Fun Stuff – Stupid is as Stupid Does Part Deux

It is that time again for the “stupid is as stupid does” caught on camera awards. Entrants are quilfied by performing tasks in a hazardous, non-professional manner. Enjoy!

The good News: there are orange cones in front of the truck and the guys are using straps to

disburse weight. The bad News: no rails or fall arrest harnesses and the car and people in the

fall zone. In general, it may not be a good idea to teach apprentices this maneuver.

If the couch is tied off…why use a ladder with someone standing

hands free in the drop zone. For professionals, there is a three

point contact when climbing ladders (2 feet, one hand).

The person on the second floor balcony underneath

gained an interesting dinner time story.

The roof is at least 3 stories high. Add the ladder height and this

individual is about 45’ feet, a bunch of broken

bones or worse from a hard splat.

Everything is bad here…it appears like double stacked tables, then

cinder blocks and next a too-short step ladder used

as an extension ladder. Shaky situation…

The definition of a bad decision and imminent injury …forget about the

lack of body harness and remember that window glass is not weight bearing…

neither is the hardware.

We feel a little wrong pointing out the idiocy of the old guy…but with

stunts like this, it is amazing that he has lived long enough to get white hair.

PPT, its associates and especially the editor do not condone or endorse the unsafe acts pictured above. Do not do stupid, unsafe climbing/access maneuvers you may be hurt or worse. It may be better to rely on training, experience and hopefully some reasonable, professional commonsense.

(The lawyers said we are supposed to cover our backside and not support stupid is as stupid does moves).

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