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We are siding with the engineers that have claimed they are under-paid as compared to lawyers. Top of the class first year lawyer compensation is at a record high. It seems as a society, the more we encourage (pay) people to enter a vocation, they will. (As a side note, in paint and coating application, it is time for an industry wide pay-raise). More legal mouth pieces, ultimately equals more court cases. What does that mean for paint professionals?

Well for starters, the ole “we are a small outfit”, head in the sand routine may not be a long term, successful approach. Just like most everyone knows a paint professional; everyone we deal with, associates, owners, generals, subcontractors, and the like, have an attorney on speed dial. Be forewarned the trend of more and more lawyers may catch up to service providers. It is always a best practice to be fair and reasonable with clients and colleagues and be sure that company procedures and contracts are well documented.

We feature an informative article about hiring associates titled: Write a Lawsuit-Proof Job Description. It is worth noting that ignorance of employee laws will likely not slow down a judgement. In addition, knowingly or not, fraudulent associate treatment often reaches beyond a corporate veil and hurts owners. So read, learn and protect your livelihood. And help out a lawyer along the way…seek competent legal advice.

Did you hear about the craftsman that was pulled over on the job and was accused of wall impersonation? We didn’t either, but we like the idea as expressed in Wallcovering is on a Roll. For hundreds of years, talented paint professionals have been able to simulate a host of natural and fantasy finishes. Now, with technological advances, wallcovering has entered a new frontier where digital machines not only match the imagination, but just about any organic material or texture.

One way to differentiate an architectural paint and coating business is to install high end wallcovering. Plus, hanging offers different challenges and varies widely providing that satisfied feeling of completing brilliant finishes.

After reading how not to get sued, check out 6 1/2 Recruiting Tips to learn more effective ways to attract good people. One point that is often overlooked, current associates and customers may be the company’s greatest recruiters. It is not always about big or small, people like to work for great companies. And craftsmen want to perform where technical talent is encouraged and appreciated. If you are seeing a labor shortage, it may be time to look at the leaders (you included) and upgrade company culture to more of a dynamic, associate and customer oriented work place.

Summer is here so we put together a Fun Stuff column titled Colors are Very Interesting. Wait, we already know the paint nerds will like it, but some of the never gonna-get-near-a-color-decision group should take a watch. Videos are part of the beauty at PPT – the top online resource. We have selected some excellent clips where the learning will not turn into a snooze fest.

In the News, just when we thought the guaranteed for life exterior paint was passé, Kelly Moore Paints has introduced a premium product; Envy. According to KM, Envy ‘utilizes innovative resin technology that provides exceptional weathering and durability”.

The Sherwin-Williams Company reported their first quarter financials ending March 31, 2018. It looks like the addition of Valspar increased the three month sales period by more than a billion. The first quarter sales were $3.97 billion. John G. Morikis, Chief Executive Officer, said in part, “…The contribution of the Valspar business to our consolidated revenue and profit continues to build momentum, and we saw positive sales volume, pricing and improving operating results…”

The American Ladder Institute released a new standard for stepstools. Dave Plotner, American National Standards Committee Chairman, stated that “One of the best ways for an industry to continuously address safety issues is through the creation of standards. Regular review and creation of these standards offers a holistic approach to ladder safety.”

Here at PPT, we love to share new equipment and technology that makes life as a paint professional a little bit more pleasant and sometimes easy buttonish. Well, go to to check one tool that is a great value. Now you can measure air temperature, air velocity (wind), and relative humidity with a pocket sized gadget; a200 Thermo-Anemometer.

Wallcovering is not the only thing on a roll…summer seems to go by the fastest of the seasons. So plan on getting projects done, while the temperatures are warm and the sun is shining…

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