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In a few weeks, half of 2017 will be done and whether it is knee or neck deep in alligators, savvy businesses constantly take actions that elevate the company, while individual professionals who are leaders move forward with speed and thirst to pump up their craftsmanship. It is important not to be too busy at work; we must direct the rise above the herd by advancing business acumen and/or skills.Unfortunately, like the term “quality”, “continuous improvement” is over used, undervalued, and often left aside unmeasured.

Fast, we are approaching the end of a quarter, which should at the very least be a regular alarm set in concrete to take a moment and measure improvement in a tangible way, like cash in the bank, work backlog and for craftsmen, new or better skills executed. Like most goals, cutting the big elephant’s ass into little chewable pieces makes, overtime with deliberate, thought-out action, (a step by step process of succeeding) become a little easier to digest.

Dynamic, successful businesses and careers share the common trait of stacking accomplishments and the constant push of directed (planned) forward movement. Of course, work life is a whole lot more satisfying when we avoid being miserable and the dreaded four-letter word: a boss. Effective leaders in business and craftsmanship keep the journey fun and engaging especially when it can be decades’ long or in the case of individuals, a career spanning. Less telling, more asking and positive feedback is the way to work as a servant leader…a consummate professional.

We have Breaking News! The Sherwin-Williams purchase of Valspar, the biggest deal in paint history, has been approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). PPT previously reported that the $11.3 billion acquisition (first announced March 2016) was unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies. Apparently, the deal was cleared by regulators upon the sale of Valspar’s industrial wood coatings business, which was sold just over a month ago to Axalta for $420 million in cash.

Now, Sherwin-Williams is projected to be the largest North American based paint company and second biggest in the world (by sales volume) with an expected $15.6 billion in annual revenue. (PPG will be second in North America and third in the world with 2016 sales at $14.75; however the AkzoNobel purchase may be not completely dead). Stay with PPT to get the latest News.

Top Three Paint Companies in the World

AkzoNobel (2016) $14.2 billion Euros = approximately $15.9 billion US dollars

Sherwin-Williams (projected sales) $15.6 billion

PPG (2016) $14.75 billion

We feature a short clip titled Benjamin Moore’s “Color Lock”. Reportedly, the Aura product provides outstanding durability, stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off and offers extreme hide and coverage with fewer coats. BM asserts that the addition of tint enhances coverage, rather than the older, generic issues of the standard clear base going on scratchy, fading fast and not demonstrating wipe-ability.

Even if an outfit is not local, when there is a bit of trail blazing, we share it. Go to Comex Sets GUINNESS World Record to see how many containers make up the largest paint can mosaic on the planet. Aside from the record setting, every can was donated to local communities to help brighten schools, hospitals and other spaces in need of renewing. Comex, a PPG brand, is purportedly a leader in Mexico and Central America with more than 50 percent of the architectural market share, 4,000+ stores in Mexico and has its products applied to over 40 million projects annually.

In addition to a few other short videos, we have a PRO on the Go: Working with Architects, where the idea of sharing professional knowledge with those who may or may not actually know anything beyond an information sheet is a goodwill gesture that often helps build lasting and profitable relationships.

Another News item from Sherwin-Williams shares insight: Some Ready for More Vibrant Colors. It provides color selection trends from the annual promotion: National Painting Week. Although from a relatively small statistical sampling, there is interesting information from the National Painting Week Color Psychology Study.

The Tnemec Company has opened a new research and development facility at the company’s manufacturing plant in North Kansas City, Missouri. The new center doubles the size of its previous R&D laboratory and office space while making notable improvements to its testing and ventilation equipment. Learn more details at Tnemec Expands R&D Facility. Also, we always like mentioning the company name comes from spelling “cement” backwards.

Here at PPT, we are big believers in the art and science foundation of paint and coating application. And when you mix in great tunes, working happy becomes the daily norm. Check out Rock-star Audio…Festool’s SYSROCK Jobsite Radio, which has the technology to handle hands free phone calls automatically switching from radio to phone.

The final News entry we want to highlight is a mini clip from Karcher introducing a New Pressure Washing Gun. The design is different, innovative and could be a game changer.

Whether it is three people, thirty or more, every company is more successful when the team works with a common focus. We have an article, 5 Tips to Get the Highest Level of Cooperation, which tells us that  Cartels and trade associations are well known examples where companies work together despite being fierce competitors. You may have noticed at work even if a project scope is shared in writing, co-workers are not always on the same page about sequencing tasks, time to complete phases or a host of other daily challenges. Simply put, work can be more productive with shared problem solving and team execution. Learn about the business trend of “co-opetition”.

It has been a little too long since the last Fun Stuff column so we added more things to consider in this one. Spoiler alert, Black & Blue leans towards education more than the funny pages. Go from cutting edge materials to Medieval science and close with a somewhat long (about 7 minutes) video story talking about the evolution of a color.

Here at PPT, we like Bob Cusmano. In addition to being a great guy and an all-around industry advocate, he is accomplished: the quantity of his technical work is unprecedented and many thousands have learned at his various seminars. It is always a worthwhile read when PPT’s Technical Talk features something from Bob. In When Paint Turns Yellow, You’ll See Red, an example of situation where a professional made every attempt to do it right and things went awry…better to learn about it here than unknowingly pay later.

Plan and take action steps to shine brilliantly in your work life; both in business acumen and with craftsmanship.  Enjoy and thanks for reading PPT!

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