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   September 11

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In this issue, we have some interesting News links. AkzoNobel has produced the first completely green paper cup. Not the color, but a fully state of the art, compostable and recyclable modern day chalice. The innovation is a new coating made from plants and recycled plastic bottles. Now we can toast with a paper cup free of environmental guilt. For the professionals who predominately toil in the commercial side of paint and coatings we have a News link describing a historical restoration.
Create a Masterpiece with AkzoNobel and the Van Gogh Museum
Inspired by ten of Vincent van Gogh’s best-loved works, the launch of the paint range builds on AkzoNobel’s sponsorship of the museum’s restoration workshop, where some of the artist’s treasured paintings are being preserved. READ NOW      
Rodda Paint purchases five paint stores from Kelly-Moore Paint in Idaho and Oregon
Rodda Paint is the largest family-owned premium paint manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest located in Portland, Oregon, and part of the Cloverdale Group based in Surrey, British Columbia. Kelly-Moore Paint is located in San Carlos, California with store locations predominantly in California and Texas. READ NOW      
Spotlight On:
From a brand you can trust

100 Series - Production grade paint for hide, sprayability and easy touch-ups
300 Series - Specification-grade paint for exceptional hide, versatility and superior touch-ups.
KILZ PRO-X paints are available at The Home Depot.
To learn more about KILZ PRO-X paints, go to www.kilzpro-x.com
Massachusetts Sets New Standard for Subcontractor Retainage
Massachusetts Lowers Retainage to 5% and Declares Full Payment in 90 Days
Recently, Massachusetts enacted a new law to help protect subcontractors; Chapter 276 of the Acts of 2014, Fair Retainage Payments in Private Construction. Four years in the making, it was a great day for the construction industry of Massachusetts! READ NOW
Veterans From Across the Country Quickly Joining the CertaPro Family
When one typically hears of military-to-civilian career stories, the focus is predominately on the challenges they face when obtaining employment. According to the United States Department of Labor, of the 722,000 unemployed veterans in 2013, 60 percent of them were over the age of 45. READ NOW      
Industry News
AkzoNobel creates the world’s first fully compostable and recyclable paper cup
Thanks to the company’s new pioneering coatings technology EvCote™ Water Barrier 3000 - which itself is made from plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles - restaurants can now select a more sustainable paper cup to serve their cold drinks in. READ NOW       
PPG transformation ‘not a revolution’
The shift from glass and chemicals to coatings was ‘an evolutionary process’ to focus on ‘our best businesses,’ said chairman Charles Bunch READ NOW      
Tnemec Helps Preserve Historic Building
After decades of exposure to fog and moisture intrusion, the historic curtain wall façade of the Hallidie Building in San Francisco, California, needed mending with hundreds of restored or replaced metal components protected by advanced fluoropolymer coatings from Tnemec. READ NOW       
New perspective on microbiological-influenced corrosion of steel in seawater
A study by Australian researchers throws new light on microbiological-influenced corrosion (MIC) of steel in seawater by showing that pitting plays a key role. READ NOW      
Nonresidential Construction Employment Retains Momentum in August
The U.S. construction industry added 20,000 jobs in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Sept. 5 and July’s estimate was revised upward from 22,000 to 31,000 net new jobs. READ NOW      
First National Private Insurance Exchange to Serve the Commercial Construction Industry Begins Offering Firms Coverage Quotes Today
Aetna, MetLife and Group Vision Service to Provide Plans for Firms Looking to Better Manage Costs as Part of the Associated General Contractors of America’s New ‘The AGC Alternative’ Exchange READ NOW       
Apartment and Condominium Housing Index Posts Positive Gains in the Second Quarter
The Multifamily Production Index (MPI) posted a gain of five points to a reading of 58 for the second quarter. It is the 10th straight quarter with a reading of 50 or above. READ NOW       
Courthouse construction crew uses drone for video
Turner Construction, which is building Stockton’s new courthouse, flies a camera-equipped drone over the worksite every several days. The idea is to document the work for marketing and historical purposes. The video is also used to help improve building techniques. READ NOW      
KTA and the Coatings Industry have Lost a Dear Friend
Scott Rice, Vice President and Corporate Business Development Manager of KTA, died in a traffic accident on Interstate 79 near Pittsburgh early Monday morning, September 8, 2014. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Sherwin-Williams Log Home Stain
With a rich, satin finish, this waterborne semi-transparent exterior stain delivers excellent water beading performance while making an elegant first impression. Log Home is an advanced formula, providing the aesthetics and weathering of a varnish with easy application and cleanup to help you deliver premium results faster.
CTA: Learn more at Sherwin-Williams.com.
Faux FX - LusterStone®
LusterStone® is a revolutionary architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective stone-like patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its simplicity, versatility and ease of repair. The nature of the material allows it to be used to create a stunning variety of high/low dimensional finishes that do not require burnishing to obtain designer quality results.
Click for more info
Got leaks? Leak Stopper Clear Patch is your solution for exterior repairs. Leak Stopper Clear Patch seals leaks and gaps, and dries to a clear finish. Use Leak Stopper Clear around doors, windows, skylights and other projections to make "invisible repairs". Leak Stopper also stays flexible and offers great paintability. Visit www.gardner-gibson.com for more about Leak Stopper.         
From the Blogosphere
Early Thoughts on iPhone 6 and Software Updates
As I write this, we are awaiting the arrival of Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 8 upgrade. This will happen in about 1 week (September 17th or 19th). I’ve been testing iOS 8 for the past 3 months and really like it. The best part about iOS 8 over the current version is yet to come. What I mean is that iOS 8 is supposed to be the best update for iOS developers. READ NOW
The Great Delay: Student Loan Debt and Homeownership
A record number of millennials, individuals aged 18 to 34 years, are delaying household formation. This Great Delay, instead of the forbearance of impending doom, may actually be a sign of prudent economic decision making from a generation coming of age during turbulent economic times. Instead of forming a household, many have enrolled in college or stayed in school to pursue a college degree. READ NOW  
Simple White Flower Arrangements
These are some simple white flower arrangements that I use regularly in styling my own home and clients' homes. They are especially effective for a dinner party, are easy to arrange and make you look like an expert interior design stylist. Try some and have fun! READ NOW
Beautiful interior in Mt. Kisco
Paint Track just completed painting a house whose owners asked for a bold, adventurous, and tasteful color scheme and here are the GORGEOUS results! READ NOW  
Brooks Painting Charity Paint 2014
Last Saturday was Brooks Painting’s 8th annual charity paint give-away. This year we donated our services to the Davis Arts Center in Davis, CA. It was a very productive day painting the entire exterior of their building. Our awesome employees worked very hard and it paid off. Here are a couple pictures form our work day. READ NOW  
Reflections of Blue
Blue the hue, a coulure as the French say. Color with many interpretations of international nations. Blue a simple color to blunder. What does blue mean? Why is the ocean blue? Perhaps reflection of earth and sky. As my wise scientist cousin explained. Coulure couture is all around us. As seen in Europe with bright city lights. The warm coulure of French Cafes with tacky decor ignites merriment. READ NOW

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Knowledge Test
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2. What do Thompson’s WaterSeal, Pratt & Lambert and Krylon have in common?
3. How is the sheen of a paint or coating calculated?
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