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Bossy bosses must be going extinct. It seems that if we believe the mini-poster readings, everyone is such an ideal leader and all around great influence, we can sit back and enjoy another cold one. Ever walk in an office and notice a saying broadcasting that a boss is a four letter word? Maybe it says something about being a kind, inspirational trailblazer. Possibly you have something like that taped on your wall? Well what is hung about, posted on social media and proclaimed in marketing hype often does not gel with awake observations.

The leadership puzzle has many pieces, apparently so elusive to put together, any substantial distance from ordering associates around is all but lost. In some ways it is like the concept of craftsmanship; everyone is the best in their own selfie induced denial. And very much like craftsmanship, it is a life long journey that regardless of accomplishment, we never quite summit the top.

When we get to what appears as the highest plateau, if we care to seek, another more difficult level may be revealed. Sometimes, the ones with talent or potential fall into a routine or maybe get distracted with emotional drama. The leadership expedition/focus is fleeting and regularly lost. Hazily (rhymes with lazy), we forget what really matters. Of course, that is the real question that goes unasked as days turn into weeks and months churn years. The difference between bossing and leading blurs; the glaze becomes a fog of comfortable blindness. The no-effort challenge is the path, while the arduous, continuous journey is left unconsidered, a fading, unfulfilled memory.

Soon, the work task or emotion of the moment rules each minute. You would think that enough people have blathered long on the subject to fill libraries where everyone is settled; rest assuring themselves as great leaders. Not true…Wake up and stretch, look around at any ten people you work with or for…how is that trailblazing/focus influencer thing doing? In addition to the life voyage aspect, leadership is not about you (the leader). It is helping other people achieve, to realize their potential and especially to demonstrate a team approach. Maybe, smart phone technology and sharing pictures of dinner is making the fog thicker?

We feature a short article worth reading: Leadership…no quick fixes or magic tricks. Maybe we should read it standing up or take some of the words and make a mantra…in time; we might get a glimpse of the next level.

Along the idea that good associates make great companies, consider the simple three step structure in   Employee Success…Engagement. We cannot tell people to think like an owner or supervisor and then ignore what they say. Simple question: are your company meetings lectures? Or are they like a team meeting where each unit knows the game plan and shares input about their role as an individual and as part of a unit?

The next read is really an announcement News item, but it is a big chance to broaden any craftsman’s perspective, we are running it separately. It is the Wallcovering Installers Association immersive trip with several seminars; the International Workshop & Tech Tour. It takes place in London and Oxford, England.

In the News

Typically the color sweepstakes occurs in the fall, although as of late several companies have made summer predictions about next year’s trends. Winter is still the slow season for new product introductions and existing paint improvement proclamations. Spring, on the other hand, blossoms with announcements. Out before the snow-melt rush, Dunn-Edwards has unveiled an Improved Performance Evershield, their premium exterior, 100% acrylic product line. According to the company, the Improved Performance Evershield does not contain ethylene glycol (EG) – Dunn-Edwards removed from its paint formulas in 1984

Check out a winter season, fun News item, PPG Paints Arena Giant Hockey Stick has been refinished…go to the video. Imagine a slap shot from that the old-time Canadian weapon?

Sherwin-Williams unveiled the ColorsSnap Match, a new handheld color-matching tool that connects to a ColorSnap Match application (app) via Bluetooth. “…This tool is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for on-the-go color matching,” said Jeff Winter, vice president of residential marketing. The ColorSnap Visualizer app allows users to select languages: Spanish, Portuguese and French, in addition to English. Winter explains, “Our priority is to increase productivity and find solutions for customers by providing new tools and resources to meet their needs.”

Festool has released a new series of user videos and we feature one: the Planex gypsum board sander. The setup is versatile, worker friendly and readily swallows dust with a vacuum specifically engineered to accompany the machine.

Since we are a 90%+ guy read publication, we like to reference various adventure/science fiction movies when we can. If you have had the opportunity to visit the new Harry Potter theme parks in California or Florida, you may have noticed that the castle structures are tall, whimsical and cool looking. The vertical lines are not straight and gaining access to build/finish the elevations must have presented challenges. We have a fun clip that showcases an amazing scaffolding project.

In regulatory News, we have a quick video that demonstrates what we have been shouting from the roof tops; enough already with adding more and more regulations! It is a look at key regulations that have been repealed or delayed in the first six months of the new presidential Administration, and how much money has been saved by small business. As we have pleaded since almost the first issue, regulatory development should not be duplicative or burdensome to paint and coating professionals. And just as importantly, small business must always be allowed effective input in shaping or revamping rules!

When working on a project, often the customer – general contractor/construction manager/owner – asks for work to be completed that may not have been noted in the original scope. These extras and/or additional work requests may or may not be paid fairly or at all. By the way, is there a difference between “extra” and “additional” work? Find out from the American Subcontractors Association’s (ASA) new educational video: How the Difference Between Extra Work and Additional Work Can Impact Claims for Payment. A PPT News piece spotlights where and how to find the on-demand seminar.

Take a few less selfies and awake to the question about what really matters.

Thanks for reading Painting Pro Times!

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