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  September 13
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By now, we see the yellow buses most everywhere ferrying kids to and from school. In days of old, in between subtraction and reading, did you ever wonder if all those people driving to work had fun? Most young people’s career exposure is through their parents professional enthusiasm or lack there of. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
SMART is a Zero VOC system for priming & repairing walls before painting, and for saving energy by sealing your home from air drafts. SMART stain-hide primer sealer, SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant, and SMART non-shrink wall-fix spackling form a complete, high performance system of wall repair and prep before painting.
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Launching Angry Birds
Ever work with someone who gets mad at you? We are not talking about the colleague who occasionally gets upset; we are describing the steady rage warrior. Maybe they raised their voice, yelled, and/or just said stuff that made people feel inadequate or intentionally found personal faults. "Wow, you look like you had a rough night"; or "either your pants shrank or you gained weight". Although the personal harassment chatter may not always be understood as anger, it usually is. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
KILZ PRO-X paints are formulated for professional painters. We have partnered with Pro Painters for decades, Pro’s know when color, scrubs, sprayability and touch-up matter… who else would we ask? Come try what we’ve built together. KILZ PRO-X paints, painter approved and only available at the Home Depot.
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Don’t Get Lost, Make Money
With the onward march of technology, everyday life and even work may be very different in the future. Although the gray haired generation may be challenged to fold a road map, the younger crew may never need to learn how to read one. Global Positioning Service equipment will soon kiss the old guys driving around denying that their lost good bye. A simple device can now guide people somewhere were they want to go whether or not they have ever been.
Industry News & Market Trends
Graco Launches ProShot® II Handheld Paint Sprayer
Graco Inc. today announced the launch of the ProShot® II cordless airless handheld sprayer. The new ProShot II professional paint sprayer includes features that make spraying small interior, exterior and specialty jobs faster and easier. READ NOW        
Creative Safety Free OSHA Floor Marking Guide
The free OSHA Floor Marking Guide through Creative Safety Supply will deliver all the information regarding compliance to OSHA standards for marking floors.
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Fresh Coat Painters Franchise
When businessman Tony Campanella learned about the Fresh Coat Painters business model, he knew its system would work well in the Erie, Pa., area. He has launched his franchise to serve not only residential clients, but … READ NOW        
Fypon - stainable woodgrain pieces
Preservation and restoration of older buildings can be tricky. Contractor Steve Roth recently used new technology urethane products to completely renovate the porch on a Civil War era home… READ NOW        
The Home Depot Foundation Pledges Additional $50 Million To Veterans’ Housing Initiatives
Today, The Home Depot® Foundation announced that it has surpassed the three-year $30 million pledge it made in 2011 to veterans’ housing initiatives more than a year ahead of schedule. READ NOW        
Shearer Painting/Fine Paints of Europe
Shearer Painting will soon be one of the few organizations in the nation to be certified in the use of Fine Paints of Europe. According to the Fine Paints’ Certified Painting Contractor Program… READ NOW        
Why and How to Register Your Small Business
Keeping an eye on the legal and regulatory requirements of simply being in business is a constant struggle for small business owners. READ NOW        
101 Best New Products for 2012
Winners include a fold-away glass shower system, full-surface induction cooktop, and drainable housewrap READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Graco’s Made in the USA Promotion!
Back by Popular Demand!
Purchase one of Graco's best selling electric or gas sprayers and get up to $100 CASH BACK or FREE TIPS! This offer is available August 1 through October 31, 2012. Please see your distributor for complete details.
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The new BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is a self-priming, zero VOC, low odor coating that seals uncoated and previously painted surfaces without the need for a separate primer. Featuring a faster drying 100% acrylic formula, the improved line allows projects to be completed more quickly, so recoats can occur sooner.
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Introducing Emerald™ Interior and Exterior Paints
Revolutionary quality with industry-leading sustainability. No zero VOC paint delivers richer color with ultimate hide and durability. And thanks to our new breakthrough colorants, you can tint Emerald to any color - without adding VOCs. Nothing surpasses the performance of Emerald.
Learn more about these breakthrough products at
"Venetian Shine in ½ the Time"

StucoLux, Faux Effects® next generation in Venetian Plasters. Imagine a substance that has personality, depth, color and beauty, suggesting a wide range from Old World character to Contemporary Deco.
The StucoLux plastering system offers stop & start capabilities, fast production with super high gloss… a must for maximum profit!
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PEEL AWAY® 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover
Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover has been the #1 Choice of Professionals who perform Historic Restoration and Lead Paint Abatement for over 25 years. Peel Away® 1 is an environmentally safe method for removing up to 30 Coats of oil-based lead paints in a single application. Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover "Now" includes Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer, pH Test Kit, Peel Away Paper, Alkaline Paste, Peel Away Tool and Simplified Instructions for all customer types. The introduction of Peel Away® 1 was the industry’s "first" safe paint removal system and an effective alternative to open flames, heat guns, sanding and traditional blasting methods while minimizing or eliminating containment procedures. By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated. READ NOW        
From the Blogosphere
The Employment Situation for August - Wrong Again NAHB
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Employment Situation report for August today. Nonfarm payroll employment extended its troublingly lackluster streak adding a meager 96 thousand jobs, down from a revised 141 thousand last month. READ NOW  
Build Customer Relationships with Email Marketing
For small businesses just getting started with marketing or even more established businesses who want to build better relationships with their customers, email marketing is one of the excellent tools business owners should consider. READ NOW  
Easy Updates: Color Dipping!
Color dipping is a great way to update chairs and tables that may be feeling a little ho-hum. You can give traditional furniture a modern twist by color dipping the legs in a bright color like pink or turquoise. You could also repaint the entire piece in a fresh new color combination for a completely new look. READ NOW  
Customer Relationship Management Programs
After over three years of test driving dozens of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs, I’ve decided to endorse my two favorites: Pipeline Deals and Base CRM. This week’s blog will be focusing on Pipeline Deals: the Pros & Cons of this cloud CRM. READ NOW  

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See how Big Stretch caulking outstretches the competition!
Big Stretch caulk won’t crack -it just stretches.
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Knowledge Test
1. Backer rods, a foam-like material, are used to control caulk depth and to prevent:
2. PEL stands for paint exposure limit.
3. An old decorative technique, referred to as "scumbling" is:
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