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          May 1
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Some people do not take time to celebrate earth day, but consider putting left and right aside and be appreciative of our swirling and round watery ball. And be optimistic that each person can make a difference; recycle, re-use and avoid wasteful living when possible. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
KILZ PRO-X paints are formulated for professional painters. We have partnered with Pro Painters for decades, Pro’s know when color, scrubs, sprayability and touch-up matter… who else would we ask? Come try what we’ve built together. KILZ PRO-X paints, painter approved and only available at the Home Depot.
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How to Hurt an Industry
Have you noticed that the politically correct horde breeds entitled, unproductive people? The everyone gets a trophy crowd are mostly useless when it comes to work ethic. This we deserve equal recognition and treatment for just showing up attitude does not make sense to anyone who has put the time in to identify and accomplish a goal. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
FrogTape® is the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology. PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed. The result: Very sharp paint lines and less time spent on touch-ups!
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The Cat is out of the Bag
If one hundred paint professionals work to complete a rather large project, what percentage will actually complete the most work? Will each tradesman produce equally? Many believe that the average craftsman produces a typical amount each day (if not, employees would get canned). Let’s consider most things being equal as far as experience and training goes, and the project tasks are uncomplicated; just walls and trim. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Rx-35 Sealer/Primer repairs torn drywall to create a wall surface that can be spackled, painted or hung with wallcovering. It is also the perfect primer for sealing skim coats, spackling, residual wallpaper paste, popcorn ceilings, or contractor’s flat paint.
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Industry News & Market Trends
Construction Materials Prices Flat In March But Spikes In Key Items Leave Contractors Vulnerable As Their Pricing Remains Flat
Prices Decrease for Diesel Fuel and Construction Metals, While Costs Continue Rising for Building Construction Materials Such As Lumber and Plywood, Gypsum, Plastics and Paint READ NOW        
MyEnergi Lifestyle’s Products to Be Featured in Homebuilder’s ZeroHouse 2.0 Model Home
Ford Motor and KB home model house may achieve an energy reduction as much as 60% READ NOW        
Recyling is giving old paint new life
Recycling paint may become the new normal READ NOW        
High Performance Semiconductor Spray Paint Could Be a Game Changer for Organic Electronics
A smart paint that can be spray applied may create the next generation of TV monitors READ NOW        
This Household Name Has Increased Its Dividend 34 Years In A Row
SW company has a 34 year streak of increased stock dividends. READ NOW        
Graco’s Earnings Beat Estimate - Analyst Blog
Graco’s 1st qtr gross margin came in at 56%; the contractor segment increased 8% year over year grossing 77.6 million READ NOW        
Preval Fuels Growth In The Global Surface Repair And Finishes Industry
Preval is continually developing innovative new products that drive exceptional sales growth for retailers and distributors. READ NOW        
Duck® Brand and The Avengers Assemble for New Duck Tape® Print
Marvel’s Heroic Characters Unite With Reliable Strength of Duck® Brand Duct Tape READ NOW        
Falling Off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely
OSHA’s ladder safety booklet READ NOW        
Nonresidential Fixed Investment in Structures Slips 0.3 Percent in First Quarter 2013
Evidence that the nation’s economy is being fueled by consumer purchases READ NOW        
Valspar Expands Pro Paint Program with Lowe’s to Meet the Demands of Professional Painters
The Valspar Corporation recently announced an expanded retail paint program, now available at Lowe’s READ NOW        
Scientists Develop a Unique Adaptive Material Inspired by the Liquid Film that Coats Our Eyes
A team of researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has developed a new dynamic material. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Preval is transforming the art and science of painting through the power of spray technology. The company’s award-winning Preval Sprayer, vFan Airbrush and vGrip ergonomic handle consistently deliver flawless, precise result while bringing portability and comfort to jobs of all sizes, in any environment.
Find out why professional painters depend on Preval.
Norton Premium 5X Sponges
The super-sharp abrasive and new coating method of Norton Premium 5X Sponges resist clogging, cut faster and last longer than general sanding sponges and up to 5X life of conventional sandpaper. Maximum versatility and flexibility on curved, contoured or flat surfaces of wood, metal, paint, plastic, and drywall. Premium performance, better value.
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Sherwin-Williams NEW Enhanced Harmony®
Harmony, long known for its premium performance in a zero VOC formula, now contains formaldehyde reducing technology in the flat and eg-shel sheens which helps promote better indoor air quality by reducing VOCs from possible sources like insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabrics.
Discover Enhanced Harmony
The Mi-T-M CW Premium Series Cold Water Pressure Washer
The Mi-T-M CW Premium Series cold water, belt-driven, gasoline pressure washer is coined the "Workhorse" by loyal Mi-T-M customers. This robust unit is designed with a ¼-inch steel base-plate--unlike any other unit on the market! Mi-T-M Corporation, located in Peosta, Iowa, has been manufacturing quality products since 1971. Visit their website at www.mitm.com.         
Announcing SetCoat® Metallics New, Dynamic Color Line Up!
Brush, Roll or Spray… the great, smooth coverage of classic SetCoat® in a wide array of 32 metallic traditional and design trend colors to expand to any finisher, painter contractor, or designer’s desires!
*Available in two sheens, our standard satin and matte finish!!
SetCoat® Metallics are specially formulated for basecoats and accent coatings with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. Exquisite dense, deep coverage. SetCoat® Metallics are the recommended base for creating any classic decorative finish or dramatic accents. It is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

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From the Blogosphere
My WordPress Blog is Mobile
My blog is mobile, is yours? I’ve downloaded the WordPress App for IOS to my iPad and added my Advisors On Target blog to the app, which makes it even easier to blog on the go. This is an important step in letting go of being tied to an office or desktop, or even a laptop to get my work done and communicate with my audience of clients, prospective clients, business partners and friends. READ NOW  
Remodelers’ Confidence Dips in the First Quarter
Conditions in the remodeling market dipped in the first quarter, according to NAHB’s survey of professional remodelers, as the overall Remodeling Market Index (RMI) derived from the survey fell six points to 49. Prior to that, the RMI had been generally trending upward, albeit with significant quarter-to-quarter fluctuations. READ NOW
2013 Spring Dunn-Edwards Designer Events
Attention designers and architects! Want to learn all about 2013 color trends while networking with fellow designers and contractors? Then be sure to attend one of our upcoming Designer Events. READ NOW  
Kitchen Colors: Hot or Cold?
Choosing the right kitchen colors can be very tricky. Oftentimes kitchens have an open layout, which means whatever colors you have in the kitchen can be seen from other rooms of the home, like the entryway or living room. If your kitchen colors clash with the other colors used in your home, you can have a problem. READ NOW  
Which Comes First, The Color or The Furnishing?
It is very much the question of the chicken or the egg that we all grew up with. In the painting world, especially here at Brooks Painting, part of our job is to help our clients with choosing their colors for their painting project. The easy part for most of our clients is choosing the company to apply the paint, and the stressful part is choosing the colors. READ NOW  
Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua and Benjamin Moore Atrium White
This fun and happy playroom from The Cul-de-sac is painted Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua with all of the trim painted Benjamin Moore Atrium White. What terrific colors, and it looks like every little girl’s dream space! READ NOW

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