Bathtub Refinishing – New Low Odor, VOC Compliant Topcoat Systems

Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC has launched a new series of VOC compliant (California regulations), low odor topcoat systems.

GlasTech Lo 8000/8500 series is a high-solids, fast cure, clearcoat system that can be roll (GlasTech Lo 8000) and spray applied (GlasTech Lo 8500). In addition to VOC content less than 100 g/l and very low odor, both systems provided excellent impact and abrasion resistance and enable a return to service in as short as 4 hours.

Hawk Labs has also developed VOC compliant, low odor versions of their current topcoat systems. Each topcoat system has VOC level less than 350 grams/liter and significantly reduced odor, while maintaining the coverage and performance of the standard versions.

  • GlasTech™ Lo 9000/9100/9200 Series
  • CounterCote™ Lo 9500 Series
  • StoneGard™ Lo 9600 Series
  • CabinetCote™ Lo 9700 Series
  • IsoFree Plus™ Lo 6500 Series
  • IsoFree Plus StoneGard™ Lo Series

“Regulatory compliance and odor reduction are core to our Innovation Principles given the dynamic regulatory environment,” said Scott Courter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hawk. “In addition to offering our customers high performing low odor, VOC compliant versions of our standard topcoat systems, we’re very excited about our GlasTech Lo 8000 and 8500 topcoat systems. The formulated spray system (GlasTech Lo 8500) is a first in the professional refinishing marketplace and will provide customers a more efficient option to roll applying.”

Hawk CEO John Kenny added “Professional refinishing is a ‘greener alternative’ to renovation and landfill as many bathtubs, sinks, shower enclosures and countertops could be easily restored thereby lowering our carbon footprint and reducing landfill waste. Hawk’s new range of low VOC and low odor coatings represents the latest advance in eco-friendly refinishing coatings. A professional refinisher now has the option of a full range of high performance primer, multicolor and topcoat systems which are low odor and low VOC.”

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With added functionality and design, Hawk’s refinishing coatings are high performance and cost effective alternatives to classic architectural paints and other surfacing materials. Hawk’s range of premium products is used in residential, commercial and industrial refinishing applications worldwide. We offer industry-leading customer and technical service and are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet current and emerging demands of the refinishing industry.


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Hawk Research Laboratories

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