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Rainguard, the global leader in environmentally-friendly surface protection solutions for home, architecture, commercial and building contractor challenges, has unveiled its newest Anti-Graffiti Coating System: the first-ever truly non-toxic, superior performing anti-graffiti coating technology that will allow cities and municipalities the ability to finally protect citywide structures, from cement overpasses to brick buildings.

Vandlguard revolutionizes the graffiti abatement process. Most importantly, once applied, the city will no longer need to go through the laborious cleaning process that costs the city millions. Vandlguard can save every city around the country that is plagued by graffiti minions.

Engineered specifically for the demands of harsh environments – from the home to industrial buildings to permanent structures – Rainguard’s solution stands out from the competition as the only viable solution and deterrent.

EPA-Compliant: Toxic solvents in competitor solutions result in consumers dumping illegal substances in drains and put their health in jeopardy while using the material “At Rainguard, we believe in developing coatings that solve daily problems for the general consumer and for the government. Graffiti is a bad problem across our country, and costs the US taxpayer approximately $18 billion a year. It’s an eyesore, illegal and something cities can easily attack if they use our Vandlguard product,” said Claude Florent, president of Rainguard Water Sealers

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About Rainguard

Rainguard is the global leader in environmentally friendly surface protection solutions for home, architecture, commercial and building contractor challenges. In a market where dangerous chemicals pose a threat, Rainguard’s non-toxic, scientifically advanced products are changing the way individuals and businesses protect their investments from water damage, graffiti, stains and more – while protecting families as a first priority.

Utilizing groundbreaking, patented chemistry to molecularly bond to surfaces and completely block moisture and other substances from penetrating, the company’s products reflect its employees and their never-ending mission to help everyday homeowners enjoy the benefits of specialty sealers that deliver just as much protection as its legendarily effective commercial products.

Available at major national retailers, including Home Depot and Walmart; visit the company’s website at for architectural solutions.

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