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          August 30
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This issue has a follow up snippet related to the recent Gang of Five and American Paint Manufacturers commentaries. The list of recent acquisitions and factory producers that no longer formulate the bright stuff is in Paint Makers of the Past. It may be fun to see if you remember any of the bygone brands and unique products. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Manor Hall Exterior
Based on the proprietary technology PPG developed for car bumpers and golf balls, MANOR HALL® premium exterior paint features MANORSHIELD® which provides a flexible film that withstands the elements, keeping dirt and contaminants from getting under the paint film. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
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Paint Makers of the Past
During the process of putting together American Paint Manufacturers, we came across quite a few companies that are gone, as well as a substantial group that are no longer independent. Check out the following below, partial list of architectural paint and coating makers that have been acquired or are no longer operating. Not many closed because of poor quality; most made excellent products, but sold or were closed for one reason or another. We went back to the 1970s to find the first group. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Get a Free Upgrade to a larger sprayer while you pay the smaller sprayer price. EXAMPLE: PAY for a Titan Impact 740 and get a FREE UPGRADE to an Impact 840 which saves you up to $1,000! Click here to get the details and upgrade to a Titan sprayer and get… MORE POWER. MORE VOLUME. MORE VALUE.
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Painting Pro’s Perspective
Painting Pro’s Perspective: Staying in Shape
Little by little, day after day, and just like us, companies are affected by the aging process. Over time, established, solid organizations can grow paunchy middles or outright fat bellies. As far as beach ready builds are concerned, we know that lifestyle and genetics play key roles, but in order to stay trim, adjustments must be made. The stuffed jiggles add cost and can nonchalantly ease mature businesses back in market position. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Better Hide. Low Cost.
Get more done faster while putting more money in you pocket with this high-hide commercial grade paint for professional painters. Reformulated for even greater hide, improved sprayability and easier touch-ups. Compare the performance and cost to your current brand of paint.
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Industry News & Market Trends
OSHA signs alliance, creates Web page to protect safety and health of female construction workers
The alliance will focus on musculoskeletal and sanitation hazards and issues related to poorly-fitting personal protective equipment. READ NOW        
US Department of Labor’s OSHA announces proposed rule to protect workers exposed to crystalline silica
The proposal seeks to lower worker exposure to crystalline silica, which kills hundreds of workers and sickens thousands more each year. READ NOW        
New Wooster-Exclusive Fabric Technology in Two Roller Brands
Rollers featuring HydroFlow technology offer consistent release for creating even mil thickness throughout the painting project! READ NOW        
Lead paint: All over but the lawsuits
As if California and its municipalities were not already making life difficult for businesses and taxpayers, the Golden State’s courts could pile on too. READ NOW        
Lead paint defense witness attacks plaintiffs witness’ research
Garabrant said he did not agree with findings of the National Toxicology Program READ NOW        
Baltimore Housing Agency Pays $6.8M Lead Judgments
The authority announced Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has approved the payments and they were delivered last week. READ NOW        
Integrity Supply, Inc. Now Offers Top Quality Wooster Paint Buckets to its Customers
These buckets are quite suitable and efficient in ridding roller cover of excess paint, overfilling of the cover, and much more. READ NOW        
Rue La La And Benjamin Moore Collaborate To Create Color Inspiration For The Fall Season
Exclusively Curated Benjamin Moore Color Palettes Spark Imagination and Creativity for Design in Key Areas in the Home READ NOW        
Higher Mortgage Rates Prompt Pause in New-Home Sales in July
Sales of newly built, single-family homes declined 13.4 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 394,000 units READ NOW        
The regulatory tidal wave surges forward
NFIB Obama’s regulatory tidal wave is surging forward… "Small businesses need relief from excessive red tape more than ever…" READ NOW        
Researchers Develop Antibacterial Coating Inspired by Polyphenols Found in Tea, Chocolate and Wine
A simple kitchen sink experiment helped Northwestern University researchers discover that green tea leaves not only can be used to steep a good cup of tea, but they make an excellent antibacterial coating, too. READ NOW        
Berkeley Lab’s Researchers Develop Thin Coating to Make Smart Windows Even Smarter
The material is a thin coating of nanocrystals embedded in glass that can dynamically modify sunlight as it passes through a window. READ NOW        
Hearts and Hands for Habitat
Celebrity supporters create colorful handprints for auction benefiting Habitat For Humanity’s Disaster Response program. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Preval Spray Equipment is used for portable professional use - designed for small surface repairs and projects.
•  Preval products are USA made, easy to use, clean, and maintain. Try our disposable sprayer or a high-end vFan spray system for all types of coatings, finishes and applications
Find out why professional painters depend on Preval.
TuffWall™ Premium Texture Finish
Hides imperfections and provides long-lasting appeal with Tuff Wall. Airless or conventional spray application delivers knockdown, splatter or orange peel texture. This coating stays where it is sprayed and can be applied to create a level 5 basecoat, providing a dramatic, high-end and durable new look to any interior space.
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Faux Effects® SetCoat® Metallics
Dynamic Color Line Up is just MAGIC!
Brush, Roll or Spray… the great, smooth coverage of classic SetCoat® in a wide array of 32 metallic traditional and design trend colors to expand to any finisher, painter contractor, or designer’s desires!
*Available in two sheens, our standard satin and matte finish
SetCoat® Metallics are specially formulated for basecoats and accent coatings with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. Exquisite dense, deep coverage. SetCoat® Metallics are the recommended base for creating any classic decorative finish or dramatic accents. It is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

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Introducing the Titan™ FlexSpray™ "The Multi-Tool for Painting Pros"
The Titan FlexSpray puts the power of an airless and the control of HVLP in to one versatile sprayer. FlexSpray was designed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings on multiple applications and has easy to use features like an adjustable spray pattern and quick change front ends. Just pull the trigger and your Interior, Exterior or Fine Finishing project will finish with ease. Click here for more         
From the Blogosphere
White Pattern + Light in Architecture
PATRICIA GRAY INC is an internationally acclaimed interior design firm in Vancouver. Great design and a life well-lived is our tireless pursuit. Here, we write about lifestyle and WHAT’S HOT in the world of design, travel, art and architecture. READ NOW
How to Caulk Molding After Painting Walls
Sometimes it might work out that you need to caulk and paint newly installed molding after painting a wall. It’s no secret you can tape and get clean lines with paint, but did you know you can do the same with caulk? It’s easy! You just have to wait long enough for the caulk to set on the outside, but not so long that it peels off with the tape. With my method you only have to tape ONCE for both the caulking and painting. READ NOW  
7th Annual Charity Paint
This past Sunday was the Brooks Painting 7th annual Charity Paint Give-Away. This year’’ recipient was the Yolo Community Care Continuum (YCCC) Safe Harbor House in Woodland, CA. In brief, Yolo Community Care Continuum is a non-profit organization established to better the lives of people with a mental illness through direct services, advocacy, education and volunteer efforts. READ NOW  
The Season of Blue
One summer on vacation at the Greek Islands a couple of my cousins decided to drive up to the summit at Tinos a Greek island with mountainous terrain. Looking out the window as we approached our destination; the beautiful sky and water meet, lost in the horizon, blue is all around. READ NOW  
GDP Growth in the Second Quarter, Second Estimate – Gaining Strength
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the second estimate of real GDP growth for the second quarter of 2013. Real GDP grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.5%, revised up from the advance estimate last month of 1.7% second quarter growth. READ NOW  
Thanks When You Get a No Thanks
It can be rather discouraging when you lose a job that you think you are going to get. I’ve been there many times. The sales process is moving along just great and then, out of the blue, the prospect goes with someone else. Typically it might end with, "Thanks for the time but we went with someone else." Do you typically respond when you get a "No thanks" response? READ NOW  
Colorscopes: What Your Favorite Colors Say About You
Did you know? There is an entire psychology around the world of color! Researchers have spent years trying to understand the role color plays on the human psyche. It has been proven that people react differently to specific colors; why this is, is still to be discovered. READ NOW

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