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Get ready to start the end of 2013. The fall will soon be here and that means the third quarter is coming to a close. Besides having the calendar to remind us of the pending quarter and subsequent year end, some of us watch the trees as a visual queue. The leaves lose the green and burst into natural kaleidoscope palette with wild reds, yellows, oranges, and some darker plums and coffee browns. Other than blues, trees do a spectacular job of mixing colors. Back in the old days, the average craftsman had the skill to match nature’s brilliance by making vivid, staid or any hue needed for projects to be a success.

Now, in the new days, the art and science of understanding and making job paint colors is all but dead (in most paint and coating application segments). Check out Paintmanship to see how having an authentic Master designation may lift the industry with skill recognition on a widespread scale. Also, as professionals, we have witnessed a long and revered painting and decorating history. There have been countless advances that have made working more efficient, productive, and fun. Maybe fun is a strong word for some; surely we all can find some small measure of joy at work. Please read Application Innovation to see if you agree on the all-time greatest paint trade improvements.

Ever spray dry fall that fell wet? It is never a good thing when products do not perform the way we are told they will. Enter ASTM International, which has developed a new standard to confirm manufacturers’ claims on dry fall characteristics. File under: ASTM D7868, Practice for Determining the Dry Fall (Fog) Properties of Protective Coatings. Although not nearly as aggravating as wet dry fall, what about getting that darn ketchup out of the container? Leave it to the nerd farm at MIT to develop LiquiGlide; a patent-pending, food-safe substance that coats the inside of plastic or glass bottles to make them super slippery.

In regional paint manufacturer news, SunColor Paints opened a new store…their seventh. The 6,000-square-foot store went live in the Jacksonville area a couple of months ago. (ASTM, LiquiGlide & SunColor Paints Source: Some economists are eternal optimists; stating that business will get better next year. If not that year, the next one…We now have a forecast pegging US demand for paint and coatings at 1.5 billion gallons in 2017 or in dollar value: $30.6 billion. The same analysis notes the volume declines of the 2007-2012 period; moral of the projection; business will be booming soon.

Right in time for the tree burst palette and somewhat along the lines of the 2017 paint prediction, we have three 2014 color forecasts. Behr, Pantone and the Sherwin Williams Company have introduced their picks for next year. And Everest has arrived; it is Dunn Edwards’ newest interior product line.

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Mark Casale, Editor

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