Bulls Eye 1-2-3 trusted for one of Hawaii’s tallest buildings

Lele Pono, a 33-story condo building in Hawaii, gets a new coat of paint about every 10 years. Its concrete exterior was overdue for a makeover. As one of the state’s tallest residential structures, the job needed to be done right the first time. Choosing a dependable, durable and fast-drying primer was essential for this project.

Eric Gruver, area manager for Rust-Oleum, said contractors had to overcome some serious challenges. The primer of choice was Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3. “We needed to prime around the door jambs of each living unit. So residents had to keep their doors open for period of time,” Gruver said. “Nobody likes having their personal living space exposed so a quick-drying primer was essential.”

Built in the early ‘70s, the building had a lot of chips and cavities that needed to be repaired and filled. Painting over these spalling issues can be tricky, Gruver explained. “The Bulls Eye covered it perfectly,” he said. “Zinsser is always exceptional when it comes to coating bare concrete. It has a really smooth finish.”

On any job, especially one this large, the primer has to perform flawlessly. Failure is not an option.

“The last thing a painter wants to do is go back onto scaffolding 300 feet above ground to fix faulty primer,” Gruver said. “Painters need to be completely confident in the primer they choose.”

Pro painters don’t like surprises. They don’t have time to worry about whether their primer is going to work. Confidence in the product is key.

Dean Ford, owner of Ford Painting Pros, was the contractor for this job. He said time-is-money on big projects like this.  “Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is my go to primer anytime I need a smooth finish and I want to ensure the project is done right the first time,” Ford said. “It’s a high quality, fast drying primer that works on multiple surfaces at a reasonable price”.

Gruver and Ford both agree that a primer’s dependability is essential. “The best word to describe Zinsser is consistent,” Gruver said. “Every time a painter opens a bucket they get the same quality. That’s just not true for other manufacturers.”


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