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Are you successful? It is a simple question, though often colored by context. Where did you go with it…life, work or some other aspect? The ancient guy wearing sandals and a toga thought that we ought to examine our life or call it a day. For many, family and religion may come to mind first. Here at PPT, we ask from a paint professional’s view. It is worth noting that careers seem to rise easier when things are going smoothly in the home and God departments.

Today’s inner thinkers say it is about finding/adjusting the balance among all the pushing and pulling competition. Sometimes the juggling contest may be exhausting, but when the on the clock hours become full throttle, it is like adding a tall unicycle to the act. Keeping the balls up in the air becomes more challenging. Work is a place where most spend a fair amount of time so it makes sense that finding occupational peace is a valid measure.

When we ask if you are accomplished at work, we include the simple qualification that life’s other important aspects should remain reasonably balanced. Work achievement should not involve too many crazed maniacs, run-away train days, and a home life resembling hurricane Harvey Houston.

Professional success is not just about money. Working the “good life” involves enjoying daily tasks, developing lasting relationships and living the Golden Rule. Good people make great companies, which leads to happier times while making a living. Maybe developing the frame of mind that loving work makes the 7-4 more like the pursuit of sports, arts, and leisure inherently gives us a better chance at career fulfillment. At the very least, loving most days makes for less stress.

In the paint and coating application industry, craftsmanship is an essential part of measuring achievement. Technical skill and knowledge may involve separate expertise, but are equally linked in producing brilliant results and attaining work success. The value of individual engagement, like continuous learning, collaboration and associate respect are recognizable features of a productive career. Professional compensation is significant for hands on and off associates, though balance matters. Ethical behavior and performance rains good karma, while stands above cheating on tasks and/or customers.

At times success involves effective leadership, but not everyone has to be an owner to lead. Crew members, lead men, foreman, supervisors, project managers and most everyone has the opportunity to provide input, guide associates and to do the right thing. It is more about a positive, productive attitude than title.

We have an informative piece about expanding individual capacity or the idea that we may benefit from realizing that there is room for improvement. Rather than taking the comfortable/familiar path where the result is regular, we should be opened to the trail where we may be less at ease, but there is potential for a greater outcome. It is not a risk taking groove, but a willingness to continuously improve mindset. Although from a very different walk of work, consider implementing some of the suggestions from 5 Tips for Achievers.

Regardless of the career, a solid work ethic, positive attitude and having a fun inclination to be team player is valuable in most industries or at any company. Plus, the article is not saying change everything. It advocates improving a handful of work/leadership aspects to remain effective, relevant and to be resilient in the midst of changing workplaces.

Hopefully all paint professionals execute craftsmanship under fair and reasonable contracts. However, it is been PPT’s observation that many blindly trust or copy others project agreements. Some may not read or pay attention to various provisions. Like a brilliant paint or coating finish, details matter with contracts. In addition, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a leading organization that sets project agreement standards into motion. Recently, AIA has made some changes. Whether your company works with AIA contracts or not, it is worth knowing that many contracts mimic, bootleg or use improvised passages. Read New Contract Clauses to learn more.

As a reminder, here are some vital guidelines to consider when it comes to contracts:

1.     Everything should be in writing

2.     Before signing a contract provided by another party, read and understand what you are signing.

3.     Do not blindly accept a provision because someone says it is policy or it is written.

4.     Strike unfair provisions and get written confirmation from the other party before starting projects.

5.     As necessary, get competent legal advice (legal fees are less before non-payment issues arise).

There are six News items to watch…we love the idea of posting industry video clips. Watch the AkzoNobel short, The Journey of Paint, to see how a racing yacht gets ready to go fast.

Three companies have unveiled 2019 colors. Apparently, June is the new fall when it comes to the color sweepstakes. It used be when the leaves exploded, next year’s colors were introduced. Dunn-Edwards unveiled their Extreme Odyssey palette and their video aligns with the Achievers article above with the idea of going beyond the comfort zone.

There is a “How Its Made” type video from Kelly Moore Paints showcasing the upgraded, state of art manufacturing facility in Hurst, Texas. Lots of automation and product…now the plant has a capacity of 60,000 gallons per day. It is a fun paint nerd watch.

Over at PPG, it is said that color trends for the upcoming year will be closely tied to nature. The PPG 2019 color of the year is Night Watch, which is a “classic shade of green”. PPG states that their global forecast coordinates with trending materials such as textiles, wood, tile, cabinets, window frames and more. The trends are displayed in four “color stories”: With It, With Class, With Out and With Spirit. There are 200 colors in the PPG 2019 Global Color Trends Forecast.

Under News items that make you go “Hmmn…” check out Rustoleum’s Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit. It may be a way to resurrect a truck or van paint accident…with the appropriate preparation of course. The original truck bed material was produced by Bayer Material Science (now Covestro) and was used to bullet proof military vehicles especially Humvees during the Iraq war (PPT covered the News item).

Happy Birthday to Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 1-2-3, the product has been on the market for 35 years. Wow, time flies…we thought it was about 22.

Sherwin-Williams announced its 10th annual Colormix Color Forecast. The 2019 master palette, The Future of Color has 42 colors divided into six themes, or color journals: Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur. According to SW, the 2019 color trends reflect human touch. “Every color in the Color Forecast, whether alone or when combined with others, tells a different story, a different riddle or different song, similar to the honesty found only in a written journal,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

Well, are you a successful paint professional? Maybe in some small way, reading PPT will make the achievement journey a little less hectic and possibly more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading Painting Pro Times!

Mark Casale, Editor

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