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         July 18

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The 50 year paint company consolidation movement has been relentless. The recent hullabaloo about PPG’s attempted takeover of AkzoNobel may have overshadowed the fact for some that big or small and close or far industry acquisitions affect paint professionals. Or…maybe you are thinking that rolling out walls, finishing trim or spraying corrugated metal deck ceilings will not change much if a large American based supplier buys a huge company on another continent.
The Whole Paint & Coatings Enchilada
While often overlooked or invisible, paint and coatings are indispensable products. Coatings not only preserve our cars and homes, they preserve the bridges we drive across and the tunnels through which we travel; and they save energy by keeping buildings cooler, among serving many other purposes. The paint and coatings industry is not only integral to providing products that sustain modern daily life, but also provides jobs for thousands of employees, and end-use customers.
Color Selection
Killing Color
When radium was first discovered, its luminous green color inspired people to add it into beauty products and jewelry. It wasn’t until much later that we realized that radium’s harmful effects outweighed its visual benefits. Unfortunately, radium isn’t the only pigment that historically seemed harmless or useful but turned out to be deadly.
Origins of Craftsmanship
American Paint History IV
Because painted surfaces are subject to abrasion, soiling, water damage, sunlight, and application of incompatible paints they generally need to be repainted appropriately from time to time. In American Paint History, we considered the ingredients of early, historic interior paints including the pigment, binder, and vehicle, as well as lead, oil and water based products. In the 2nd installment, American Paint History II, we featured information on Early American paints produced prior to 1875.
Spotlight On:
Keeps Paint Out. Keeps Lines Sharp.®
FrogTape® is the only painter's tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology. PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed and providing the sharpest paint lines possible.
Learn more at frogtape.com.
Industry News
Benjamin Moore's Color Trends 2017 with Muralist Mary Lacy
Watch artist Mary Lacy create a stunning wall mural with the full Color Trends 2017 palette filled with 23 Benjamin Moore paint colors. READ NOW      
Faux Effects Galaxy Stone
Galaxy Stone is a revolutionary luminescent architectural coating formulated for both interior and exterior use. READ NOW      
The Hyde MudGun Pro
The MudGun Pro from Hyde has been designed to make large DIY plastering jobs easier while producing a good quality and consistent finish READ NOW      
New PPG Comex President, Marcos Achar retires
PPG announced that Henrik Bergström, chief commercial officer of PPG Comex, will become vice president, architectural coatings, Latin America, and president of PPG Comex effective July 1. READ NOW      
PPG completes sale of Comex’s Plaka plasterboard business to Knauf
PPG announced that it has completed the sale of its Mexico-based Plaka plasterboard and cement-board business to Knauf International GmbH. Financial terms were not disclosed. READ NOW      
Spray Chalk is fun for the whole family!
Turn outside surfaces into game fields, signs, or outdoor masterpieces with Testors Spray Chalk washable chalk spray. READ NOW      
Titan’s New ControlMax Series High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayers
Titan ControlMax Series High Efficiency Airless (HEA) paint sprayers are easy to use and deliver maximum control when spraying at production speed. READ NOW      
Valspar Architectural Color Trends
Check out this video! READ NOW      
Zipwall’s New Adjustable FoamRail
ZipWall announced the addition of the FoamRail Span Mini Tapeless Seal, an adjustable rail that extends up to four feet and tightly seals a dust barrier without tape. READ NOW      
Putty Knives...How It's Made
Check out this video! READ NOW      
Product Introductions
New Scotch® Masking Tape for Humid Conditions
Stick it to humidity with a revolutionary new tape. Featuring cutting-edge Humi Bond™ Adhesive, this tape sticks and stays in humid conditions. It also works on zero-VOC, scrubbable and deep-base paints. For clean lines and great results, get the tape with staying power.
Click here for more
Introducing the Titan PowrBeast™
Power, durability and performance have a new master. Introducing the PowrBeast™ from Titan. The world’s most powerful direct immersion sprayer. Featuring extremely efficient digital hydraulics, an optimized cooling system and field serviceable fluid section, the PowrBeast™ series takes hydraulic sprayers to new heights. Find out more at titantool.com/beast.         
Sherwin Williams | Top 15 Tools for Pro Painters
Here's a roundup of the latest advancements in paint application and other tools that will help your crew be more productive in 2017.
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Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
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Knowledge Test
1. On exterior trim surfaces, thicker coats of 100% acrylic products lengthen a coating’s service life.
2. The darkness of the color black may be measured by:
3. One of the first recognized color theory’s was established by Aristotle and he claimed:
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