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   September 2

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Remember the Golden Rule?
Maybe it should be thought of more often when projects get a little bumpy especially in the rush near completion. Although we may connect to the Golden Rule as individual paint professionals, we may want to consider the concept for the workplace. After all, company teams are made up of individuals. Whether a small or large group, we all benefit from kindness and appreciation. To enjoy smiley days, practice the GR. Go ahead, try it and work will be less stressful and more fun.
Radiant Coating Helps Reach the Stars
Aside from architectural and industrial applications, paint and coatings play an essential part in many diverse industries. Here at PPT, we enjoy exploring new coating technologies and featuring News briefs on innovative and assorted products.
Paint Chillin’
Glass paint does not just help keep heat off metal roofs and structures. It can also keep them durable. Researchers said the coating may survive hundreds of years without cracking or fading. Harsh sunlight is not friendly to metal surfaces. It can speed up corrosion and deterioration, as well as make it difficult to keep interiors cool.
Sherwin-Williams Launches ColorSnap
Sherwin-Williams launched ColorSnap, the company’s most comprehensive, integrated color selection system ever offered. Designed to help consumers and professionals make confident and efficient paint color selections, ColorSnap includes a first-of-its-kind, in-store display that makes color selection fast and easy, in addition to enhanced online and offline tools, and new colors.
Chromaflo Infrared Reflective Technology
Chromaflo Technologies, one of the leading independent global suppliers of colorant systems, chemical and pigment dispersions, has recently released a video describing its Infrared Reflective Technology and how it may benefit end users.
World’s First Non-Stick Paint Packaging
LiquiGlide, the leader in permanently wet, liquid-impregnated surface technology, today announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Australia-based sustainable and innovative packaging manufacturer, Pact Group Holdings (Pact).
Industry News
Behr in the Community
One of the guiding principles of the BEHR culture is to “do the right thing.” READ NOW        
Spray on Exterior Sheathing “Tape”
LIQUIDARMOR™ - CM Flashing and Sealant is an innovative liquid flashing alternative to conventional tape. READ NOW      
PPG Colorful Communities brightens Italian Children’s Hospital
PPG is partnering with Fondazione Uspidalet, a local community organization, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the city’s Children’s Hospital with a special renovation. READ NOW       
Gray is the New White
Rust-Oleum’s New Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Gray Primer Enhances Dark Wall Paint Colors READ NOW      
Valspar’s Color Chameleons
Two chameleons go through their unique version of color selection READ NOW      
President Obama Calls for More Overtime Pay
The DOL proposes increasing the minimum salary level to the 40th percentile of weekly earnings for full-time salaried workers, which is estimated at $50,440 for 2016. (The current salary threshold is $23,660.) READ NOW       
Time To Eliminate Retainage
As subcontractors know all too well, retainage is an owner’s or higher-tier contractor’s practice of holding a predetermined percentage from each progress payment to the next-lower tier of subcontractors... READ NOW       
Get Paid Faster
The construction industry is unique in many ways, one of which is the numerous amount of legal options a construction party has to get paid. READ NOW      
New Discovery: Staying Dry Underwater
Imagine staying dry underwater for months. Now Northwestern University engineers have examined a wide variety of surfaces that can do just that—and, better yet, they know why.
READ NOW        
Maine to Start Paint Recycling October 1
Oct.1, 2015 will mark the first day of PaintCare® program operations in Maine. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Sherwin-Williams Tuff Surface™ Premium Texture Finish
Now available in Flat and New Eg-Shel Finish, Sherwin-Williams Tuff Surface™ Premium Texture Finish helps professionals achieve beautifully textured surfaces using less effort. Apply Tuff Surface to hide imperfections in uneven or damaged surfaces. For inviting spaces with long-lasting beauty, it is both reliable and cost effective.
Learn More.
TB Crown Molding
• The professional painter can increase profits.
• Creative Crown moldings are 100% American made and recyclable.
• Our flat back design cuts at any position on most miter saws.
• Cost effective and east to install for a beginner or professional.
• No nails or fasteners required. Installs with painters caulk.
• Mounts to most surfaces; drywall, wood, concrete, brick, etc.
• Great for damp and wet areas.
• Does not contract or expand like wood moldings.
On the web at www.tbcrownmolding.com
Or visit your local Sherwin Williams Store
From the Blogosphere
Should I Buy Apple Watches for My Field Employees
To some of you reading this post, you might think this is a no brainer. Yet, I have been asked the question, hence the blog post.
Note: I am pretty certain Apple will be releasing the 2nd generation of the Apple Watch sooner than we think. So this post might get old real quick. On the other hand, my opinion might stay the same even after the next Apple Watch release.
What Types of Foundations Are Used in New Homes?
NAHB analysis of the Survey of Construction (SOC) shows that the market share of new single-family homes built on slabs has been generally increasing, whereas homes with basements or crawl spaces have been on the decline since the year 2000.
56% of all new single-family started in 2014 were built on slab foundations, 28% had a full/partial basement, and 15% selected a crawl space. The remaining 1% included raised supports, earthen, and other foundation types.
How to Coordinate with Color for Spring
For me spring and summer bring with them a blossoming sense of lightness and renewal. Floating and even a little aloof, my mind starts to drift in and out of dreams wandering wherever it pleases. These are the seasons of untamable imagination and creativity. I find myself detached from the rush of day to day life, seeking more time to drift about the yard, enjoying the slower pace. I seek colors that reflect this whimsical and etherial attitude for inside my home as well. The color experts at Pantone have designed the perfect solution to my summer whims. READ NOW
2016 Trends in Action: Commercial Architecture and Design
We are excited to bring you the next in our series on 2016 Trends in Action reports. This month we highlight trends in commercial design and architecture. Themes such as Contortion, Pattern Vegetation and Light provide new inspiration and ideas on application. READ NOW  
Paint Recycle Event in Davis CA
Brooks Painting will be hosting a free paint recycling event September 1st through 25th, 2015. As you clean out or organize your garage or storage spaces, you can pull out old paint that you don't need anymore and bring it to our recycle event and we will make sure it gets to the California Paint Care program for proper recycling. Due to the California Paint Care restrictions, we can only accept household paint in cans that seal properly; no aerosol cans, no thinners, cleaners or any non-paint items. READ NOW  
Training: There is no time like the Present!
High Summer. Busy busy busy. We are all stuck in the middle of too many projects, too many fires to put out, too many employees running around without direction. The answer to making that all go away is simple. Training. I know, I can hear you from here, who has time to train, I have TOO MUCH TO DO! READ NOW

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ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape for Exterior Surfaces
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