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The sun is about to set on 2017, which reminds us to close strong, get ready for the new and reflect a bit. Whether you work in a salable asset operation or a tradesman’s business, it is always important to keep on keeping on. And like the 70s character, George Jefferson, don’t forget to move on up. We are referring to career knowledge. No matter the industry, with technological advances, new tools, equipment and materials, there is always opportunity to learn…to advance one’s skill and expertise.

Years of experience are great, although static time on the job does not build a dynamic problem solving library. For many days, it is about getting it done. However we should be open and hungry for challenge. The been there done that attitude may lead to armchair quarterbacking. Instead, stay in the game. When we seek team input and engagement, the work pace shifts into a seemingly higher gear and often we learn together. Unlike a brush, active knowledge use and gain does not wear out.

Craft dexterity and expertise and the completely separate ability, business management capacity, are values that may or may not grow over time. If we look at it like school, the C- guy may not learn as much as the A student. Years of academic exposure, like work experience may not be equal. We need to set into motion a winning routine, a daily preparation system of positive forward movement in action and thought. At the very least, realize and appreciate where there is room for improvement. The next minimum step is to be willing to learn. In the simplest way, we should seek and stretch our knowledge base with new products, tools and application techniques.

Reportedly, things are great at Graco. According the company CEO, Patrick McHale, Graco posted record third quarter sales and profits. Three quarters to date, the Americas contractor segment has posted a 12% sales volume gain. The bonus to note is that the sales uptick is from every company’s sought after goal: organic growth. Just like in paint and coating application, a solid business plan relies on producing and selling a product or service that is not radically dissimilar to others, but customers are willing to buy from you, rather than the competition.

Zolatone, Scuffmaster, and MDC, among other Master Coating Technologies brands have been acquired by the ICP Group. The ICP Group is a leading specialty platform company in the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) markets. The company will join the current ICP Construction division, which includes market-leading brands California Paints, FixALL, Storm System, Fiberlock, Dry-Treat, California Sports Surfaces, and Rock-Tred.

We feature a video News item about Purdy Pro Extra brushes. This model sports a mixture of Tynex Nylon, Chinex Nylon, and Orel Polyester filaments, which are recognizable by the bristles unique blue color.

In another snippet, we have a top ten candidate for best company name: Darkside Scientific, which is an RPM International company.  The principle product has become increasingly more popular due to safety regulations. It is LumiLor, an electroluminescent coating system or the layman’s term, glow in the dark paint.

According to Chad Jeffries of Brick City Painting and Drywall, the Biggest Challenge of Running a Business is finding and keeping good employees. The new clip is part of the Sherwin-Williams Pro On The Go series.

The Small Business Legal Center at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has produced an informative video detailing need to know aspects of the E-Verify system and the I-9 form: E-Verify vs. I-9.

Ever wonder about where the most paint and coatings products are put on? Many assume the US is the largest market…We feature an analytical piece titled, Paint and Coatings – The Big Picture. What is the next generation of coating products and when will they be here? The article is interesting, although PPT has not validated the information presented and the Australian market analysis has been interestingly left out.

5 Small Business Tech Trends reviews the 2017 movers and shakers in technology, while predicting where we are going in 2018.  Chatbots, Influencer Marketing and more and more data are some of the things that we may want to learn about. Are you enjoying or dreading email? Well, things may be a changing and sooner than later.

The rise of the machines or the fact that technology is always changing our living and work environments continues to persuade the day. It has become truer in the wallcovering making business too. Check out Digital Décor Wallcovering on Demand to learn what can be made fast and customized to almost anything imagined. Wallcoverings and graphic installations are now playing a bigger role in marketing and decoration than ever before.

Since we are an online venue, we love to showcase video. We have a small assembly of clips that reveal regional paint and coating manufacture. In How Its Made, the snippets start in the southwest, go to the central north then land in the northeast featuring the Dunn-Edwards, Hallman-Lindsay and California & Muralo brands.

Remember to always work in the moment, while laying out tasks for tomorrow and the next week, but do not lose sight of the value in seeing the big picture, as well as expanding your paint and coating knowledge. Before the first moon of 2018, take time to reflect on this year to help make the next one even better!

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