Introducing the New a200 Thermo-Anemometer

Measure Air Temperature, Air Velocity, and Relative Humidity

The a200 Thermo-Anemometer measures air temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity. Ideal for indoor applications to check the walk-in drying oven, spray booths or an ambient air-drying room. The a200 can also be used outdoors. The meter calculates dew point to help determine the right painting conditions.

The meter is lightweight with a housing made of impact resistant materials. The backlit display allows for use in poor lighting conditions.

· Auto Power Off
· Dew Point Temperature
· Air temperature
· Relative humidity %
· Wind Speed
· Wind Chill Index
· Averaging & Min/Max feature
· Item No. AF-B861948

AF-B861948 a200 Thermo-Anemometer $82.00
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