Introducing Diamond Vogel’s Avalon Ultra Premium Interior

Avalon resists common household stains from penetrating into the paint film making it extremely easy to clean. Most stains effortlessly wipe away with a clean cloth and water ensuring your paint continues to look great. Avalon excels at stain resistance compared to other brands.

Avalon provides an incredibly durable and long lasting surface ensuring the original appearance will last longer so you’ll have to paint less often. Avalon outlasts competitive products after repeated scrub cycles making it the best choice for your home.

Avalon is incredibly easy to use allowing you to quickly finish your project and make it look great. We created a revolutionary new base called Ultra White Base. It is exceptionally white ensuring colors have incredible depth, vibrancy and clarity. You’ll notice the difference. Ultra White Base also has truly remarkable hide allowing you to paint more surface area with no additional effort.

Avalon Ultra White Base’s hiding power relies on two factors. We used 25% more hiding pigments than our standard Pure White Base. This ensures full color opacity at thinner paint film thicknesses.

Avalon’s hiding power is further enhanced by its sensational flow and leveling. This reduces the tendency to have peaks and valleys caused by brush marks or roller stipple ensuring you get an even appearance and stunningly smooth paint film.

About Diamond Vogel

Diamond Vogel’s story began in Friesland, Holland, where Andrew Vogel worked in his father’s paint shop applying finishes to the homes and carriages of Dutch farmers. In 1913, the family immigrated to America. Andrew settled in northwest Iowa and soon discovered that American paints did not measure up to his family’s strict standards of appearance and performance. In 1926, with two small grinding machines, each capable of making five gallons of paint, Andrew launched Vogel Paint and Wax Company.

Through its history, Vogel Paint has grown both organically and through acquisition. In 1967 Vogel Paint bought the Diamond Products Manufacturing company of Marshalltown, Iowa and in the early 70’s the company started to do business as Diamond Vogel Paints to capitalize on the strong brand recognition of each company. Other key acquisitions have expanded the company both in technology and geographic reach.

Three generations, seven manufacturing facilities, 70 service centers and millions of gallon paint later, we’re still as stubborn as Andrew.  We insist on perfecting our own formulas, producing and distributing our own products and servicing our customers with the kind of passion and commitment worthy of Andrew’s name.

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