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       July 17
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After the most recent quarter’s figures are in, we review numbers, scrutinize a bit and look forward to revenue projections for the next quarter or possibly to the year’s end. Up, flat or down, numbers seem to always be clear and remarkably objective. Successful businesses measure incrementally and make adjustments based on reality; keep track of where you are. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
SMART is a Zero VOC system for priming & repairing walls before painting, and for saving energy by sealing your home from air drafts. SMART stain-hide primer sealer, SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant, and SMART non-shrink wall-fix spackling form a complete, high performance system of wall repair and prep before painting.
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Painting Pro’s Supplier Evaluation
The paint and coating application business is part of the service industry where the principle costs are labor and material, which for most of us are scheduled and quantified daily. We have discussed and will continue to cover the importance of labor in relation to production and workforce development, because employee management and growth are vital to organizational success. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Paint and Caulk the Same Day!
Save time and money on your next job with eXact Color™ custom colored caulk. See How to Mix eXact Color and see how easy it is to mix an exact color match with no tools required!
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2012 Contractor Outlook Survey
Find out how other liquid coating professionals responded to a nationwide survey, which was recently conducted comparing 2011 and 2012 to see if the work tide is rising. There were just three simple questions; maybe you were called? READ NOW        
Industry News & Market Trends
My-Wall-Decal.com Announces New Wall Word Decals for the Home
The website My-Wall-Decal.com now has new wall word decals for the home. Coming in a wide variety of quotations and sayings, these self-adhesive wall word decals can be applied anywhere… READ NOW        
Remodeling Firms, NARI and The EPA Seek Constructive Solutions For Protecting Children And Pregnant Women From Lead-Based Dangers
The NARI and EPA should work together to protect children and pregnant women from lead-based dangers caused by home remodeling as a new hearing approaches… READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Wooster Alpha professional brushes
Made with a unique filament blend, Alpha carries more paint for the smoothest flow (less drag) and highest production. Watch a paint-out test in Wooster’s lab versus the closest competitor…how much longer and smoother will the Alpha paint stripe be?
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RI launches effort to recycle unused paint
Rhode Island is now the fourth state in the nation to launch a program aimed at keeping unused paint out of landfills… READ NOW        
PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS Brand Launches ’I Named a Paint Color‘ Promotion Coinciding with Redesigned Website for THE VOICE OF COLOR Program
THE VOICE OF COLOR program website features new Online Paint Visualizer with PPG easy-edge technology for simplified selection of paint colors… READ NOW        
An Industry First: Cabot Woodcare Council® Creates Handy Woodcare and Staining Standards
Cabot, today introduced a new resource to help homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts correctly stain their outdoor wood surfaces… READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Titan launches the industries newest tip technology with the TR1 airless paint spray tip
The new TR1 is the best overall performing tip in the industry. The fan pattern starts wider and stays wider. The orifice on the TR1 outlasts competitive tips delivering consistent film thickness and less wasted paint. The TR1 fits all Titan and most other industry spray gun guards.
The new BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is a self-priming, zero VOC, low odor coating that seals uncoated and previously painted surfaces without the need for a separate primer. Featuring a faster drying 100% acrylic formula, the improved line allows projects to be completed more quickly, so recoats can occur sooner.
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Introducing Emerald™ Interior and Exterior Paints
Revolutionary quality with industry-leading sustainability. No zero VOC paint delivers richer color with ultimate hide and durability. And thanks to our new breakthrough colorants, you can tint Emerald to any color - without adding VOCs. Nothing compares to the performance of Emerald.
Learn more about these breakthrough products at sherwin-williams.com
PEEL AWAY® 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover
Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover has been the #1 Choice of Professionals who perform Historic Restoration and Lead Paint Abatement for over 25 years. Peel Away® 1 is an environmentally safe method for removing up to 30 Coats of oil-based lead paints in a single application. Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover "Now" includes Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer, pH Test Kit, Peel Away Paper, Alkaline Paste, Peel Away Tool and Simplified Instructions for all customer types. The introduction of Peel Away® 1 was the industry’s "first" safe paint removal system and an effective alternative to open flames, heat guns, sanding and traditional blasting methods while minimizing or eliminating containment procedures. By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated.
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FauxEffect’s LusterStone
LusterStone® is a revolutionary architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective stone-like patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its simplicity, versatility and ease of repair. The nature of the material allows it to be used to create a stunning variety of high/low dimensional finishes that do not require burnishing to obtain designer quality results.
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From the Blogosphere
Sara McLean
specs+spaces Editor, Dunn-Edwards Corporation, Allied Member ASID, CMG
Dwell on Design: Top Finds
At the annual Dwell on Design show, creativity mixed with sustainability as vendors showcased their latest products designed to fill the needs of today’s live/work spaces. READ NOW  

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