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Away from the watchful eyes of project supervisors, other trades, and/or owners, is it okay to shortcut paint and/or coating application? If some time is saved, we may reason that it is not a big deal and maybe no one will notice. Seemingly, pricing pressure forces professionals to meet or get close to the bottom feeder outfits that really cheat. Plus, when you are good, many tasks, like walls and trim, may look fine with one and done…right?

Well, just like following the herd to low ball auctions is not a path that leads to long term success and shortcutting preparation or finish coats does not build craftsmanship respect. Remember, image is how the company is presented, (which is important), but reputation is what customers and prospective clients say about the business when the job is done, (which is most important). Reputation is what people share with one another. Some industry professionals lean on the “we would not get any work” mantra if production is not hurried by cheating.

Craftsman advocates advise otherwise: now is the time to upgrade customers so you can do the right thing for owners, colleagues and manufacturers. In basic terms, dumbing down application is underhanded and may lead to many laps on the rat race wheel. Busy, busy with lots of work, but going almost nowhere and fast. When ordering a thick and juicy steak, what happens if the server brings an almost unrecognizable piece of meat?

Probably, we would object and think there must have been some misunderstanding. In every case, the restaurant’s production would be deemed unacceptable and the switcharoo approach is no way to keep customers. At the very least, it suggests incompetence and at today’s fast pace, who has time to deal with a paint professional that shortcuts craftsmanship often? Although for the professionals steeped in proud application, it becomes easier to differentiate genuine skill and expertise to customers and prospects.

There is another vital reason to champion craftsmanship. The gas tank of new people entering the paint and coating application arena is too low to maintain the current work load and will become a major obstacle to finishing projects in the near future. Professionals must own this challenge; not just company proprietors, but everyone (the rank & file) must engage a new generation of talent. One of the most effective ways to attract people is to showcase the art and science of expert application. The we are all in the same boat mentality will require change and action.

To get a glimpse of some parallel ideas, read Massive Disruption Required to Save the Construction Industry. Technology has changed industry materials, equipment and tools, which has affected all of us from the humble pot and brush to biggest blow and go production practitioners.

The worker deficit/crisis will continue to grow and potentially devastate us. So avoid the not my problem attitude and realize that training craftsmanship and embracing technology will lead to success. “The construction (paint and coating application) industry’s responsibility is not to emulate the old way, but rather understand and harness the breadth of knowledge to fulfill the potential of the new.”

Maybe there are great people waiting to be hired? The task is to identify, market and screen good people that fit the industry’s needs. In the zest of sitting down with a potential hire, the face to face process may be less emphasized. Checkout Five Ways to Better Assess a Candidate During the Job Interview to hone some ways to meet the demand for new blood.

In the News, according to AkzoNobel, it is time to embrace the sweet life or at least that is the theme for their 2019 color of the year: Spiced Honey. “Our latest trend research shows that people around the world are experiencing a renewed sense of energy, optimism and purpose. We want to reach out, engage with others and make things better. Spiced Honey reflects those desires, said Heleen van Gent, Creative Director of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center.

We are delighted to feature three commemorative videos celebrating manufacturers’ milestones. In the first clip Cloverdale Paint announces; 85 years of quality, tradition and trust that you’ll find it in every can. From humble beginnings on a farm near Cloverdale, BC, the company has grown into one of North America’s largest regional manufacturers and sellers of paint products and coatings.

Over at PPG, the second highlight video celebrates the company’s 135th anniversary. In the way back of 1883, Captain John B. Ford and John Pitcairn founded the company with a focus on innovation and quality. In 2018, PPG continues to protect and beautify the world, offering customers around the globe unique technologies, services, and solutions.

The third clip shows The History of Sherwin-Williams. With more than 150 years of heritage, innovation and performance, Sherwin-Williams branded products are sold exclusively through a chain of more than 4,900 company-operated stores and facilities. the company’s other brands include Valspar, HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy, Krylon, Minwax, Thompson’s Water Seal, Cabot and more.

When featuring anniversaries, we cannot overlook the largest (by member count) paint/coating association in the world. NACE was established in 1943 by eleven corrosion engineers from the pipeline industry as the “National Association of Corrosion Engineers.” Now known as NACE International, the association serves nearly 36,000 members in over 130 countries and is recognized globally as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

It is time to support apprentices; tell your congressional representative to cosponsor the OPTIONS Act. The proposed law would allow construction apprentices to use 529 plans to cover “peripheral expenditures” (tools and related equipment/supplies) costs.

The American Coatings Association goes to bat for Sherwin-Williams and argues that the “expansion and misapplication of (the) public nuisance (law) could have far reaching consequences” in California Lead Based Paint Case.

When no one is looking, always do the right thing…perform genuine craftsmanship.

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