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In our neck of the woods, it is time for a professional Renaissance. Over 100 years ago, in 1905, the world was introduced to E=mc². Einstein’s famous concept is that energy and mass are equal, since the speed of light is constant. This equation was a revolutionary idea; it was thinking way outside the box. We need this method of thought in the paint and coating application industry. Rather than dumb down the profession to the minimum level of technical skill for a particular market segment, we must embrace the past and move forward collaboratively to fulfill a brilliant, spectacular future.

What does that mean? Well, if you think ole professor-hair, no socks Albert was smart, he is also known for a quote about doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. It means now is the time for change. Urgent, deliberate and fast action is required for an industry makeover. First we must know and understand the past so we may minimize the repeating thing. We should re-think what paint professionals do and consider all of the varied application techniques, the array of materials and tools involved, as well as the upgrading performance expectations and results industry wide.

If you agree that we can do a better job, how about changing the focus to improving every day. Let’s aim at fostering an atmosphere/culture where we continuously learn/improve throughout our professional career. For a guy who was an unremarkable student, and did not stay in college for the degree collecting contest, Einstein’s intellect seemingly had a refreshing, simple approach. He looked at things in a manner steeped in old fashioned critical thought and earnest interest. Maybe as professionals, we should consider a new way to attract, teach, and fulfill people as lifelong, dedicated craftsmen.

This issue features an informative article, Stop the Insanity, Change Now, which discusses an uncomplicated construction industry upgrade. The theme begins with the interesting idea of trust. Trust among trades and in the sense of doing the right thing to satisfy the owner. It refers to competent project performance, the willingness to work as a team and not cut corners. Simply put, work together for a better and more effective result. Sound good? Sign up now by reading the commentary. Next, consider formalizing training, associate engagement and walking the talk with ethical and precise contract fulfillment.

It seems when it comes to SEO, there are two camps: some that think it is an acronym for a 1970s car and others that believe it is an expensive way to attract new customers.  In 5 Tips to Using SEO, the author shares some simple structural web improvements to consider. Set up or renew your website to be looked at by prospects. In the small business world, sharing your capacity and unique problem solving ability may more easily catch the interest of discerning, better paying customers.

Sometimes experience may seem like the school of hard knocks. Too often, when there is a paint or coating failure, the owner, manager and/or general contractor point the finger at the application professional. So it is a best business practice to be somewhat versed in why failures occur. We have a Technical Talk column titled Sometimes it Sticks & Sometimes it Does Not. It is another installment from Bob Cusumano, one of the country’s top coating failure experts. This episode is a repaint of concrete entry floors at a six story condominium complex. On this project, the culpability mostly falls upon the material manufacturer.

In the News, Festool has unveiled the next generation of CT Dust Extractors. The advancements include new hoses, power cord storage brackets, Bluetooth compatibility and other innovations. Craftsmen love working clean and with quality tools and equipment. Festool is German or more accurately Bavarian engineering, which is known for excellence. Think in terms of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and closer to home Bosch and Fein.

Kiltz introduced a Chalk Style Paint aimed at homeowners. It is available in quarts only and at Walmart stores and online.

Olympic Paint and Stain will no longer be available at Lowes. The Olympic brand is owned by PPG and has been around since 1938. According to PPG, Olympic products distribution will be expanded through PPG stores, dealers and other partners.

RPM announced that its Rust-Oleum Group will have new leadership; Edward J. Voorhees III has been appointed CEO of Rust-Oleum North America.

The 2018 Sherwin-Williams Student Design Challenge is on. The contest celebrates excellence in interior design by students in both residential and commercial categories.

Sherwin-Williams has released a bevy of product updates for the spring. One product upgrade includes Extreme Cover, available in flat and eg-shel sheens, is a stain blocking paint and primer featuring excellent blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food and cigarette smoke. Another product advance is the Duration Home, which now has Moisture Resistant Technology. Also, Duration Home has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film allowing it to be tolerant of damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

When you go to work take a different/renewed look through the forest and see the trees. Be the Einstein of craftsmanship…upgrade and innovate your performance.

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