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     August 17

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Is there any good competition in the paint and coating business? Too often, we have to overcome the low-balling, do-the-minimum and outright hacker outfits that are seemingly replaced as fast as they go under with an endless supply of clones. The easy entry, do less for less mentality does not understand the concept of craftsmanship, taking care of the customer or doing the right thing. Sadly, many bottom feeder players do not know what they do not know…
Ten Branding Tips
You don’t have to become the next Apple, but your brand is an essential part of your business. Some would even say your brand is your business. Logos and mission statements are only part of your company’s brand identity. Here are 10 tips for creating an unforgettable brand that resonates with your audience.
Ladder Safety
Ladder safety should start before even stepping foot on one. The improper use of a ladder, or using an object other than a ladder to reach an item, can result in serious injury due to over-reaching or falling. Statistics suggest that workers are more likely to abuse and misuse ladders rather than use them correctly in the workplace.
Color Selection
Benjamin Moore Expands Baseball Collection
Benjamin Moore celebrates its sponsorship of the Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees with the launch of the Sports Colors Collection, a series of paint colors featuring iconic hues representative of each team. The collection is now available at select Benjamin Moore retailers in the Chicago, Kansas City and New York Metro areas year-round.
Industry News
Not All Solids Are Created Equal - Behr Pro
What are volume solids? When paint dries, pigment and resin are left behind. These two items are commonly referred to as volume solids. Find out why not all solids are created equal. READ NOW        
Canadians stay neutral; do not go deep
Pastels in second place nationally, but some provinces like them more than others READ NOW      
PPG Expands Comex Brand’s Distribution
Reinforces commitment of PPG-Comex business growth in northwestern Mexico READ NOW       
RPM Sales & Net Income Set New Records
- Fourth-quarter sales increase 4%; net income up 20%
- Fiscal 2016 full-year sales increase 5%; net income up 48%
READ NOW      
Tremco Commercial Sealants
Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing Company Video READ NOW      
Valspar Coating Backed by Patents
valPure V70, a revolutionary non-BPA epoxy, designed for light metal packaging is a breakthrough in epoxy technology for food and beverage manufacturers looking for industry-standard performance from a non-BPA solution. READ NOW       
Court Rejects Davis-Bacon on Private Project
Affirming a U.S. District Court ruling from 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued a decision that stops an unprecedented expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act onto the CityCenterDC project READ NOW       
When does painting a bridge take longer than building it?
Repainting the famous bridge between Denmark and Sweden will take longer than it took building it. READ NOW        
The Paint & Coatings Industry Continues to Evolve
The recent sharp drop in oil prices could force coatings prices lower if continued. READ NOW        
X-Ray Reveals Hidden Art by Edgar Degas
Using specialized X-ray imaging, a team of researchers in Australia has revealed a striking painting of a woman’s face hidden under French Impressionist Edgar Degas’ Portrait of a Woman. READ NOW        
Product Introductions
Work hard. Breathe easy. Get proven protection and long-lasting comfort with the new 3M™ Quick Latch respirator. Featuring a convenient quick latch and patented 3M™ Cool Flow™ technology to help reduce heat and moisture for enhanced comfort and easier breathing – helping you stay cool on the job.
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Emerald® and Duration Home® are now available in a true-flat finish that offers the same washability, durability, and burnish resistance as matte or glossier sheens. These technologically advanced true-flat sheens hide minor drywall imperfections while providing a washable, rich look. Both products are paint and primer in one with advanced stain-blocking technology.
Learn more
It’s Not Just Paint | WHAT’S IN THE CAN?
An inside look at what makes a great paint or just an ordinary one. An easy read, not overly technical, authored by a fifty-year industry veteran. Whether you buy, apply, sell or specify, It’s Not “Just” Paint will expand your understanding of architectural coatings. FREE SHIPPING
Learn more
Titan RX-PRO™ Airless Spray Gun
Titan’s new RX-PRO airless spray gun delivers more comfort, control and convenience than ever before. Spray longer with ergonomic features like a best-in-class, ultra-light trigger pull, and customizable FingerPrint Grip™. Rated up to 3600 PSI, the RX-PRO works with any airless sprayer on the market.
Find out more at SprayingRedefined.com
PPG Pittsburgh - Regency® Interior™
REGENCY® interior latex paint is our finest interior paint-and-primer-in-one product with excellent durability that repels stains. It provides excellence in coverage, durability and stain resistance.Regency applies smoothly and has great flow and leveling for a beautiful finish. It is ideal for withstanding wear and tear in high traffic areas. www.legendary440.com         
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
Upcoming Industry Events
2016 WIA National Convention and Vendor Showcase
Charlotte, North Carolina
September 16-17, 2016
Commercial Painting Contractor Convention
Rockport, Maine
Sept. 27-30, 2016
Knowledge Test
1. Primers need chemical and mechanical properties to bond to a surface and/or material to which they are applied:
2. Overspray is commonly caused by:
3. The “Do It Yourself” (DIY) paint application market can be attributed to:
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