Rust-Oleum introduces RockSolid Patio & Driveway

Under the trusted RockSolid name, Rust-Oleum is rolling out a family of products to protect and beautify patios and driveways.

The program includes products for both the pro and DIYer with a variety of sealer options from solvent-based to water-based, versatile to specialty, all with outstanding performance.

Products for the Pro

When you need long-lasting durability as well as surface versatility, RockSolid has the perfect solution. RockSolid Wet Look Lacquers are solvent-based, giving them maximum longevity in sealing and protecting concrete surfaces from damaging elements. Using NeverWet properties, they provide superior water repellency, protect against stains and can extend the life of your concrete.

Available in both Wet Look and Low Lustre finishes, they can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as natural stone, slate, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate and more.

RockSolid offers a variety of water-based, general purpose products that are easy to use and offer excellent protection with the option of leaving a finish or invisible protection.

RockSolid Penetrating Concrete Sealer deeply penetrates the surface to form a protective barrier to keep out water, protect against stains, and prolong the life of your concrete without leaving a finish.

RockSolid Film-Forming Concrete Sealers provide ultimate protection against stains and chemicals and protect from water damage. They are available in high and low gloss finishes and are ideal for patios, pool decks, walkways and more.

If you are looking for something with added color and protection, RockSolid Concrete Stain & Sealer offers added color and protection in one step—saving you valuable time. Available in 20 tint colors, the semi-transparent formula comes in high and low gloss finishes. All of these sealers offer ultimate protection against water with the added benefit of NeverWet properties.

Specialty Sealers

RockSolid Paver Lock is specifically formulated for use on pavers. It locks down the sand between the pavers. It has a flexible bond that reduces weed growth and ant hills while enhancing overall appearance.

RockSolid Elite Sealer is built with the ultimate resistance against stains and is perfect for more dense masonry surfaces such as slate, travertine, tile or stone.

RockSolid Clean & Prep

Project prep is essential for your patio and driveway projects. RockSolid offers three great products to help complete any project. Concrete Hardener creates a moisture barrier that strengthens the concrete prior to sealing or coating. Heavy Duty Cleaner removes oil, grease, dirt and stains prior to coating. Efflorescence Remover brightens concrete masonry and removes white chalky residue.

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