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Technology has changed the way paint professionals work. New materials, brush filaments, roller naps, all influence the paint and coating application industry. In a way, whether it is Master Craftsmanship performance or the invention of a new product, the ambition to be successful or at the very least, to be happy at work, should prompt us to consider embracing technology. Plus, the willingness to implement new ways may result in more efficient production. When we readily accept change, the ole work smarter not faster is in play.

The old ways may be comfortable, but craftsmen who are career students create a dynamic work environment often with positive energy. It is good stuff to walk on a project and see skilled mechanics in motion. The display of clean workmanship may inspire or even challenge young people to pick up a brush. When we think about the big picture (maybe while watching a big screen), knowledge discoveries have taken us from caves, to huts, and now, to modern more comfortable living places.

In 2030: Building the Job Site of the Future, Justin Morgenthau proposes that in the next 12 years technology will change construction site operations, which will affect paint professionals. He notes, back in 2006, Google had just purchased the startup known as YouTube, Facebook had just been made available to the public and there was no such thing as an iPhone.

Fast forward to 2030, workers and equipment will likely be in constant motion with real time monitored results. Today, if you think driving down the road big brother is watching, it is expected that crew members will wear cameras and have audio feeds that communicate to the onsite technology center, as well as the home office.

Meanwhile, the internet is on the cusp of historic change from a communication model largely based on informational sharing to a digital environment where all data is spread throughout. Experts predict that the cloud concept may soon be obsolete; server farms that store and backup all of ones information at a given location may go the way of Blockbuster Video.

Do you know Rule #7? It is in reference to an article called Rule #7 Independent Contractors. It is a short, worthwhile read. There are informative links and this section is actually part of a bigger piece, 10 Ways to Stay Out of Court. It is from our friends at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). One thing that is clear, independent contractors (IC) are regulated by multiple government agencies and at times a company may be in compliance with one, but not so much with another overseer.

This fuzzy, mangled regulatory environment is un-American. Small business and paint professionals should advocate for less red tape. We should start with halving the budget of the Washington bureaucratic combine. Probably, the only industry that functions or is as dysfunctional as the layered federal cartel (that produces nothing) is the weather predicting field…we accept that they may be wrong half the time.

Have you ever been mugged? Sometimes, the long arm of the law does not make enough of a fist. Well, it is something like that when paint professionals perform work and owners, GCs, and/or construction managers refuse to pay. Here is some legal advice to consider: Will a Letter or Handshake Agreement Stand Up in Court? Sometimes we are too trusting or the customer just does not have a concept of costs, while other times, there are those we should not work with no matter what is written. The article makes some good points, although it is basically an ad for AIA documents.

In the News, Dunn-Edwards has introduced Endura-coat, a new interior/exterior, low VOC, water-based acrylic industrial maintenance coating. According to Neha Koneru, Dunn-Edwards Product Manager, “Endura-coat completes the Endura Series, and each of the products in the line will provide our customers with the quality and long-lasting results they have come to expect.”

Over at Kelly-Moore Paints their 2019 color of the year is Peacock Blue. “From a psychological perspective, Peacock Blue is a color that can optimize concentration, encourage deep meditation and even improve sleep.” said Mary Lawlor, Manager of Color Marketing. 

Never mind how color names are picked – mostly likely sitting around a table with samples spread about and lots of glasses of cold and tasty adult beverages; nowadays, stare at a color long enough and you may have an outer body experience or maybe just drift into a deep sleep.

It looks like PPG is all in at The Home Depot. PPG was recently awarded Paint Supplier Partner of the Year. “We are proud to expand our product assortment in-store and be recognized for offering innovative paint and stain products and service that our customers trust”, said Max Wetzel, PPG vice president. PPG offers Timeless paint and stain, Glidden paint, Olympic stain and Liquid Nails adhesives at The Home Depot.

The True Value brand is launching EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), reportedly, EasyCare products minimize irritants and pollutants in the air, creating a healthier indoor environment and allowing you to enjoy newly painted spaces sooner.

Ladder giant, Werner Ladder, unveiled a new user-driven website. Werner’s new site features an Integrated Digital Infrastructure and Enhanced Product Search.

According to our friends at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Department of Labor has agreed to a legal settlement that keeps a permanent injunction in place that stops the “persuader rule” from taking effect. Essentially, the persuader rule was a regulation dictating/limiting how companies and associations could act in relation to specific aspects of labor. Here at PPT we are pro labor, both signatory and merit. Union craftsmanship is an integral part of American society, while regulations often stifle business.

All proposed rules or amended (updated) regulations should be reviewed by business and regulators should not enact anything until all input has been transparently considered and implemented. Small business is the backbone of our free and independent republic and paint professionals are best served when allowed an active voice in the rule making process.

Pretty soon, it may be like the little animated guy said, “To infinity and beyond!” Technology will bring about more change. Are you ready?

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Mark Casale, Editor

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