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         June 16

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We are featuring two fun and fascinating News items from Europe. Do not think that we have an unbalanced romantic love for the old country verse the US; it is just a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship. Many paint professionals use ladders, lifts and scaffolding to expertly reach application locations, but in certain, rare instances that does not work. The first video is titled Extreme Painting and the Sikkens supplied project may open a new perspective about the daily commute.
Painting Pro’s Perspective
EPA’s Power Victory
Under the guise of an update, the EPA has won a huge TSCA victory, a power grab. The sneaky propaganda approach masked behind “modernizing” the existing law promises that the Agency will now be more effective and be positioned to better serve the public. Instead the new law, which should be referred to as the Orwellian Death Ray, provides the EPA with unprecedented, unchecked bureaucratic authority.
Airless Spraying by Graco - Basic Application Techniques
Professional spray techniques are learned over time and it is essential that skilled craftsmen safely and properly perform the application. A good spray pattern indicates that the paint or coating is completely atomized and distributed evenly on the surface. For a finish to perform optimally and look brilliant, spray application must follow the professional tenets of brush and roller application…care must be taken that each be put on with uniform strokes and/or a consistent, evenly opaque pattern. There are several techniques that help determine the quality of the spray pattern and finish.
Titan Coating Connector
Titan has launched the Titan Coating Connector, a new free smartphone application for iOS and Android devices. Created for busy paint contractors and professional paint retailer associates, the app makes it possible to access volumes of sprayer and coating information in a matter of seconds, whether on the job site, in the store, or on the fly.
Industry News
Extreme Painting
AkzoNobel takes essential protection to new heights READ NOW        
Coating Strengthens the Siena Cathedral
BASF materials helped preserve a master piece building. READ NOW      
Behr Paint Celebrates Self-Expression in Latest Advertising Campaign
National campaign features interior and exterior BEHR® Paints and stains for all homes—no matter how big, small or tiny. READ NOW       
California Paints Solution Links
California Paints has a page dedicated to helping you solve some common painting problems. Click the link below to learn more: READ NOW      
Dunn-Edwards Introduces DURAFLO
Dunn-Edwards Paints has introduced New and Improved DURAFLO® Premium (50) Semi-gloss and (60) Gloss paints lines. READ NOW      
Olympic Paints and Stains achieves Guinness World Record
With more than 150 gallons of OLYMPIC MAXIMUM stain and 33,000 WOOSTER paint brushes, the Olympic Paints and Stains achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest Paintbrush Mosaic. READ NOW       
RPM Acquires Chinese Carboline
RPM International Inc. (NYSE: RPM) today announced that its Carboline Company subsidiary acquired the remaining 51% interest in its Chinese joint venture, Carboline Dalian Paint Production Co., Ltd. (Carboline Dalian), bringing its total ownership to 100%. READ NOW       
Florida Paints Acquires Scott Paint Company
Florida Paints announced that it has acquired Scott Paint Company from a Maryland company, returning the Sarasota-based brand to Florida ownership. READ NOW        
The Cost of Dust
Why dust extraction saves your health, time and money… READ NOW        
PQI’s Online Training
Paint Quality Institute University - There are three courses available READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Work hard. Breathe easy. Get proven protection and long-lasting comfort with the new 3M™ Quick Latch respirator. Featuring a convenient quick latch and patented 3M™ Cool Flow™ technology to help reduce heat and moisture for enhanced comfort and easier breathing – helping you stay cool on the job.
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Sherwin-Williams new Extreme Bond™ Interior/Exterior Primer is formulated to promote adhesion on hard, glossy surfaces. This high-quality, waterborne acrylic primer assures a uniform appearance and adhesion of topcoats. It can be used with both high performance epoxies and urethanes. Sanding may not be necessary for most clean, paintable surfaces.
Learn more
PPG Pittsburgh - Regency® Interior™
REGENCY® interior latex paint is our finest interior paint-and-primer-in-one product with excellent durability that repels stains. It provides excellence in coverage, durability and stain resistance.Regency applies smoothly and has great flow and leveling for a beautiful finish. It is ideal for withstanding wear and tear in high traffic areas. www.legendary440.com         
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
Upcoming Industry Events
2016 WIA National Convention and Vendor Showcase
Charlotte, North Carolina
September 16-17, 2016
Commercial Painting Contractor Convention
Rockport, Maine
Sept. 27-30, 2016
Knowledge Test
1. When spray applying a paint or coating, to achieve a professional finish, it is best to keep the pump pressure as high as possible.
2. Paint artisans were the first established construction trade; the origins of craftsmanship go back:
3. In 2015, the world’s largest painted American flag was completed:
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