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       August 30
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As the unofficial close to summer, Labor Day, seemingly races closer, thoughts turn to schedule and booking winter work. If we wait too long and the pipeline does not fill that chilly air may bite a little harder. Well, we have some secrets to share and just maybe these tips can increase profitable work. Read Estimating Secrets to consider implementing or reviewing best practices. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
SMART is a Zero VOC system for priming & repairing walls before painting, and for saving energy by sealing your home from air drafts. SMART stain-hide primer sealer, SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant, and SMART non-shrink wall-fix spackling form a complete, high performance system of wall repair and prep before painting.
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Estimating Secrets
Have you ever told someone that the company lost a great project? Head shaking and wondering how the successful bidder won the job or can operate so cheap, now thinking of going lower on the next proposal. But regardless of the can-do attitude, the only projects that we lose are voided contracts. Unless there is a signed agreement, no one really looses jobs. It was not theirs yet. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
KILZ PRO-X paints are formulated for professional painters. We have partnered with Pro Painters for decades, Pro’s know when color, scrubs, sprayability and touch-up matter… who else would we ask? Come try what we’ve built together. KILZ PRO-X paints, painter approved and only available at the Home Depot.
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Painting Pro’s Perspective
Painting Pro’s Perspective: Schedule Changes and Fake Deadlines
Through the years, most of us have experienced schedule shenanigans among the varying market segments; industrial, residential, institutional and commercial. Some just shrugged off the urgent situation as another job to "git r done", while other professionals scream murder, but reluctantly perform. On the rare occasion, paint and coating experts are appropriately compensated for the additional costs of the last minute crunch. READ NOW        
Industry News & Market Trends
BEHRPROSM Introduces Web Enabled Business at Its Mobile Marketing Tour to Help Pros Build Their Online Presence and Increase Their Reach Among Customers
Behr Process Corporation, today announced the launch of BehrProsm Web Enabled Business (WEB), a free service that allows pre-qualified professionals to create a customized website… READ NOW        
Sherwin-Williams Moves Up In Market Cap Rank, Passing Sprint Nextel Corp
In the latest look at the underlying components of the S&P 500 ordered by largest market capitalization, Sherwin-Williams Co. has taken over the #212 spot from Sprint Nextel Corp, according to The Online Investor. READ NOW        
Polar Bear Spotted in Southwestern U.S.
Even though polar bears live in northern, ice-covered climates, there’s never been a better place for Wooster Polar Bear® rollers than the many stucco surfaces in the Pacific southwest.
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Concrete Coating of Kansas City Announces Permanent Flooring Sealer
Concrete Coating of Kansas City introduces a new, exclusive and proprietary permanent sealer/coating and concrete staining system called Eco-CorFlex Clear Hydro-Poly Moisture Mitigation Industrial Coating. READ NOW        
Painting and Decorating Franchises in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld
Painting and Decorating franchise operators suffered severe drops in demand as the housing bubble burst and the recession sent residential and commercial construction plummeting. READ NOW        
EPA Lead-based Paint Rules Cost Landlords Thousands of Dollars in Fines
Strict lead-based paint regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have resulted in costly fines to businesses and landlords looking to sell or rent their property. READ NOW        
Builder’s plan to ignore OSHA fine in collapsed home could mean IRS involvement
A city builder who plans to ignore a fine levied against him for an accident that killed an employee could eventually face the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service.
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Worker dead in fall from Jefferson building
A 39-YEAR-OLD construction worker slipped from the roof of a Thomas Jefferson University Hospital building at 10th and Samson streets Friday morning and fell eight stories to his death, police said. READ NOW        
State: LHA renovations violated lead-paint, asbestos regs
During the course of its rehab of 132 units at the North Common Village, the Lowell Housing Authority violated multiple regulations governing lead-paint safety and failed to determine if asbestos was present prior to the work… READ NOW        
ASA and FASA Offer Solutions to Subcontractors’ Business Management Needs
The American Subcontractors Association and the Foundation of ASA are providing construction subcontractors with the latest strategies and ideas to better manage their businesses, ranging from … READ NOW        
Understanding EPA lead rules
It’s no secret Oak Park and the surrounding area has many vintage houses, with many built pre-World War II. READ NOW        
Recovery Steps For Small Business Owners
Business is easy until things go wrong. Our dreams are big on paper, but in the daylight, where the work has to get done and we have to face our competition, things can easily fall apart without a recovery plan. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Graco’s Made in the USA Promotion!
Back by Popular Demand!
Purchase one of Graco's best selling electric or gas sprayers and get up to $100 CASH BACK or FREE TIPS! This offer is available August 1 through October 31, 2012. Please see your distributor for complete details.
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The new BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is a self-priming, zero VOC, low odor coating that seals uncoated and previously painted surfaces without the need for a separate primer. Featuring a faster drying 100% acrylic formula, the improved line allows projects to be completed more quickly, so recoats can occur sooner.
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Introducing Emerald™ Interior and Exterior Paints
Revolutionary quality with industry-leading sustainability. No zero VOC paint delivers richer color with ultimate hide and durability. And thanks to our new breakthrough colorants, you can tint Emerald to any color - without adding VOCs. Nothing surpasses the performance of Emerald.
Learn more about these breakthrough products at sherwin-williams.com
"Venetian Shine in ½ the Time"

StucoLux, Faux Effects® next generation in Venetian Plasters. Imagine a substance that has personality, depth, color and beauty, suggesting a wide range from Old World character to Contemporary Deco.
The StucoLux plastering system offers stop & start capabilities, fast production with super high gloss… a must for maximum profit!

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PEEL AWAY® 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover
Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover has been the #1 Choice of Professionals who perform Historic Restoration and Lead Paint Abatement for over 25 years. Peel Away® 1 is an environmentally safe method for removing up to 30 Coats of oil-based lead paints in a single application. Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover "Now" includes Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer, pH Test Kit, Peel Away Paper, Alkaline Paste, Peel Away Tool and Simplified Instructions for all customer types. The introduction of Peel Away® 1 was the industry’s "first" safe paint removal system and an effective alternative to open flames, heat guns, sanding and traditional blasting methods while minimizing or eliminating containment procedures. By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated.
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From the Blogosphere
Pending Home Sales Increase to Highest Level Since 2010 Home Buyer Tax Credit
The Pending Home Sales Index, a forward-looking indicator based on signed contracts, increased 2.4 percent in July 2012 to 101.7 from 99.3 in June. The July 2012 PHSI was 12.4 percent higher than the same period a year ago. READ NOW  
Color of the Week: Moss Green ICS 11-4
Light moss green is a versatile shade that can be soothing and warm or bright and energizing depending on the room you use it in and the colors you combine it with. It can give kitchens a warm country feel, or add soft color to a transitional style living room. READ NOW  
Grading the Installation Quality of Insulation
Six years ago, RESNET published a major revision of the HERS Standards, officially named the 2006 Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards. One important new feature in the standards was the grading of insulation installation quality. READ NOW  
On Shutters and Water Management
How to tell good shutters from bad shutters - and what you can learn from water stains on siding
Clear Your Desk to Start Fresh
I coach many small business owners and a recurring theme seems to be around getting organized enough to make time to actually be able to do the things we put on their action plans. READ NOW  

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See how Big Stretch caulking outstretches the competition!
Big Stretch caulk won’t crack -it just stretches.
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Workshops include: How to Train a Multinational / Multigenerational Workforce; Team Building through the COPs; Using Epoxy & Borates to Repair & Preserve Wood; Restoration of Antique Finishes….
September 21 and 22
Knowledge Test
1. A random match wall covering:
2. The two hour rating is maintained if fire barrier caulking is substituted for regular painter’s caulking when applied around a metal door frame connecting the frame and the gypsum wall board substrates in a fire wall.
3. A company reviews last year’s results and finds that for every $1,000 in sales, there was $600 in variable costs. If total sales were $200,000 and fixed costs were $50,000, what was the pre-tax profit?
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