Introducing a New Holiday Detector

The New M/1S Holiday Detector has an ergonomic design with a twist lock ground cable. It also has a strong fiberglass wand, a large sponge and a plastic sponge holder. This instrument conforms to standards for low voltage holiday detection: NACE International RP0188 ASTM D5162-A.

The M/1S Holiday Detector is incredibly strong and the lightweight wand material reduces fatigue; it won’t bend. New sponge material is thicker and stronger. Sponge holder is plastic and will not damage coatings. Easy battery access. Uses common, easily found 9v battery.


•           Regulated 67.5v DC Output

•           Wet Sponge – type holiday detector

•           Push button calibration check

•           2 Resistance settings

o          80k Ω for tanks and pipe

o          90k Ω for coatings on concrete

•           Use on thin film coatings

•           Non-destructive

•           Battery operated (9v)

•           All in One “Stick” type

•           Impact resistant plastic case

•           Stainless steel hardware

•           Very tough fiberglass wand handle

•           Long life ground cable

•           Use on thin film coatings on conductive substrates such as tanks, concrete, etc.

•           Item No. HD-M/1S

Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc.

316 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

(954) 946-9454 or visit

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Post Office Box 10688
Pompano Beach, FL, 33061

tele: (954) 946-9454
fax: (954) 946-9309


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