Spray Chalk is fun for the whole family!

Unleash your Inner Artist with Testors Spray Chalk!
Turn outside surfaces into game fields, signs, or outdoor masterpieces with Testors Spray Chalk washable chalk spray. Just shake and spray. Spray Chalk instantly turns to powder as it comes out of the can creating cool sidewalk chalk looks with a spray can effect. Spray on grass, asphalt, glass, or snow. The pet and vegetation friendly formula dissolves naturally with the rain.

Bring families together and imaginations to life with Testors washable Spray Chalk. Turn outside surfaces into playing fields, games, special occasion markings or an outdoor masterpiece. It goes where sidewalk chalk can’t. Spray on concrete, grass, asphalt, snow, sand, pavers, vinyl siding and glass.

Spray Chalk is available in four, easy-to-use, ready-to-spray colors: pink, blue, yellow and white. Testors washable formula is safe for pets and vegetation. Color fades to white, naturally, in seven days and washes away with water or rain. Spray, play and it washes away!

It’s designed to encourage creativity and artful play throughout the year. Great for group activities, such as birthday parties, scouting projects, spirit week, school projects, family reunions and more. Spray Chalk is now available at Target, Home Depot, Menards, Walmart and Michaels.

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