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   September 30

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We have a Painting Pro’s Perspective, 2014 - Three Tough Threats, which describes the very real possibility of contractors facing stormy conditions ahead. One of the potential threats is another round of material price acceleration. It was not too long ago that manufacturers uniformly increased costs blaming the up-charges on a shortage of titanium dioxide. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Manor Hall Exterior
Based on the proprietary technology PPG developed for car bumpers and golf balls, MANOR HALL® premium exterior paint features MANORSHIELD® which provides a flexible film that withstands the elements, keeping dirt and contaminants from getting under the paint film. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
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Sherwin-Williams Comex Redo
In November of 2012, the Sherwin-Williams Company announced the acquisition of the Comex companies for $2.34 billion. However, Mexican regulators put a stop to the deal on the south of the border parts. This included manufacturing, distribution, research and development, the Comex brand and a 3,000 store dealer network. Apparently, the Mexican company components are the real jewel of the purchase, because Sherwin-Williams has acquired the American and Canadian Comex assets for a smallish $165 million; $90 million in cash and $75 million in debt. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Get a Free Upgrade to a larger sprayer while you pay the smaller sprayer price. EXAMPLE: PAY for a Titan Impact 740 and get a FREE UPGRADE to an Impact 840 which saves you up to $1,000! Click here to get the details and upgrade to a Titan sprayer and get… MORE POWER. MORE VOLUME. MORE VALUE.
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Painting Pro’s Perspective
Painting Pro’s Perspective, 2014 - Three Tough Threats
On the horizon, there are a few jeopardizing developments that may affect paint and coating application professionals to a greater degree than other construction industry owners. Many small business experts declare that dealing with people is an owner’s most tiring task, and can be compared to climbing an endless mountain. Others, in the coaching corner, say managing a balance between cash flow, growth and credit lines/limits is a growing enterprise’s most trying undertaking; akin to hiking in a swamp puddled with quicksand. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
High Hide. Low Cost.
Get more done faster while putting more money in you pocket with this high-hide commercial grade paint for professional painters. Reformulated for even better hide, improved sprayability and easier touch-ups. Compare the performance and cost to your current brand of paint.
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Industry News & Market Trends
Imaginations of the future urban landscape is almost always inextricably linked to an idea of a different use of the vertical space. READ NOW        
Former lead paint, pigment manufacturers say Calif. plaintiffs failed to prove their case
The defendants in a six-week trial over lead paint contend, in filings late Friday, that the plaintiffs have not proven their case. READ NOW        
Seventy-Four Percent Of Construction Firms Report Having Trouble Finding Qualified Workers Amid Growing Labor Shortages
Nationwide Survey Finds Most Firms Worry There Are Not Enough Craft Workers Available to Meet Growing Demand for Construction as Officials Call for Immigration and Education Reform to Help READ NOW        
Study Finds Individual Tax Rates Have Strong Impact on Business Activity
A study completed by the Tax Foundation found that, with pass-through businesses surpassing traditional corporations in number, individual tax rates with higher burdens… READ NOW        
ABC Pelican Chapter President Testifies on Importance of Career and Technical Education in Construction
In testimony today before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Early Childhood... READ NOW        
ACA’s PaintCare® Pilot Program in Oregon Marks its Third Anniversary
Sept. 3, PaintCare submitted its annual report for the program to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). READ NOW        
New Energy Expands the Use of its SolarWindow™ Coatings to Include Commercial and Military Aircraft
These products are the result of several new inventions for commercial and military aircraft, and the safety and security of military pilots. READ NOW        
Sherwin-Williams is still optimistic about acquiring Comex, despite Mexican regulators’ concerns
Sherwin-Williams Co. executives said they’re "aggressively" reaching out to the Mexican regulators who voted against their plans to acquire Mexican paint company READ NOW        
Sherwin-Williams Completes Acquisition of Comex U.S./Canada Business
The Sherwin-Williams Company announced it has completed the acquisition of the U.S./Canada business of Consorcio Comex, S.A. de C.V. READ NOW        
Benjamin Moore Kicks Off Nyack Painting Project
Nyack Mayor Jen White and Benjamin Moore President and CEO Robert Merritt shared a brush to put the first strokes of paint on the exterior of Irini Wednesday morning… READ NOW        
Graco Announces Regular Quarterly Dividend
The Board of Directors of Graco Inc. has declared a regular quarterly dividend of 25 cents per common share, payable on November 6, 2013, to shareholders… READ NOW        
Insider Selling: Valspar Corp. Director Sells 1,000 Shares of Stock (VAL)
Valspar Corp. Director Mae Jemison unloaded 1,000 shares of the company’s stock on the open market in a transaction that occurred on Wednesday, September 18th. READ NOW        
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Product Introductions
Preval Spray Equipment is used for portable professional use - designed for small surface repairs and projects.
•  Preval products are USA made, easy to use, clean, and maintain. Try our disposable sprayer or a high-end vFan spray system for all types of coatings, finishes and applications
Find out why professional painters depend on Preval.
Sherwin-Williams ProDiscounts™ Savings Program
With ProDiscounts, painting professionals can take advantage of simplified pricing and everyday discounts including 15% off list price on painting supplies and 20% off list price on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items. Contact your store or representative for details today and let the savings begin.
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Faux Effects® SetCoat® Metallics
Dynamic Color Line Up is just MAGIC!
Brush, Roll or Spray… the great, smooth coverage of classic SetCoat® in a wide array of 32 metallic traditional and design trend colors to expand to any finisher, painter contractor, or designer’s desires!
*Available in two sheens, our standard satin and matte finish
SetCoat® Metallics are specially formulated for basecoats and accent coatings with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. Exquisite dense, deep coverage. SetCoat® Metallics are the recommended base for creating any classic decorative finish or dramatic accents. It is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

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Introducing the Titan™ FlexSpray™ "The Multi-Tool for Painting Pros"
The Titan FlexSpray puts the power of an airless and the control of HVLP in to one versatile sprayer. FlexSpray was designed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings on multiple applications and has easy to use features like an adjustable spray pattern and quick change front ends. Just pull the trigger and your Interior, Exterior or Fine Finishing project will finish with ease. Click here for more         
From the Blogosphere
Income Growth Lagging Balance Sheet Improvements
During the second quarter of 2013, household balance sheets improved with increases in home values and reductions in mortgage debt, boosting household net worth. Since the 4th quarter of 2011, the aggregate value of owner-occupied real estate is up nearly $2.8 trillion. READ NOW  
Base CRM Updates Design for New Apple iOS 7
This evening, Base CRM’s latest release for iPhone and iPads hit the Apple Store. I downloaded it and have been testing it out. There were no new features, but they did update the design (interface). It now closely matches the soon to be released iOS 7. READ NOW
White Pattern + Light in Architecture
PATRICIA GRAY INC is an internationally acclaimed interior design firm in Vancouver. Great design and a life well-lived is our tireless pursuit. Here, we write about lifestyle and WHAT’S HOT in the world of design, travel, art and architecture. READ NOW
Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff and Behr Sweet Rhapsody
Bliss in Imperfection did such a cute teal and pink girl’s nursery with the walls painted Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff and the dresser painted Behr Sweet Rhapsody. Head over to see a full room tour and all of her sources! READ NOW  
Don’t waste that leftover paint!
We all know the problem of having too little paint. You’re halfway through completing a room and mid-stroke you realize there is not enough to cover all four walls. You go back to the store and try to have a batch made that matches it perfectly. It takes time out of your day and adds hassle to the process, which is why most of us error on the side of caution and over-purchase the gallons of paint needed for our project. But what do you do with that leftover paint? READ NOW  
Style Your Life: Meet Paige, Sophisticated Taste
Paige prefers the finer things in life. She has worked diligently to earn her elegant surroundings, and she takes pride in her perfectionistic nature. She knows that there is a difference between being shallow-minded and having sophisticated tastes; living your life with balance is an important rule to follow. READ NOW
Home of Distinction Avon, CT
E D Painting is the official painter for the CT Home of Distinction.
Products used Walls : Benjamin Moore Aura Matte
Ceilings: Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint Flat
Trim: Benjamin Moore Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Satin

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