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Just a few years ago, September was month number one of the annual color sweepstakes. Each manufacturer would proclaim a pick and by year’s end most everyone published a selection. Now, it is like a pro sports season that seems to go on forever. Hue predictions start in the spring, continue throughout the summer and conclude about when the turkeys are hiding. Paint makers earn profit by selling product so it makes sense to encourage customers to stay up to date with the latest and greatest by redoing those stale, un-hip tones.

There are some readers that have labeled PPT a paint nerd publication, which is okay with us because it provides a steady license to champion the art and science of the overall professional industry. We like sharing a broader spectrum of News, articles and analysis. Please let us what you like and what misses the favorite list.

The Netherland based giant, AkzoNobel, just announced that Heart Wood is the 2018 Color of the Year. Maybe all the marketing hype will keep professionals busy in the commercial and residential repaint markets. In fact, paint and coating experts should pay attention to what is going in the industry, since the shift seems be heading towards introducing the new favorites a year in advance. Of course, designers, decorators and/or customers get a time window to be in style…albeit a very short one. PPT will watch and report to see the company who calls the first 2019 selection.

There are savvy operators that seek niche work. Perhaps like a million others a company is commercial, but adds the capability and equipment to handle exterior height work. Other companies have added metal framing, wallboard and gypsum finishes. Still others have deemphasized paint and coating application and become something all together different. Organizational diversification does not guarantee more business or profit. Professionals may want to consider broadening with paint related services, like electrostatic application or maybe try shop finishes.

Another possibility is becoming experts with specialty product installations. We have one specialty example in the News: GripAll LavaGrip from Rust-Oleum Industrial.

Often safety, in general, is considered more of a chore than a fun complement to the work day. We feature a News announcement from 3M about hearing protection, which is actually a cool tech tool. The WorkTunes Hearing Protector accomplishes its safety protocol, while wirelessly connecting to entertainment and the all too important smart phone simultaneously. Protect your hearing, listen to tunes and never miss a call…all in a day’s work.

Continuing with the theme of safe work performance, we feature Scaffold Safety, which provides clear explanations on what some may have missed or just do not understand. How many scaffold types exist? Are scaffold safety procedures the same as aerial booms? Did the OSHA’s 2016 Walking-Working Surfaces regulation change, combine or separate rules?

Somewhat the opposite of safe, we have a Fun Stuff picture essay titled Stupid is as Stupid does Part Deux. Although we poke politically incorrect, old school fun at the characters, the picture scenes show what to never do and we are grateful that no one was hurt (as far as we know).

American Paint History Part V is an Origins of Craftsmanship column and the final excerpt in the historical restoration series. The five installment read is a good reference and was mainly sourced from This Old House, the well known institution for restoring colonial era buildings.

Nerd or not, at PPT, we hope readers enjoy the News, learn some things, consider best practices and/or find bits and pieces interesting.

Thanks for reading Painting Pro Times!

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