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Remember the Golden Rule?

Maybe it should be thought of more often when projects get a little bumpy especially in the rush near completion. Although we may connect to the Golden Rule as individual paint professionals, we may want to consider the concept for the workplace. After all, company teams are made up of individuals. Whether a small or large group, we all benefit from kindness and appreciation. To enjoy smiley days, practice the GR. Go ahead, try it and work will be less stressful and more fun.


In past editions, PPT has featured a variety of community projects. In this issue we have a couple of News links showing how manufacturers give back, which may inspire professionals to roll out some kindness, alongside craftsmanship.

Behr Paint associates help communities with BehrCares supportive efforts. The neighborhood involvement includes organizing and participating in charity walks and runs, urban cleanup and renewal projects, disaster relief, and many other volunteer activities. Two of BehrCares primary endeavors have been coordinated with the City of Hope and Habitat for Humanity organizations.

PPG has organized their community involvement on an international scale, now known as PPG’s Colorful Communities. One recent volunteer project was completed at the Children’s Hospital in Alessandria, Italy. A gray iron fence surrounding the hospital was re-painted in vivid colors by PPG volunteers to establish a more welcoming and child friendly environment. Volunteers also brightened the hospital garden by cleaning and re-flowering it for patients and visitors to enjoy. We have an onsite clip.

We link to a Valspar video that features two chameleons going through their unique version of color selection. It’s an amusing advertisement. Maybe someday, handheld technology will be developed that instantaneously projects three options onto a customer’s surface of choice to make selection for craftsmen and clients hassle free.

Dow Chemical has a spray on exterior sheathing seam sealer, which is an alternative to tape sealing. The product, LiquidArmor – CM Flashing and Sealant, is an innovative liquid flashing designed to provide commercial buildings advanced moisture and air sealing protection. Reportedly, the elastomeric spray forms a tight, durable, seamless barrier along the rough openings of windows, doors and between sheathing sheets.

We have a regulatory link describing more government abuse gunning for small business: President Obama Calls for More Overtime Pay. Maybe someone could explain to the Administration and the unelected elitists at the Department of Labor that if they shut off the F-5 federal rulemaking tornado, the economy would fundamentally expand, lifting most everyone’s pay and benefits. Adding regulations only grows the already too large, fathead bureaucrat crowd and kills paint professional job creation and wage growth.

Check out an interesting News item on some potential relief of a long overdue and much needed construction industry fix:  Time to Eliminate Retainage. Supposedly, the main purpose of retainage is to ensure that subcontractors satisfactorily and completely finish their scope. However, by definition retainage is withheld on accepted work. Not only is the practice ineffective at ensuring project completion, it causes a significant amount of financial stress for subcontractors, and the industry as a whole. The practice of holding a predetermined percentage from progress and final payments is not fair. It is a lousy, outdated practice; time to end retainage.

Dovetailing with the retainage link, we include Get Paid Faster. There may be simpler ways than the resorting to legal action, such as filing mechanic liens, to insure timely payments. The proper use of notices, lien waivers, and invoices are best practices that may be less contentious, more organized methods of collection. See if you can benefit from the sensible tips.

It seems that researchers have figured out the ideal “roughness” needed in the texture of a surface (it is nano small, one human hair is 75,000 nanometers) to keep it dry for an extended period when submerged in water.  Go to the link: New Discovery: Staying Dry Underwater, which is a fascinating, technological development. For paint professionals, this may translate into running some of the new stuff through spray pumps, lines and guns before spraying. Maybe pre-soaking brushes could change clean-up from minutes to seconds?

The life of application tools could be greatly extended. And think for a minute, if steel cannot get wet, would corrosion stop? That might be bad for our industry, but good to know sooner, rather than later. It is worthwhile to pay attention to paint and coating technology. Plus, it’s exciting!

In this PPT issue we highlight a few “cool” product advancements including a radiant barrier coating, a new paint essentially made partly from glass and an innovative infrared coating technology. A common thread among the products is that each has been designed to decrease heat transference from the sun. Interiors will be less hot, which means that there will be a reduction in air conditioning needs and energy use.  This makes the products green and market demands continue to rise for environmentally friendly coatings.

Radiant Coating Helps Reach the Stars is an article describing a radiant barrier coating that has been used in commercial, industrial and residential settings. In addition and interestingly, the versatile material has captured an international and very scientific niche application: giant telescope domes. Calculations about galaxies, stars and other faraway celestial objects depend in part on precise coating performance.

Researchers have developed a new coating matrix from a distinctive mixture of silica (one of the main components of glass) and potassium silicate. The paint reflects sunlight and radiant heat keeping interiors cooler. The material is primarily made from inorganic elements, which may provide two advantages. First, it is a low VOC product and second, it should withstand the sun’s ultraviolet light breakdown better than traditional polymers. Another remarkable feature is that when cured it is very hard, yet remains flexible. Go to Paint Chillin’ to learn more.

Chromaflo Technologies is a company that supplies colorant systems and pigment dispersions designed for paint and related industries. We have a Press Release titled Chromaflo Infrared Reflective Technology. The product’s primary way of cooling is by reflecting IR wavelengths and limiting ultraviolet radiation. We also, have a Press Release about a new product; World’s First Non-Stick Paint Packaging. LiquiGlide seems similar to the nano technology of the “Staying Dry Underwater” coating, but it may be closer to home. The article’s video shows a paint can application.

We have another press release article that warrants reading: Sherwin-Williams has launched a new color system, ColorSnap, which includes nearly 200 new choices. Colors are now grouped into “families” like blue or red, then by saturation level from bright to neutral. ColorSnap goes beyond just adding another deck. It is a complete color make over; there are new store displays and color “studios”. We include a video and a sample of the color selection display.

By the way, nice job, appreciate you making sure that was done on time…good morning, can I get you a coffee, tea, or a juice…Remember, in order to receive the Golden Rule, first we have to live it.

Thanks for reading PPT!

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