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     January 16

Welcome to Painting Pro Times where industry experts provide the latest information on industry trends as well as valuable news, product information.
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What are your 2015 resolutions? More to the point and as paint professionals, what incremental improvements did you promise to achieve? Small linear changes add up over time and develop into better systems yielding superior results. We must obligate ourselves; first, by realizing that the delivery of authentic workmanship produces repeat customers and second, by understanding that the craft is steeped in art and science melded together dynamically…each aspect occurring all at once.
Color Selection
Color Selection – Why That Color?
I like to look at the question “Why that color?” a little bit as if it were Alfred Hitchcock’s MacGuffin – a plot device that drives the story, but is ultimately of little importance. Even as the question is far from being answered and who cares why this color and not that color? Physically, color doesn’t even exist. It’s our brain’s interpretation of the light stimuli and a part of our mechanism of interpreting the world around us. READ NOW        
Spotlight On:
Gardner caulks
Designed for the professional painter, Dynamite caulks are known for superior performance, gunability and paintability . Now they will be known by their family name, Gardner. Look for Gardner caulks at your favorite paint supply store. Same great Dynamite caulk on the inside, Gardner on the outside.
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High-Performance Coatings for Commercial Applications
In a survey conducted by Emerging Trends in Real Estate, real estate professionals predict a growing demand for commercial real estate across all property types. That’s not just good news for realtors, it’s good news for architects and designers whose job is to help their clients protect and beautify their new properties. The new breed of high-performance coatings gives you and your clients more options than ever when it comes to satisfying the demands of diverse applications. READ NOW      
Construction Backlog Indicator Reaches Another All-Time High
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Construction Backlog Indicator (CBI) reached a new all-time high during the third quarter of 2014 at 8.8 months, eclipsing the previous all-time high of 8.5 months in the second quarter of 2014. The 2014 third quarter backlog is 6.9 percent higher than the third quarter of 2013 and the continued growth of backlog during the last six months likely indicates that 2015 will be a strong year of recovery for the nation’s nonresidential construction industry. READ NOW      
Industry News
Dunne Edwards adds 300 new colors to the Perfect Palette System
Then, Now & Forever Curated Collection Inspired by Historical Architecture and Popular, Trending Hues READ NOW       
Graco goes on New Year buying spree
Acquisitions Expand Graco’s Global Footprint and Industries Served READ NOW      
IdeaPaint expands with Levey across Canada
IdeaPaint exists for one simple reason: to fundamentally improve the way people work. READ NOW       
This Old House Names Zinsser Clear B-I-N Advanced Synthetic Shellac As One of the 100 Best New Home Products of 2014
The annual awards recognize the top 100 best new home products of the year. READ NOW      
Sherwin-Williams opens 4,000th store
The nation’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies has opened its newest location in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. READ NOW      
The Society for Protective Coatings is looking for a new CEO
Founded in 1950, The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) is the premier non-profit association focused on the application and use of protective coatings for the preservation of infrastructure, industrial and marine assets. READ NOW       
Tax Credits Extended for One More Year
Among the newly extended policies important to the construction industry are increased expensing levels under Section 179 and 50 percent “bonus depreciation.” READ NOW       
NARI makes new car deal for members
Member benefits will now include discounted pricing on vehicles READ NOW      
Minimum wage increases in 21 states
The minimum wage will rise in 21 states in 2015, putting it above the federal pay floor in more than half the USA and highlighting the impact of a national movement to boost the earnings of low-paid workers. READ NOW        
New Regulatory Reform Legislation Proposed
Transparency and Accountability Crucial for Small Business READ NOW        
Product Introductions
More Unique Textures. In less time.
Sherwin-Williams Tuff Surface™ hides a variety of imperfections, saving you time and money while providing long-lasting beauty. Tuff Surface™ is easily applied with airless and conventional texture spray equipment, delivering appealing knockdown, splatter or orange peel textures.
CTA: Watch the Video
Faux FX - LusterStone®
LusterStone® is a revolutionary architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective stone-like patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its simplicity, versatility and ease of repair. The nature of the material allows it to be used to create a stunning variety of high/low dimensional finishes that do not require burnishing to obtain designer quality results.
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Water Cannon Inc.
Water Cannon Pressure Washers deliver a wide swath of low pressure 180 degree F. hot or ambient temperature water injected with Clorox. This application for 10 minutes on concrete, brick, stone or metal surfaces will kill viruses including influenza. Our Water Cannon products can be used indoors powered by an electric motor.
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From the Blogosphere
Your Evolving Role as a Sales Rep in the Digital Age
Remember the golden years of the sales rep? From late 1999 up until around 2007, being a salesperson in the home improvement world was, for lack of a better phrase, pretty darn good and rewarding. Sure, you had to have some sales skills and be pleasant with people, but overall it was fairly smooth sailing. READ NOW
Remodelers See Market Improving
NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index (RMI) was 60 in the final quarter of 2014, indicating widespread confidence among remodelers that the market was improving compared to the previous quarter. The RMI and each of its components lies on a scale of 0 to 100, where a number above 50 indicates that more remodelers report market activity has improved (compared to the prior quarter) than report it has deteriorated. READ NOW  
3 Compelling Reasons to make a Budget for your Business
I talk to a lot of business owners every week. It surprises me that more businesses don’t have a budget or as I like to call it, a Profit Plan. I just spoke with a business owner this week and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him tell me that he had his budget all worked out for 2015. READ NOW
Introducing the Then, Now & Forever Collection
Dunn-Edwards® Paints Color Expert, Designer and Blogger, Sara McLean, curated 300 new colors for the Then, Now & Forever™ collection, which features 142 historically accurate colors of the American West and 158 colors trending today. READ NOW  
Going UP!
Currently Brooks Painting completed a very complex project for Sunseri Construction at the Arden fair Mall in Sacramento, CA. Arden Fair Mall added LED lighting and T.V. screens to the outside of the main customer elevator. This new look flashes hip marketing and company advertisement images for customers to see. At a glance it seems pretty easy, add some metal support, add some metal LED brackets and paint everything nicely. But with multiple trades needed to take this elevator from just a point of travel to a MEGA Big Screen T.V. has been a challenge. READ NOW  
2015: Looking Ahead and Planning for the New Year
There is a time for every season, every season has a time. It’s December, which means I begin to think about the end of year wrap up and beginning of year Business Planning. (Yes, I know most people are thinking about the holidays!) Last December we were planning on how we could grow and reach the $6 million mark. Guess what, we going to make it! We are going to celebrate! READ NOW

Upcoming Industry Events
SSPC 2015 featuring GreenCOAT
Las Vegas, NV
February 03-06, 2015
2015 Painting and Decorating Expo
Charleston, SC
March 4-7, 2015
Dallas, TX
March 15 - 19, 2015
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