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       August 16
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Are you a craftsman? What if an international panel of paint and coating judges was to evaluate your organization’s work? Most often, everyone in this business claims to be the "best", but that is not reality. In a contest, would your outfit make it to the semi-finals, finals, earn the yellowee, shiny and ultimate prize? READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
SMART is a Zero VOC system for priming & repairing walls before painting, and for saving energy by sealing your home from air drafts. SMART stain-hide primer sealer, SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant, and SMART non-shrink wall-fix spackling form a complete, high performance system of wall repair and prep before painting.
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Gold Medal Application
If gold medal paint application equals craftsmanship, how do we get colleagues to aspire and achieve the clean, impeccable finishes? What if we worked in a science fiction fantasy world like in the Matrix movies? Imagine if the 7am to 3:30pm activities were monitored by unseen recording devices hidden within a secret conspiracy code and collected for anomaly review. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
KILZ PRO-X paints are formulated for professional painters. We have partnered with Pro Painters for decades, Pro’s know when color, scrubs, sprayability and touch-up matter… who else would we ask? Come try what we’ve built together. KILZ PRO-X paints, painter approved and only available at the Home Depot.
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Inspector General Investigates RRP
The Inspector General (IG) recently reviewed the RRP rule in response to a hotline complaint. Did the IG find that the RRP regulation is not effective, not practical and does not protect all children? Well, it looks like the IG discovered that the EPA used "discretion" in conducting the rule’s economic analysis or cost benefit justification. READ NOW        
Regulatory Review
Regulatory Review: OSHA Updates
There is action in four areas under OSHA’s purview that may be of interest to paint and coating professionals: The Lead in Construction Standard, a meeting on Confined Space Safety, the recent Fall Prevention Campaign and the revised Hazard Communication Standard.
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Industry News & Market Trends
Sherwin-Williams Recommends Rejection of Mini-Tender Offer by TRC Capital Corporation
The Sherwin-Williams Company has received notification of an unsolicited mini-tender offer by TRC Capital Corporation (TRC) to purchase up to 1,000,000 shares, or approximately 0.97 percent, of READ NOW        
Despite National and International Impediments, Some Improvement Anticipated
Even with the ongoing debt crisis in Europe, international political instability, a looming fiscal cliff of tax increases and spending cuts, and a wildly gyrating stock market, the AIA Consensus Construction Forecast Panel has not dampened its outlook for… READ NOW        
Monterey couple pleads in unlicensed contractor case
A Monterey couple has pleaded to criminal charges connected to a home improvement business they ran illegally, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office said. READ NOW        
Targeted Email Advertising Helps Fortune 500 Company Reach New Buyers
Future Flow Media released a case study on the use of targeted email advertising by a Fortune 500 building products manufacturer. According to the publication, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paints… READ NOW        
Carlyle Bid Tops for DuPont Unit
The Carlyle Group LP has outbid private-equity rivals for the performance-coatings unit of DuPont Co. with a $4.8 billion offer, according to people familiar with the matter. READ NOW        
Construction Subcontractors Will Learn Industry Networking, Subcontract Negotiation and Other Tips in ASA’s 2012-13 Webinar Series
Construction subcontractors and specialty trade contractors looking for new ways to make their own businesses leaner and more profitable… READ NOW        
UGL Services Supports National Geographic LEED Recertification
The National Geographic Society today praised UGL Services, a division of UGL Limited, for the services it provided during the Society’s recent LEED recertification of its facilities here. READ NOW        
Mike Holmes: It’s key to mask your identity
I remember the days when if you had work boots and a hammer you were good to work on a job site. Back then, a lot of contractors would demo a house without thinking about the potential risks, such as… READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Graco’s Made in the USA Promotion!
Back by Popular Demand!
Purchase one of Graco's best selling electric or gas sprayers and get up to $100 CASH BACK or FREE TIPS! This offer is available August 1 through October 31, 2012. Please see your distributor for complete details.
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The new BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is a self-priming, zero VOC, low odor coating that seals uncoated and previously painted surfaces without the need for a separate primer. Featuring a faster drying 100% acrylic formula, the improved line allows projects to be completed more quickly, so recoats can occur sooner.
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Introducing Emerald™ Interior and Exterior Paints
Revolutionary quality with industry-leading sustainability. No zero VOC paint delivers richer color with ultimate hide and durability. And thanks to our new breakthrough colorants, you can tint Emerald to any color - without adding VOCs. Nothing surpasses the performance of Emerald.
Learn more about these breakthrough products at sherwin-williams.com
"Venetian Shine in ½ the Time"

StucoLux, Faux Effects® next generation in Venetian Plasters. Imagine a substance that has personality, depth, color and beauty, suggesting a wide range from Old World character to Contemporary Deco.
The StucoLux plastering system offers stop & start capabilities, fast production with super high gloss… a must for maximum profit!

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PEEL AWAY® 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover
Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover has been the #1 Choice of Professionals who perform Historic Restoration and Lead Paint Abatement for over 25 years. Peel Away® 1 is an environmentally safe method for removing up to 30 Coats of oil-based lead paints in a single application. Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover "Now" includes Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer, pH Test Kit, Peel Away Paper, Alkaline Paste, Peel Away Tool and Simplified Instructions for all customer types. The introduction of Peel Away® 1 was the industry’s "first" safe paint removal system and an effective alternative to open flames, heat guns, sanding and traditional blasting methods while minimizing or eliminating containment procedures. By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated.
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From the Blogosphere
Selecting a General Contractor
What’s the best way to pick a residential general contractor (GC)? There are many books written on the subject. I want to focus this blog on one specific aspect… READ NOW  
Integral ColorViews Blog
Color -as a subject for discussion and also as an experience- is fun, exhilarating, fanciful, practical, and always interesting. Color use also has serious aspects. READ NOW  
Crew Leader Accountability: It’s Not Going Away
If you are following the Summit Leadership system, you may have put your crew leaders through training over the last winter. If you have, then they are now aware and understand the Crew Leader’s role is to… READ NOW  
Green Homes: The New American Dream
Greeting visitors with a fresh paint job and shiny new bamboo flooring, the "American Green Home," feels comfortable and looks attractive. "The floor has an underlay of cork, which is an antibacterial agent and also a sustainable material," John Shipman tells me during the home’s one-day open house.
Global Color Trend Watch
Trends! It’s an interesting concept that can lead you, offend and enslave you. You can choose to follow or ignore them and at times you wonder if it is in fact a trend, or a fad. READ NOW  
Great Employees = Great Paint Jobs
At Brooks Painting our average employee has been with us 7.5 years. Now to some that may not sound like a lot, but in the painting world it is. Painters seem to always look for greener grass, and frequently hop from company to company. READ NOW  

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See how Big Stretch caulking outstretches the competition!
Big Stretch caulk won’t crack-it just stretches.
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Workshops include: How to Train a Multinational / Multigenerational Workforce; Team Building through the COPs; Using Epoxy & Borates to Repair & Preserve Wood; Restoration of Antique Finishes….
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