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Maybe while putting it on there have been a few moments involving spitball sessions where ideas for industry breakthroughs were bounced around? One good thing could lead to great change. Or maybe you are in the “there’s always room for improvement” camp. Well, just as details are important in craftsmanship, cumulative advances move the industry forward and some inventions may even rock the house. There is a cutting edge contest seeking paint and coating application innovation. Maybe a little thing that matters will take home the prize?  Share that pent up ingenuity…check out the News item AkzoNobel Introduces Paint The Future – Smart Application Challenge.

PPhoto credit: Lets Paint the Future

As an aside, we wanted to share the pigment picture, because we think it is cool. In other News, Graco is stepping up their communication game; for starters, they will be easier to find. The new web portal is, which is much nicer than the “Graco International” of the past. Reportedly, the site will be more user-friendly and includes expanded equipment information.

Without a doubt, in the future we will see an expanded functionality of paint and coatings. For the past 100,000 years paint has been used to decorate and protect, as well as to communicate and express the human condition through art, Think of the animal hunt drawings and sprayed trace hand images on cave walls found on every continent around the planet. (The itchy beards have surmised that the ancient spray machine was the paint foreman’s mouth).

Nano coating technology is a game changer and other advances will push paint beyond preserving substrates and splashing color about. We have a News item announcing a partnership between PPG and Powercast. The duo is introducing LED-based wireless illumination coatings, which allow for smart consumer packaging that lights up on store shelves.

Remember the movie, Minority Report? There were scanners outside stores that read people’s eyeballs, while they walked by. Individuals were identified and products were pitched base on previous purchases. Think of all the nefarious uses that coating tech may bring, although like Spiderman’s grandfather said, with great power, comes great responsibility. So watch where you’re painting.

Lucky the foundation holding up the White House is solid. Comparable to one of those “Believe it or not” episodes, we feature a News item, Cutting the Red Tape. It must have shaken the neighborhood. Maybe, the overfunded, do nothing federal bureaucrats lying in wait around the Washington beltway noticed the ground slip a bit. Imagine a public meeting in the Oval Office fostering small business and fewer regulations? According to our friends at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the meeting outlined a beneficial view for paint professionals.  A NFIB representative stated, “For decades, ‘Unreasonable government regulations’ have been among the top concerns…(of small business)”.

We have a fun item: 18 Public School Skilled Trade Teachers Win $1 Million. There were three first place winners and two were surprised with the award, while teaching class. It is pretty nice when someone knocks on the door and hands the school $70k and the teacher 30k. Paint professionals and America in general needs more incentivized and inspirational trade programs. A big PPT kudos and thank you to the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools initiative…

A basic question that has been mentioned among the digital pages of PPT before is emphasized in 4 Ways to Attract Skilled Workers; would you work for/with yourself? Consider ideas to attract people away from other outfits. Think about building or working with a company that proactively moves forward with a culture of craftsmanship, paint professional advocacy and associate engagement. The good people make great companies concept becomes reality when leadership understands (and listens to) what makes life easier and pleasant for paint professionals. Hint; it is not and never has been just about financial compensation.

Today, with Millennials and the start of Centennials in the workforce, a get up and go characteristic will likely be championed more than in the past. We feature a piece, The Perfect Self Starter, which reminds us that an  individual’s attributes are more important than experience and even skill. It is more essential to have a positive and always thirsty for knowledge outlook, than to be able to knock out metal casings or merely pull the trigger.

We are happy to feature another Tech Talk column from Bob Cusumano; Consider Moisture Before Application. Bob walks thru some very common paint failures and professional ways to avoid fiascoes. There are descriptions and pictures of coating failures, as well as the tools that may be used to test a substrate’s moisture content before application.

The picture of a temperature gun reminded us of an industrial project where a factory coating was delaminating from steel. There were a couple of reasons for the failure including poor engineering, but the kicker was that the steel was too close to the heat source and the substrate temperature exceeded 300 degrees, well over the specified coating’s capacity. The tool quickly helped differentiate locations of temperature variance. Also, if you are considering a moisture meter, it may be wise to consider the two types depicted in the article; one with pins (which penetrates the paint film) and the other type that uses electrical impulses (non-damaging to substrates and coatings).

Craftsmanship involves communication, cooperation and colleague, as well as customer care. It is one thing to be proficient with a brush or a rig, and a more valuable quality to be a positive daily force. For the foreseeable future, humans, not robots or gadgets, will continue to be the ones putting it on. Make the decision to work with good people…both customers and associates.

Thanks for reading!

Mark Casale, Editor

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