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Have you ever completed a marquee project? Something out of the ordinary, maybe a building that was somewhat prestigious would qualify as a wow we did it project. The criteria for a paint and coating application to be considered big time is varied and does not require projects taking thousands of gallons. Most likely the project may involve manpower challenges, access difficulty, complexity (restoration or other trades), working around daily operations or the public and other aspects that may directly impact scope performance.

Well, we have an interesting article about an industrial project, which could easily be covered by SSPC or NACE, but we are featuring it, because PPT loves sharing a broad spectrum of industry happenings. With the idea of having some fun, we are inviting everyone to enter a chance at $100,000. The winner must be the first paint professional to name what the project is from three clues. *Complete contest details below.

Here are the three hints:

  1. It is not a bridge
  2. About 7 million people go to it each year
  3. The projects involves 12,000 gallons of product

Okay, since we are feeling pretty good about the summer season and flip-flop weather, try guessing with a few more clues: no spraying is allowed (that is a lot of material to put on by hand!), the location is in Europe and it is not located at an ancient site.

Read the Origins of Craftsmanship column, Painting a World Icon, to see the important role paint professionals have played in the history of the structure and beginning this fall, how brothers of the brush will rise to some serious height. Sorry, we were just kidding about the contest. The lawyers said we have to make it clear: *the complete contest details are there is no contest; PPT is not awarding $100,000 for naming a project from three or more hints. Just the same, we hope you enjoy the article.

Although Great Career Prospects does not involve a faux game show-like atmosphere, it has remarkable charts and provides some insights worthy of consideration. The commentary discusses advantages of skilled trades and apprentice training as compared to the 4 year college route. The charts indicate a substantial shortage of trained workers and young people entering the trades (paint and coating application included). This may be old news, but here is where the charts get interesting…check out the relatively tight earnings gap between typical 4 year college graduates and trade professionals.

There is a valid, fact based argument for the promotion of professional painting careers. The antidotal evidence of college graduates making coffee, becoming expert clothes folders or working in cubicle farms seems to be somewhat accurate as they may not be far ahead of craftsmen. At the very least, the expert skilled path does not end up with mortgage-like college loan debt.

Here at PPT, we sounded the worker shortage alarm almost seven years ago, we have been outspoken about excessive regulations based on “shaky”, inaccurate science (for example, RRP & the latest quagmire move to ban paint removers), we always champion craftsmanship and the greater professional paint and coating industry, as well as alert you when potential pain is lurking around the corner. We are suggesting that you do not sign the next contract, whether it is an AIA or other, until a competent legal advisor versed in construction law reviews the terms.

Paint professionals beware! The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) are advising that the new amendments put into effect by the AIA should be avoided. In fact, the AGC has not endorsed these new stipulations. The so called “standard” clauses provide owners and architects with an unprecedented advantage over generals and subcontractors. Read Killer Contracts to learn more.

In the News, it looks like Festool has gone Yankee, as in the This Old House and the New Yankee Workshop. Jim Maner, vice president of business development for Festool USA, stated, “This Old House’ is such a highly respected brand and with their expertise, have a successfully long history with craftsmen. They are an ideal partner.”

Graco reported record second quarter sales and profit. Contractor segment sales increased in all channels. “With the help of our employees and channel partners around the world, we again achieved record sales and operating earnings for the quarter, led by growth in the Process and Contractor segments,” said Patrick J. McHale, Graco’s CEO.

There is more good news from Sherwin-Williams; record sales were achieved in the second quarter. Compared to the same period in 2017, sales increased by about $1 billion, or 27.8%, for the quarter to $4.77 billion.  The increase in sales is attributed to the addition of Valspar, higher sales overall in The Americas Group and price increases.

John G. Morikis, SW Chairman, and CEO, said, ““The Company posted record results in net sales, gross profit, and profit before taxes in the second quarter, aided by the Valspar acquisition which continues to build momentum. …The Valspar acquisition passed the one year anniversary on June 1, 2018, and both the Consumer Brands and Performance Coatings Groups are ahead of schedule in integrating their respective businesses…”

Nexeo Solutions, Inc. has announced the availability of methylene chloride free paint their Startex brand. PPT has not received any feedback, if the products are effective at stripping on two component products. We will follow up and report.

We are looking to feature readers’ marquee projects so please forward pictures with brief descriptions to us at the email below (subject line: PPT Marquee Projects). Maybe your craftsmanship will be included among the digital pages of PPT…

Thanks for reading Painting Pro Times!

Mark Casale, Editor

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