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As 2018 moves to closing time, keep the pedal to the metal. Get projects complete, finish the quarter and the year strong. Since the economy is humming along, consider being more selective in 2019. Upgrade the craftsmanship aspects of daily life by working with people and companies that recognize and are willing to pay for clean and crisp finishes. Elevate away from the bottom feeder, follow the herd off the cliff low bidders, and the shop and unethically show everyone’s price peddlers. Step far away from the “we have lots of work for you, just match this number’ hamster wheel.

As skilled labor draws tighter in the paint and coating application market, make the time to refine your craft and improve your technical capacity…get better. Maybe attend clinics or work with a Master Craftsman on a project or two. Be a student of the trade; thirsty and open to new procedures or become acquainted with the details of better processes. Find a way to up your game. Everyday produce clean, inspection proof workmanship. Whether it is a wall, some trim, an entire building or a Renaissance finish, differentiate by performing excellent, productive craftsmanship.

No more that’s not my problem…the hangers, tapers, carpenters, etc. are hacks. Demand a team approach where each craft works harmoniously as gentlemen, rather than raiders or like Vikings. Between schedules, incompetent tradespeople and poorly managed projects, as well as inauthentic customer promises, there are enough challenges to meet on a daily basis so be more selective of who you work for and with. Make 2019 a year of change. Each week write one thing down that will build skill, make a finish better or achieve peace with the way of the brush and do it!

Sometimes it may take three, four or more weeks to make one change; keep at it. Be a friendly, but driven Pitbull, don’t let go of the bone until the task is done. Then repeat, pretty soon this business will be looking bright to brilliant. Plus, positive, proactive change is fun. Like riding a bike, it may be a bit wobbly at first, but with focus and determination, it soon will be riding wheelies time.

What costs about $4 billion dollars and has two 100 foot tall, rounded buildings? It is new Seattle based Amazon work campus, which opened earlier this year. Read Amazon’s Giant Spheres Get Hi-tech Coating to learn more details about the 65,000 square foot work complex where 400 plant species reside.

From our friends at the American Coatings Association (ACA), we feature an article that demonstrates a very good trend in the construction industry. Apparently, employment and hourly wages are on the move upward. Check out Rising Compensation to see if your numbers are comparable.

It has been awhile, so we put together a video piece that is part paint nerd and somewhat amusing. The Fun Stuff column is titled Oil & Water; BMW Paint; & Plane Coated. Before you conclude that oil and water emulsifications have been around for years, what’s the big deal? This clip has itchy beards figuring out a way that the mixture could be stable (not separate) for a long time, maybe indefinitely.

These types of technical advances, have helped paint and coating formulas, colorants for example, are getting away from being “disbursed” (which is subtractive; clear bases do not cover well) and evolving to color pigments adding to coverage (opacity). So the more breakthroughs at a chemical level, all the better and potentially easier for paint professionals. The car painting process shown is very high-tech and we enjoyed the fine finish and attention to detail. Also, the aerospace entry has the coolest lift system ever; up, down, back and forth all without a footprint.

In the News and according to Pantone, next year may be all about metallic finishes. A shimmer here and a shimmer there, the wave of the future may roll with extra luster. ‘In a world of sheen and shine, where color, material, and surface finish join for a more cohesive aesthetic experience, metallic finishes are becoming increasingly important’.

In a video News piece, PPG’s MeasureColor Mobile color matching platform is demonstrated. According to PPG, the device interprets the color data, calculates the color difference and immediately sends a PPG color match to the MeasureColor app on a smartphone or tablet, along with product and ordering information.

In another film clip News item, Sherwin-Williams shares a recent Pro on the Go . Annie Newton of 4 Seasons Color, asks (and answers), what is the No. 1 thing you can do to build a truly viable painting business?  This is good advice to consider implementing.

Over at RPM International, the parent company of Rust-Oleum, DAP, Zinsser, Varathane, and Carboline, among many others, a major reorganization was announced. The company will have four business groups (no longer six) and a sales goal of $6.25 billion has been set for fiscal 2021. “We could not be more excited about the opportunities ahead for RPM,” stated CEO Frank C. Sullivan. “Having now completed a comprehensive and detailed analysis across our operations, we have identified significant potential to increase efficiency and drive the long-term profitability of our company…”

We have an exciting video item: In front of a nearly sold-out crowd of more than 41,000 people, the 2018 National Craft Champions and the Craft Professional of the Year stood on the Washington Nationals field on July 3 and were honored for their hard work as trained craftsmen. Paint professionals should emulate what the Associated Building and Contractors (ABC) does to promote the industry and craftsmanship.

In case you did not notice, 3M is encouraging students to consider working in the trades. 3M is the lead sponsor of the 2019 WorldSkills USA team, selected and trained by SkillsUSA. This sponsorship will support the efforts of the 23 competitors and their technical experts as they train to represent the United States at WorldSkills in Kazan, Russia, on Aug. 22-27, 2019.

Well, what is the plan for next year? Skip the same old, different day theme and elevate skills and projects, while working with good people who recognize and foster craftsmanship.

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Mark Casale, Editor

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