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Stay in the paint and coating application business long enough and you hear that one professional after another is the best. This one is fast, that one’s work is perfect, another can spray anything without taping and so on.  When we look at business operations, there are always aspects that can be performed better, or at least more efficient. One person cannot do everyone’s job, while getting his or her stuff done.

Check out Climb to the Next Level to consider how professionals can layout some achievable steps for companywide improvement. Maybe think of it as a football team, and realize that no matter how good the offense is, the defense must do their part. The idea of a team approach and that each player must contribute in a system managed with effective leadership is like the beginning of training camp. The season begins with a map, the players input and their acceptance of the directions and open, transparent milestones. It seems that in the more successful outfits, the leadership style resembles coaching, rather than following a dictator’s orders.

We have several press releases; two that describe new products. The PPG brand, Pittsburgh Paints, has unveiled Regency Paint + Primer-In-One. It is a reformulated, premium acrylic latex product. Regency Paint formulations have low volatile organic compounds and are available for interior or exterior applications.

Valspar Paints has expanded their portfolio of water based coatings for the professional. The products noted include Direct-To-Metal primers and topcoats, Pre-Catalyzed Epoxies, Catalyzed Epoxies, DryFall and a zero-VOC primer.

There is another press release; Rust-Oleum’s Restore 10X Advanced has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. The 10X launched in February, 2015 and is available in two other versions; Restore 4X for moderately weathered decks and Restore 2X for lightly weathered decks.

In manufacturer News, Akzo Nobel will help the German city of Colonge transform by supplying a large contingent of artists with paint materials, while the company’s color and technical experts provide guidance on the best products and application techniques.

Akzo Nobel CityLeaks Program

There is another interesting News item titled; Axalta Coating Systems Wins Panama Canal Contract. It is a busy place; thousands of boats go through the locks each year. According to Axalta’s Latin America Industrial Coatings Director, Alfredo Villalobos, “The Panama Canal is one of the most important engineering works in history (and) an iconic engineering achievement.”

Panama Canal

It appears that Michael McGarry is settling in at his new job as PPG’s CEO. As of September 1st, Mr McGarry directs from the big office. Today’s PPG, is virtually unrecognizable from the one founded in 1883 as Pittsburgh Plate Glass. When McGarry started in 1981, PPG’s business was evenly divided among coatings, chemicals and glass. Thirty four years later, in 2015, it is focused almost exclusively on coatings – 93 percent of sales. During the past 15 years, PPG has made more than 65 acquisitions pushing sales to $15.4 billion for 2014. Now, PPG is the largest paint manufacturer in the world.

“We’ve been very successful growing through acquisition, but organic growth has not met my expectations,” said McGarry. “This is an area that we need to get better at.” Expanding revenue by keeping customers and winning accounts in areas where it is already doing business will be a top priority.

We feature a Sherwin-Williams video link. Go behind the scenes with Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, Jackie Jordan, for an all-access look at the inspiration and influences behind the 2016 Colormix Color Forecast. In a  quick couple of minutes, you check out the artsy side of color without the project pain.  See how it all comes together.

Like cordless tools? We have a Festool video demonstrating the power of their 18 volt 5.2 Ah lithium-ion batteries. The clip shows a 100-Yard rip cut, along with the extreme capabilities of the Festool Track Saw. The video was shot in one continuous take with the dust bag removed for demonstration purposes and features Festool’s Carvex Jigsaw, C 18 Drill Driver, BHC Rotary Hammer, PDC Hammerdrill, and TSC 55 Track Saw.

Make sure to look at two Dunn-Edwards Paints News items. One is a video celebrating 90 years at the employee owned company, which was founded in 1925! See if you can recognize a US President in the slideshow.  Happy Birthday Dunn-Edwards!

Also, we have two regulatory related News links. The first is from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and is titled Pending Regulations to Watch. There are several noted including the EPA’s Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule for Public and Commercial Buildings and the Department of Labor’s Expansion of Overtime Eligibility.

By the way, NFIB’s Kate Bonner notes that out of all the federal regulators the most unreasonable rules may be coming from the EPA. In fact, Ms. Bonner says that “EPA” could be the acronym for Employer Punishment Agency. Amen sister…

Although not mentioned, in the NFIB link, there are two rules that are bad for paint professionals and warrant urgent action. Please contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives and tell them that the following rules are small business killers.

Paint Professional/Small Business Killers

  • The Department of Labor’s (DOL) expanded “interpretation” of employee, which is an unfair and most likely an unlawful attempt at overly regulating Independent Contractors (subcontractors). Essentially, the interpretation (in effect as of July 15) disallows most independent contractors; the practice of subcontracting.
  • The Safe Chemical Act of 2015, which is the PROPOSED law to replace the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Like the TSCA, it will provide the EPA authority to impose regulations….as currently drafted, it is unsafe for small business…this was opposed by every paint manufacturer until big business was accommodated. A deal was made taking out some of the big business impacts and the giants now support the SCA of 2015. If passed, the EPA will release a Niagara Falls of regulations
    • It will wipe out small business: no longer will the EPA be required to conduct actual studies on risks…instead the EPA will make “reasonable conclusions” on the need for new and stronger regulations. The EPA’s “opinion” will be the new risk assessment standard…Very Scary!
    • Cost consideration for small business entities will go away…no small business concerns or costs to be required when the EPA makes/revises rules.
    • Small business representatives will no longer be able to provide input…the SBAR process goes away. Compliance issues and reality based tasks will no longer be considered. The pre-regulation hearing process may be greatly diminished.

    If there are questions or you would like more information on these two pending, toxic to business regulations, please go to and click on more articles. The DOL rule is referenced in the August Painting Pro’s Perspective and the Safe Chemical Act of 2015 is discussed in the late June Regulatory Review.

    And remember, climbing is a lot like walking just get it started.

    Thanks for reading PPT!

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