Paint Makers of the Past

During the process of putting together American Paint Manufacturers, we came across quite a few companies that have been shuttered, as well as a substantial group that are no longer independent. Check out the following below, which has a partial list of architectural paint and coating makers that have been acquired or are no longer operating.

We went back to the 1970s to find the first group and earlier for the second group. Please see the updates below.

Please send corrections or additions to We will continue to revise. Thanks!

Updates as of September, 2013

Texas and west companies:
Welborn Paint, New Mexico acquired by Dunn-Edwards
Roach Paint acquired by the original Glidden
Dunne Quality Paint, Oakland, CA acquired by Kelly-Moore
Preservative Paint, Seattle, WA acquired by Kelly-Moore
Ponderosa Paint, Montana acquired by Kelly-Moore
Frederick-Hansen, L.A., CA acquired by Kelly-Moore
Given Paint, El Paso acquired by Kelly-Moore
Universal Paint, Tempe, AZ acquired by Kelly-Moore
Jones-Blair – may have been acquired by Kwal
Monarch Paint, Houston, TX acquired by PPG

Submitted by Tim O’Reilly, Masterchem Brands

And a few Philadelphia area companies:
Finneran and Haley Paints acquired by Benjamin Moore
Buten Paints – Started by 4 brothers
Elliot Paints – closed in the early 60’s

Submitted by Ron Richardson, H. Ronald Richardson Co.

Acquired/More Recent Past Paint Makers
Bruning Duron Minnesota
Carmote Dutch Boy Nu Brite
Cornardo Frazee Olympic
Colombia Fuller O’Brien Ox-Line
Colorado Glidden Paragon
Colorize Graham Parker
Colorwheel Hancock Porter
Conco Kwal Pratt & Lambert
Cook Paint Kyanize Rhodda
Daniel Boone M.A. Bruder Sinclair
Devoe Martin Senour Smiland
DPI Quality Mautz Touraine

Past Paint Manufacturers
Alabastine Colonial Montauk
Adams & Elting Dixon Murphy
A. Whilhelm Eagle Nice
Berry Bothers Enterprise Reardon
Billing-Chapin Felton, Shelby Rogers
Bigelow F. P. Collins Samuel French
Buckeye Hampden Simmons
Bradley & Vrooman H. M. Hooker T.H. Nevin
Becker & Moore Jewel Thosco
Campbell Lowe Brothers Vita Var
Carpentar-Morton Lucas Wadsworth-Howland
Certain-teed Marietta William Connors
Charles Brown Mellen Yarnall
Mound City

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