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   November 22

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In much of America, the leaves have fallen, football games are abundant, days are shorter and nighttime is colder. It is time for family and friends to gather as the pilgrims did many years ago and acknowledge the good in our lives. Thanksgiving is a grand tradition where we enjoy congregating around a table, warmly sharing sincere appreciation and feasting on favorite foods. Think about the long hours we spend on the job; remember to recognize the good there and thank work family and friends too. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
A quality Zero VOC latex paint delivering excellent hide and coverage with superior touchup. Application benefits include excellent sprayability, leveling and brush-out is exceptionally smooth. Ideal for paint contractors, remodelers and property management for walls and trim. Dried film is mold & mildew resistant. Green Seal, GREENGUARD & CHPS compliant.
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Regulatory Review
Regulatory Review - OSHA’s December 1st Deadline
In March of 2012, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted an international standard to replace the existing Hazard Communication regulation. The employer training deadline is December 1, 2013, employees must be provided with updated (and verified) instruction for companies to be Haz Comm compliant.
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BehrPro Boosts WEB
BehrPro has upgraded their Web Enabled Business (WEB) service, which allows contractors to design a custom website at no cost. PPT gave a "thumbs up" to the original 2012 offering and now, with added features, every savvy paint professional should check it out. A little more than a year ago, BehrPro unveiled WEB, which is based on an easy, navigable, template design system that has no set-up or hosting fees; no subscription or maintenance costs; and no obligations. Contractors get a free website. READ NOW        
Industry News & Market Trends
The Voice Of Color Program Of PPG Pittsburgh Paints® Brand Forecasts 2014 Color Trends
Expect even more color and creativity with these refreshing trends. Each color has one thing in common - very well-articulated individual expression. READ NOW        
Remodeling market continues to show growth
NARI reports continued uptick in the value of home remodeling projects. READ NOW        
Prevailing Wage Law Costs Michigan Schools $224M Each Year
Michigan’s prevailing wage law costs taxpayers and the state’s public schools millions each year in higher construction costs READ NOW        
Study Finds Corporate-Only Tax Reform Could Hurt Small Businesses
Small businesses that file as individuals don’t benefit from a corporate rate cut but could still lose their tax breaks, placing higher burdens on these businesses. READ NOW        
Eco Building Products Launches Eco Armor - Defensive Paint Jointly with Visions Paint Recycling
Eco Armor complements existing lumber protection by adding valuable UV and moisture protection. READ NOW        
New NanoMarkets Report Says Smart Coatings Market to Reach $3.0 billion by 2018
NanoMarkets believes that smart coatings will do especially well in markets - such as the military - where quality and performance, rather than price, shape purchasing decisions. READ NOW        
Masco Corporation : BehrPro Enhances Web Enabled Business Program To Include Local Marketing Tools For Pros
WEB is a free program for pre-qualified professionals to create customized websites and expand their online presence. READ NOW        
Benjamin Moore slashes veteran employees
The halls at Benjamin Moore’s headquarters are taking on a new tint — and the employees call it "bloodbath." READ NOW        
Paint and Coatings Market: Leading Suppliers’ 2014 Analysis Report
The companies analyzed in this report include AkzoNobel, BASF, DuPont, Henkel, Kansai Paint, Nippon Paint, PPG, RPM, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar. READ NOW        
Valspar trims about 25 jobs in Twin Cities
... an effort to restructure and shift resources, company officials confirmed Friday. READ NOW        
Nano Labs Updates Patent for Next-Generation Nano Paint Coating
Nano Labs is pleased to announce the Company has amended and updated the patent for the Company’s next-generation coating READ NOW        
Regulatory Inc: The Industry of Big Government is Booming
Thanks to partisan fighting and perpetual gridlock, Congress has been unable to accomplish very much legislatively speaking. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Sherwin-Williams® Dry Erase Coating
Sherwin–Williams Dry Erase Coating transforms most walls into a dry erase surface. It’s clear gloss finish allows the wall color to show through. It can be used with any standard dry erase marker, and wipes clean with no ghosting. Designed for application by a professional paint contractor.

Learn more at sherwin-williams.com
Faux Effects® NüVilla™ Elegant and Traditional in Design…
Dynamic Color Line Up is just MAGIC!
NüVilla™ is an extremely versatile creamy, light and smooth decorative finishing medium that dries to an almost flat appearance; a very low sheen without much movement. This new, low VOC plaster product is elegant and traditional in design--perfect for the client who may be apprehensive of decorative finishes and opts for just painted walls. NüVilla™ has subtle, light absorbing qualities that add a soft warmness to any room. An impeccable upgrade!

NüVilla™ also exhibits superior color blending qualities. Because of its velvety smoothness in nature, application on walls and other substrates is a breeze! NüVilla™ is excellent for both the decorative finisher and paint contractor. No burnishing is required and it’s easy to repair!

Available in a tasteful 15 pre-tinted designer color palette and a tint base.

Traditional Timeless Elegance ... NüVilla™ the Perfect Accent to Your Home!

Click here to learn more!       
From the Blogosphere
Voxer, The New Nextel-like App But Better
I used to think Nextel push to talk (walkie talkie) was a very useful and productive tool, when it first came out for contractors. It did get a little annoying when I was on job sites or in meetings and kept hearing construction worker’s phones making loud beeping alerts as I could not help but eavesdrop in on their conversations. It served its purpose at the time. Since the release of the iPhone, Android and Windows phones, Nextel technology is pretty much non existent. READ NOW
Existing Sales Decline
Existing home sales decreased 3.2% in October, but were up 6.0% from the same period a year ago. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported October 2013 total existing home sales at a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.12 million units combined for single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, down from a revised September level of 5.29 million units. READ NOW  
Patricia Gray Art Show at Back Gallery Project
Drawing from her thirty years experience as an internationally renowned interior designer, Patricia Gray has achieved mastery in her field that few can compare with. Lately Patricia has been exploring painting with great success. Her transition into being an accomplished artist is a natural progression for her. Painting with a colour palette that is vivid and rich she draws inspiration from nature and from her travels. READ NOW
Behr Blue Willow and Behr Skipper
Pursuing Vintage did a mudroom makeover by painting the walls Behr Blue Willow and the ceiling one shade darker in Behr Skipper. The room was white before, and I am amazed by what the blue walls and ceiling do to set off the molding. It looks like a completely new space. READ NOW  
Be Charitable Wisely
Once in a while we post a blog that isn’t even about painting or our company but something that we feel is beneficial to our customers. Approaching the season of giving, I believe this information is valuable. READ NOW  
Inspirational Quote for Your Home
Good design does not have to be stuffy or pretentious. Your home is your home, trends should be used as an inspiration. The most beautiful homes are with character unique in their own style. The home made projects has so much potential for design. To treasure your home is to be true to you. Why be a follower? READ NOW

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