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Sometimes when we escape work for a short while, clarity is revealed. It could be something simple, like the back log is many months out; we need another pump, van, etc. Maybe it is a realization that selling projects, performing scopes expertly are essential to a successful path, while chasing payments is a pressure-laden, merry-go-round that leaves you dizzy and causes cash flow peril.

Possibly, when we are away and the day to day rush is quiet, thoughts go deeper, uninterrupted. Less obscured, we see opportunities; specialty work and other things, like a greater potential for talented associates.  An escape often helps us see where the focus needs to be. Since we cannot take vacations every week, it is worthwhile to regularly and purposefully distract ourselves from the daily pace. Maybe take little coffee breaks for the mind, where you could be Tom Brady stepping back, locked and loaded for the TD pass or some other all-time sports star.

Exercise is important and may help with clearer thinking; some say weekend warriors gain perspective. Everyone is individual so what is effective may be different for each person. The key is to replace stress with happiness; some mediate, read or even pray. The imagination place does not have to be any one person or location, but the conjuring should bring about fun and inner peace.

How about powers? With all the comic book characters bursting on the screen, if you hit the powers lottery, what would it be…super-fast, flying, mind control or shape shifting?

Okay, enough goofing around….in the News, Behr Paint unveiled their 2019 Color of the Year: Blueprint S470-5, a mid-tone blue that is warmer than denim and softer than navy. Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr says, “This universally appealing hue provides a steady stream of positivity and is poised to be an instant classic for years to come.”

According to Benjamin Moore, “All paints are created with the same components, however not all paints are created equal.” Over ten years ago, Benjamin Moore revamped the entire paint-making process with new formulas and new colorants, which resulted in Gennex Color Technology.

Did we mention flying? Leave it to PPG Comex to make a bird out of hill…something that really turned out cool. According to Gilberto Alcaraz, a Comex program director, “At PPG Comex, we believe that we can strengthen the social structure of communities through color”. The four-month project involved painting 300 houses atop a hill in the making of a colossal, colorful bird mural.

Sherwin-Williams has introduced the Minwax Performance Series, an extension of the best-in-class Minwax family of products, which includes three staining solutions: Tintable Wood Stain, Fast-Dry Varnish, and Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer. “With this comprehensive new wood-finishing system, including premium products, contemporary colors and applicators, we are able to provide everything you need to quickly achieve beautiful and durable results”, said Jeff Winter, vice president of marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

In science news, it appears that there is a new nanocomposite technology, a coating, which could lead to smart clothes that can detect and measure human motion. The nanocomposite coating is flexible and pleasant to the touch. It has been tested on a range of natural and synthetic fibers, including Kevlar, wool, nylon, Spandex and polyester. Probably a good idea to call ahead for new company shirts…

In regulatory news, according to U.S. Office of Special Counsel, it looks like the EPA got into some trouble. It appears that the EPA sent unqualified individuals to inspect renovation sites for lead paint and failed to properly document the inspections. It was a whistleblower that shed light on the EPA deficiencies. “When an agency fails in its obligation to protect the public, it only underscores the important role of whistleblowers to reveal wrongdoing,” said Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner.

Millennials and Generation Z (Centennials) now make up one third of the workforce, and 87 percent rate career growth and development as very important. Reportedly, as baby boomers retire, mid- to upper-level positions become available, but companies are having trouble finding people to promote in addition to fill entry-level openings. Read Training & Retaining the Best to learn how to retain, develop and upskill associates for the positions growing organizations need filled.

According to OSHA, the three most cited violations in 2017 are from the construction industry. It is an ill-fated distinction that professionals must change! The number of workplace accidents and fatalities has come down drastically in the last decades, but 14 workers still died daily from workplace accidents in 2016. Are you too busy to be thinking about OSHA fines?

As of 2016, violation fines rose from $7,000 to $12,934 and for a “severe breach”, from $70,000 to $129,340. Those numbers go beyond ouch…no more ostrich heads in the sand when it comes to associate wellbeing. Go to What Does Safety Cost? to see what small companies may spend per year. Hint: it is more than you think.

We feature another article that is worthy of looking at: Concrete Equals New Business. The first sentence was eye catching:

Concrete is a very durable material and has the misconception of being a maintenance-free product,             which is why so many contractors and professionals consider the job done once the concrete has cured.

There seems to be too many professionals that skipped the concrete coating class. From towns to big cities, the moniker, a concrete jungle, indicates that there may be more square footage than on most other substrates and someone has to wash, prepare and apply maintenance coatings.

Every once in while remember to give your mind a coffee break. Out of the four powers mentioned, my pick would be the super-fast power. Although flying would be fun…have you ever noticed that almost no flying super heroes wear googles when soaring across the sky? Try riding a motorcycle without eye protection and see how that works…

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