firms between 1943 and 1983. Among its acquisitions were Prescott Paint, Degen Oil, Hotopp Paint, the Ultra Gloss Wax division of Witco Chemical, and Olympic Paint & Chemicals of Los Angeles, CA.

The company expanded its business from paint and coatings to paint applicators by first acquiring Elder & Jenks, a well-known Philadelphia based brush company. Elder & Jenks had been making high quality paint brushes since 1793. Today, the Elder & Jenks division makes 3.5 million professional paint brushes and one million paint rollers a year.

“Our trademark is our technology, spearheaded by our two unique waterborne lines. Our greatest strength is in our R&D department,” said Mr. Norton Jr. Muralo Paints was the first to launch a latex primer that did not require sanding, and was one of the first to market a VOC-free product. The company itself manufactures its own proprietary waterborne acrylic resin emulsion enhancing the uniqueness and quality of their paint products. Also, Muralo polymerizes its own latex and waterborne resins.

Richard’s Paint

Founded: 1954
Headquarters: Rockledge, Florida
Architectural market ‚Äď Florida
Distribution: Southeast
Ownership: Family

In 1954, two brothers, Edward and Joseph Richard, painter’s living and working in Hialeah, Florida, opened a local paint retail store called Richard Bros. Paints. The Richard brothers, along with their wives worked in a 1,200-square foot building and started their business with an investment of less than $500.00. Today, Richard’s Paint is in a sprawling 100,000 square foot facility with modern offices, as well as laboratories, shipping stations, manufacturing areas and warehouses.

Despite unprecedented growth, what hasn’t changed is the name on the company logo. Richard’s has been a fixture in the southeastern portion of the country and has found a way to reach over 400 distributors in places such as Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, as well as far away lands including Saudi Arabia, South America and China. In addition, it has distributors in the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.

In 1969, Ed purchased a 22,000-square foot building and to this day the Rockledge facility remains the company’s manufacturing and corporate headquarters. Richard’s found continued success throughout the 1970s and into the 80s at which time the company again needed to expand. In 1983, a 25,000 square-foot expansion for warehousing was added. Also in 1983, paint sales exceeded the $5 million mark and today, sales exceed more than $20 million. Beyond the sales numbers, Richard’s produces more than 2 million gallons of paint per year.

Scott Paint

Founded: 1965
Headquarters: East Sarasota, Florida
Architectural market ‚Äď Florida
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Wholly owned subsidiary of Ramer Equities

Scott Paint Company manufactures commercial and architectural products specifically formulated for Florida’s sub-tropical climate. Scott Paint Company was founded in 1965 by the Wagman Family in North Sarasota. They

started with one mixing machine, energy and determination. In 1988, Scott Paint acquired DPI Quality Paints of Clearwater, Florida, doubling the size of the company and pushing yearly production to over 1.5 million gallons.
In 1998, Scott Paint Company was acquired by, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland. Scott Paint’s quality reputation, financial strength and corporate philosophy appealed to the Ramer Family, as they committed to expanding Scott Paint’s dominant position on Florida’s west coast.

Scott Paint has 25 factory-direct stores on the west coast of Florida and manufactures over two million gallons of paint and coatings every year.

SunColor Paints

Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida
Architectural market: Florida
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Family

In 2012, Don and Rick Strube launched SunColor Paints, arguably the newest architectural paint manufacturing company in America. SunColor Paints distributes paint directly to contractors and consumers from the West Orlando factory through six company stores in the Central Florida region.

Don Strube, Jr. was a year old when his father and Uncle Charles mixed their first batch of paint in the back room of a West Orlando storefront in 1960. His first job, along with younger brother, Rick, was gluing color chips onto retail display cards. At one time there were nine Strubes working for the company. The Strube family business, Color Wheel Paint Manufacturing Company, grew to become the largest private paint manufacturer in Florida, with hundreds of employees and more than $100 million in sales by the time the family sold it in 2006.

Don, Jr. and Rick investigated several different business opportunities before finally realizing the paint business was their passion. Having sold all their old formulas, they had to start from scratch, developing new ways to combine pigment and binder. In keeping with the family tradition, they kept their costs low; avoiding debt and buying much of their plant and equipment at bargain rates.

Sun Paints & Coatings

Founded: 1971
Headquarters: Tampa, Florida
Architectural market: Florida
Distribution: Company stores and independent dealers
Ownership: Family
Manufactures private label materials

Sun Paints & Coatings manufactures architectural, specialty and light industrial paint products. Sun Paints & Coatings products are manufactured in Tampa, Florida and distributed nationally and globally through private label partners, and direct to contractors through its own chain of SunKote stores.

In 2007 a state of the art 90,000sq ft. production facility was opened. Today, ELEMENTS¬ģ and Grandeur¬ģ take care in specializing their formulations for the Florida climate. Controlled test show the strong bond that weathers the elements better than national brands that cater to cold-weather clients

Vista Paint

Founded: 1956
Headquarters: Fullerton, California
Architectural market: California and Nevada
Distribution: Company stores
Ownership: Family

Vista Paint provides a vast array of paints, wallpaper, and window coverings. The family owned company distributes its products through a network of nearly 50 company-owned stores located in California and Nevada. From humble beginnings in 1956, Vista Paint has been serving the consumer and professional paint industry with quality products for close to 60 years. Still independently owned and operated by the original founder, Vista Paint associates work diligently to provide the same level of service originated out of Stanton so many years ago.

The company also offers spray equipment rental, sales, and repair services.

Anchor Paint -           Tulsa, Oklahoma   

Davis-Frost -              Lynchburg, Virginia

Farwest Paint -           Tukwila, Washington

Forrest Paint -             Eugene, Oregon    

Harrison Paint -           Canton, Ohio       

Nelson Paint -             Kingsford, Michigan

O’Leary Paint -           Lansing, Michigan

Passonno Paints -        Watervliet, New York

Repcolite Paints -        Holland, Michigan

Rose Talbert Paint Р   Cayce, South Carolina

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