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       May 18

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When we think of technology and engineering our thoughts probably don’t race towards paint materials, although every year there is advancements in coating formulation. Go back five years; the average VOC levels were fundamentally higher. Fall back 10 years, and remember that manufacturers disbursed conventional tints into products to provide a color range. When added all together, the material progression is not minor; we have had to adapt application methods, some tools (brushes, for an example) and preparation procedures to apply modern paints professionally.
Cloud Computing 101: How Can You Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?
A 2012 survey by JBKnowledge Technologies of 450 construction firms found that 30 percent do not use cloud computing. The other 70 percent use it on a limited basis with only 6.5 percent using cloud-based accounting applications. But interest in cloud migration grows. Sage Construction & Real Estate’s last two annual surveys found that the percentage of contractors who view cloud computing as important to their business more than doubled to 35 percent from 16 percent. And there are ways to gain the many benefits of the cloud while still using the tools which you currently employ.
Festool Unplugged
For a long time, Festool products has been associated with the woodworking industry, particularly, millwork installation. Many cabinetry shops have invested in very expensive, stationary equipment and have grown accustom to accurate and reliabile performance. Keeping that in mind, it is not a stretch to understand why Festool is a preferred choice in the finished wood arena. Today, more and more paint professionals are discovering the precision and increased production benefits of upgrading to superior tools.
Fun Stuff
The EPA Said a “Nice” Thing
Sandwiched between acid rain comments and the rebirth of the Bald Eagle story (both fairly old narratives), the EPA’s top chief, Gina McCarthy, recently commented about the Agency’s great success of snuffing out leaded gasoline. Some may find the 1970s references old News, nonetheless, way to go; nice job. The boasts may kind of be like telling grandma she looked hot in her high school year book; polite, but a little bit expired.
Spotlight On:
Find your flex with 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets and Rolls. They can fold, roll, shape or twist! The ultra flexible rolls can be cut to size for use in hand, drywall and non-rotary power tool sanding applications. They are also clog resistant and can be used wet or dry.
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Benjamin Moore Launches Aura Grand Entrance
Inspired by fine European door and trim enamel, Aura Grand Entrance cures to a lustrous finish that has a look of elegance and luxury. Specially formulated to retain color integrity and gloss, this enamel is easy to apply, has excellent hide and is available in unlimited colors.
McCormick Paints Opens in Midlothian
McCormick Paints, a regional paint manufacturer and retailer, opened the doors to its newest location in Midlothian, Virginia. The Midlothian store will conveniently serve customers on the Southside of Richmond with its location at 1185 Alverser Drive. This is the second Richmond-area McCormick Paints store, joining the original Richmond location on Broad Street in Henrico County, which opened in April 2014.
Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week
Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week comes at a perfect time this year, with more than four in five homeowners saying they see opportunity to improve their home’s curb appeal, and more than two in three planning a painting project, according to the recent National Home Design Survey, conducted on behalf of Sherwin-Williams.
Industry News
Krylon Introduces Krylon® COVERMAXX™ & Krylon® SUPERMAXX™ Architectural Paints
These innovative paints provide ultimate durability and maximum results that can transform old décor accents and furniture into new pieces, and protect them for seasons to come. READ NOW       
PPG announces executive appointments
Vince Morales, currently vice president, investor relations, will become vice president, investor relations, and treasurer. Morales will report to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Frank Sklarsky. READ NOW      
Selling Company Secrets to the Chinese
A disgruntled ex-PPG chemist accused of trying to sell trade secrets to the Chinese will be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine if he’s competent to stand trial, a federal magistrate said this morning. READ NOW       
Survey Says How Often Decorators Hire Professionals
To help celebrate Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week, we surveyed design pros to learn the most effective ways to work with painting contractors. READ NOW      
Video: Valspar Color For The Colorblind
Nearly 300 million people experience the world without certain colors every day. ‘Color For the Colorblind’ is a short documentary about what happened when we partnered with EnChroma, maker of color blindness-correcting glasses, to help people experience colors for the first time. READ NOW      
Spotlight On:
Meet the NEW Titan™ FlexSpray™ HandHeld. With revolutionary JetForce™ Technology, the Flexspray delivers the production of an airless and the Control of an HVLP, putting the power to spray just about any coating in the palm of your hand.
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Nordstrom Tower to be tallest in America
The current race to the top of the skyline is the most impressive in New York City’s history, with ever-taller skyscrapers sprouting from the Financial District all the way to 57th Street. READ NOW       
OSHA Updates Confined Spaces Rule
OSHA issued a final rule for confined spaces in construction on May 4, which mirrors the general industry standard but adds certain provisions tailored specifically to the construction industry including an emphasis on training, monitoring and evaluating, as well as communication on multi-employer sites. READ NOW       
Overtime Pay Changes May Soon Affect Small Businesses
Small business owners could see increased payroll costs in the near future as President Obama’s plan to change the salary threshold for employees who qualify for overtime pay nears a final ruling. READ NOW      
A Wells Fargo/Gallup survey showed small business optimism dipped in the second quarter.
Some small businesses are suffering from lower revenues, a concern that has left owners less confident about the small business climate in the second quarter.
READ NOW        
Count of Open Construction Jobs in March
Over the last few months, the construction labor market has experienced swings in the monthly count of new hires, as the share of open construction jobs has trended higher. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
3M — Science Applied to Life.
Find your flex with 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets and Rolls. They can fold, roll, shape or twist! These ultra flexible sanding sheets and rolls have an innovative film backing and are perfect for spindles, trim and other hard-to-reach areas — to get the job done.
See all the benefits.
Enhanced Resistance to Dirt Pick-up & Color Fade
Sherwin-Williams Resilience® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint and SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint are proven performers and now offer even more resistance to dirt and color fade. Resilience lets you paint later in the day with confidence and less concern about dew or impending rain. SuperPaint Exterior offers outstanding adhesion and hide.
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NEW Residential Form 365 – the mobile estimate solution for painters!
Now you can do all of this onsite:
• Create & print professional estimates on the spot! (No more returning to the office to prepare estimates.)
• Sell more jobs & close more sales!
• Save time & money! Increase your profits!
Stand out from the competition starting now!
Paint Your Way to the American Dream
Kurt Degen has owned and operated K &T Painting for over three decades. He started this company with a paint brush, roller, five gallon bucket and $100.00 in his pocket. Using his profits Kurt has been able to successfully build his business portfolio, which includes real estate holdings, residential and commercial rental properties. Kurt has achieved excellence in the business industry and is helping others obtain their objectives and independence. You too can fulfill your aspirations and goals by simply applying the tools Kurt has shared in this wonderful how-to book!
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New Series for 2015
New series for 2015 is powered by a Kubota Z602B1 or DH902B1 engine roll-cage protected pressure washer built to prep surfaces and destroy even the most stubborn contaminants common in commercial settings. With up to 8.0 GPM and 4,000 PSI, this finely tuned hot water pressure washer has a General or Annovi Reverberi pump and exceptional 5-year manufacturers’ warranty coverage, including an engine warranty, & 5 year prorated coil warranty.

For more information visit us online watercannon.com or call to speak with an industry trained application specialist at 800.333.9274
SPEEDHIDE® zero Interior Zero-VOC Latex Satin
PPG PAINTS™ SPEEDHIDE® zero Interior Zero-VOC Latex Satin is formulated to meet performance requirements of professional applicators. This low-odor paint is ideal for painting occupied spaces, while its quick dry allows fast recoat and a uniform, scrubbable finish. SPEEDHIDE zero satin provides good hide, touch-up and application properties for interior walls, ceilings and trim.
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From the Blogosphere
Discussing The Cost of Contracting Jobs on Your Website
I am going to let you in on a little secret. What you charge to paint someone’s home, fix a leaky pipe, or remodel a kitchen is not top secret. In fact, it never has been! I know you do not want your competitors to know your hidden talents, but the fact of the matter is this: If a competitor wants to know what you charge for your services, they will find a way. READ NOW
Producer Prices in April – Up in March, Down in April
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Producer Price Indexes (PPI) for April. Inflation in prices received by producers (prior to sales to consumers) fell 0.4% in April after a modest increase (0.2%) in March. The decline was dominated by goods, and mainly energy, but prices for services also declined by 0.1%. READ NOW  
It’s time to Refocus
As people and as business owners, many things can take us off track and we can find ourselves spinning ineffectually. Maybe it’s an issue with employees, a problem with a client, a difficult co-worker, or maybe it’s a project, job or sale that isn’t coming together the way you envisioned that it would. READ NOW
NeoCon in Chicago Shows What's New in Commercial Interiors
Since 1969 the NeoCon in Chicago has proudly been on the cutting edge of commercial interior design. It is held at the Merchandise Mart and welcomes nearly 50,000 attendees hoping to learn more about current trends in commercial design. READ NOW  
Here’s Your Sign!
The Mariani Company in Vacaville Ca. recently hired Brooks Painting to re-paint their fading logo on their warehouse wall facing Highway 505. Lucky for us we only had to repaint what was there. The colors were faded and weather worn. Some water staining from leaking gutters had left water stains as well. You don’t see a lot of painted signs on buildings these days like you did in the 40’s and 50’s; it’s kind of an iconic look! READ NOW  
Keep Your Daily Focus with Meaningful KPI’s
Spring is here! Hopefully your phones are ringing. As work picks up for the season (depending on your seasonality), all the planning you’ve been doing will pay off. But as work picks up, so do the number of things that have to get done. Something’s gotta give. So, how can you stay focused on the Big Rocks, including financials? READ NOW

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