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   September 13
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Get ready to start the end of 2013. The fall will soon be here and that means the third quarter is coming to a close. Besides having the calendar to remind us of the pending quarter and subsequent year end, some of us watch the trees as a visual queue. The leaves lose the green and burst into natural kaleidoscope palette with wild reds, yellows, oranges, and some darker plums and coffee browns. Other than blues, trees do a spectacular job of mixing colors. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Manor Hall Exterior
Based on the proprietary technology PPG developed for car bumpers and golf balls, MANOR HALL® premium exterior paint features MANORSHIELD® which provides a flexible film that withstands the elements, keeping dirt and contaminants from getting under the paint film. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
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Today’s definition of paint craftsmanship is different from what it was many years ago, for hundreds actually. Back in the days of the original European Guilds, most apprentices were adolescents that worked to learn and gain experience; without pay. In addition, the Master craftsman concept was well recognized among the construction industry, customers and the general public. More importantly, the ultimate paint trade designation was a difficult, sought after achievement, which garnered universal respect. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Get a Free Upgrade to a larger sprayer while you pay the smaller sprayer price. EXAMPLE: PAY for a Titan Impact 740 and get a FREE UPGRADE to an Impact 840 which saves you up to $1,000! Click here to get the details and upgrade to a Titan sprayer and get… MORE POWER. MORE VOLUME. MORE VALUE.
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Application Innovation
Take a look around the shop or job and see what makes life in the paint and coating application business easier on the average day. Name the all-time item that changed the industry. There are several things that immediately come to mind, but to provide some perspective, let’s consider life in general first. What has provided ease of living and some measure of joy for the everyday person? The challenge and exercise here is to not take things for granted. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
High Hide. Low Cost.
Get more done faster while putting more money in you pocket with this high-hide commercial grade paint for professional painters. Reformulated for even better hide, improved sprayability and easier touch-ups. Compare the performance and cost to your current brand of paint.
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Industry News & Market Trends
ASTM Develops New Standard, ASTM D7868, to Determine Dry Fall Properties of Protective Coating
A new ASTM International standard will be used to substantiate manufacturers’ claims on the inherent dry fall characteristics of coating materials such as paint. READ NOW        
US Demand for Paint and Coatings to Reach 1.5 Billion Gallons in 2017, Predicts ReportLinker
This will be a notable improvement over the volume declines recorded during the 2007-2012 period. READ NOW        
Construction Employment Gains Remain Spotty in July
Wyoming and California Have Best 12-Month Increases in Employment, While South Dakota and Indiana Have Worst Annual Losses; Kentucky and Florida Have Biggest One-Month Gains, Montana and Ohio Lag READ NOW        
Seventy Four Percent of Construction Firms Report Having Trouble Finding Qualified Workers
Nationwide Survey Finds Most Firms Worry There Are Not Enough Craft Workers Available to Meet Growing Demand for Construction as Officials Call for Immigration and Education Reform to Help READ NOW        
Appeals Court Again Rules Against Biased NLRB Poster Rule
Today’s decision comes on the heels of an Aug. 12 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to deny a similar NLRB request. READ NOW        
ABC and Safety Coalition Concerned with OSHA’s Proposed Crystalline Silica Rule
On Aug. 23, OSHA proposed drastically lowering the existing permissible exposure limit (PEL) for silica READ NOW        
Dunn-Edwards Introduces Everest™ Interior Line of Ultra Premium, Self-Priming, Zero VOC Paint
These new ultra-premium interior paints are ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, hospitality… READ NOW        
BEHR Paints Introduces 2014 Color Trends Featuring Four Eye-Catching Themes and 20 Unique Hues
With the influence of history, hobbies and the impact of nature, Behr addresses the diverse needs of its consumers by providing an extensive range of intriguing color palettes and décor styles to serve as creative inspiration for do-it-yourself projects. READ NOW        
2014 Color Forecast
The state of color is always fluid, rushing forward and gathering influences from the world around us. We survey these swirling currents to capture a picture. READ NOW        
PANTONE® VIEW home + interiors 2014
In this complex and information-laden world, there is a multiplicity of resources that inform color and design directions. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Preval Spray Equipment is used for portable professional use - designed for small surface repairs and projects.
•  Preval products are USA made, easy to use, clean, and maintain. Try our disposable sprayer or a high-end vFan spray system for all types of coatings, finishes and applications
Find out why professional painters depend on Preval.
Sherwin-Williams ProDiscounts™ Savings Program
With ProDiscounts, painting professionals can take advantage of simplified pricing and everyday discounts including 15% off list price on painting supplies and 20% off list price on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items. Contact your store or representative for details today and let the savings begin.
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Faux Effects® SetCoat® Metallics
Dynamic Color Line Up is just MAGIC!
Brush, Roll or Spray… the great, smooth coverage of classic SetCoat® in a wide array of 32 metallic traditional and design trend colors to expand to any finisher, painter contractor, or designer’s desires!
*Available in two sheens, our standard satin and matte finish
SetCoat® Metallics are specially formulated for basecoats and accent coatings with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. Exquisite dense, deep coverage. SetCoat® Metallics are the recommended base for creating any classic decorative finish or dramatic accents. It is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

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Introducing the Titan™ FlexSpray™ "The Multi-Tool for Painting Pros"
The Titan FlexSpray puts the power of an airless and the control of HVLP in to one versatile sprayer. FlexSpray was designed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings on multiple applications and has easy to use features like an adjustable spray pattern and quick change front ends. Just pull the trigger and your Interior, Exterior or Fine Finishing project will finish with ease. Click here for more         
From the Blogosphere
New Index Shows Regulation High in New England, Pacific States
A recent study is the first to construct an annual measure of housing supply regulations for the contiguous United States. The new housing supply regulation index constructed by Peter Ganong and Daniel Shoag examines the scaled count of state appeals court decisions that mention "land use." States with a higher share of court decisions mentioning "land use" are thought to have more restrictive housing supply regulations. READ NOW  
White Pattern + Light in Architecture
PATRICIA GRAY INC is an internationally acclaimed interior design firm in Vancouver. Great design and a life well-lived is our tireless pursuit. Here, we write about lifestyle and WHAT’S HOT in the world of design, travel, art and architecture. READ NOW
Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige
I’m back from our beach trip vacation with an amazing sunroom renovation from Living and Learning with Luisa. (I’ll share all of our vacation details over on Involving Home soon). I just love those curtains, especially because they are no sew which is right up my ally. And that coffered ceiling! Stunning. The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige. READ NOW  
It’s All in the Detail
We’ve all told ourselves that when it comes to painting interior walls, as long as you can roll color, you can do a good job of painting. I’m here to dispute that. I’ve gone into many homes and the first thing I see on a really bad paint job is what the painting industry refers to as holidays. Holidays are areas where you can see that they missed putting a second coat, or it didn’t cover well. READ NOW  
Nature Versus Nurture: Style Inspirations
The age old debate: nature versus nurture. How much of our taste is based on what we grew up with, versus our nature? Growing up my parents decorated their house with a mix of Mexican and Modern art in a 1920′s East Coast craftsman house (sounds strange, but it totally worked). My parents’ style and tastes are products of their histories. They grew up when modern furniture was all the rage - and affordable. READ NOW
Should You Pay Review Sites Advertising Fees?
Yelp. Angie’s List. Google. Review sites are a reality of doing business. They’re a vital portion of the local SEO process and they’re an important source of sales. Yet, at times, they can be very destructive to a business. Some sites, Yelp in particular, seem to aggressively filter out any positive review while placing malicious, negative, and even defamatory reviews right at the top of the pile. READ NOW  

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Titan Tip Technology
Titan introduces The Industry’s Newest Tip Technology.
Worlds first hybrid touch-up system
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