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     February 15

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Bossy bosses must be going extinct. It seems that if we believe the mini-poster readings, everyone is such an ideal leader and all around great influence, we can sit back and enjoy another cold one. Ever walk in an office and notice a saying broadcasting that a boss is a four letter word? Maybe it says something about being a kind, inspirational trailblazer. Possibly you have something like that taped on your wall? Well what is hung about, posted on social media and proclaimed in marketing hype often does not gel with awake observations.
Leadership…no quick fixes or magic tricks
The term “thought leader” is one of those phrases that’s become popular despite its meaning being unclear. You are a leader of thoughts? What thoughts? How so? Are you an expert in all (any?) fields, or just in the art of thinking?
Employee Success…Engagement
When people are asked to picture construction employees, what often comes to mind are hardworking, clock-in and clock-out, push-through-the-day professionals. Their level of dedication to and passion for their work are not typically considered.
International Workshop & Tech Tour
The Wallcovering Installers Association’s first international event takes place this May “across the pond” in the United Kingdom! Experience the amazing historical sites and attractions of London and Oxford while witnessing firsthand how some great and innovative wallcovering products are made and applied.
Industry News
BEHR Stain & Finish: Outdoor Furniture
A bit homeownerish, but check out the products. Plus, we liked the animated bear at the end. Click here for more      
Ultra Spec Scuff-X Benjamin Moore
Skateboards usually scuff walls, but new SCUFF-X interior wall paint is specifically formulated to resist scuffs. Click here for more      
Dunn-Edwards Paints Introduces Improved Performance Evershield
Dunn-Edwards has introduced Improved Performance Evershield, an ultra-premium exterior, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic paint line. Click here for more      
PPG Paints Arena Giant Hockey Stick
The PPG Refinish team refreshed the giant hockey stick at the PPG PAINTS ARENA. Click here for more      
Take the guesswork out of Color Matching with ColorSnap
Sherwin-Williams unveiled ColorsSnap Match, its new handheld color-matching tool aimed at helping everyone from painting contractors to designers, remodelers and homeowners with quick and confident color-matching. Click here for more      
ColorSnap Visualizer App
Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer, the mobile app that helps contractors, designers and homeowners find the perfect color, is now available in four languages. Click here for more      
Festool PLANEX the Easy Drywall Sander
Sanding new drywall…check out this setup Click here for more      
AWCI's Excellence in Construction Quality Award - Harry Potter Theme Park
The clip is somewhat dated, but a fun and an amazing scaffolding project Click here for more      
Regulatory Rollback Means Big Savings for Small Business
A by-the-numbers look at key regulations that have been repealed or delayed in the first six months of the Trump Administration, and how much money has been saved for small business. Click here for more      
The Difference Between Extra Work and Additional Work
Failure to do additional work can result in a general breach. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel
Ideal for windows, doors, and trim, Emerald® Interior/Exterior Urethane Trim Enamel improves efficiency and aesthetics. Emerald goes on in fewer coats and is formulated to stand up to frequent cleanings. Available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens, Emerald delivers a long-lasting look your homeowners will love.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
Upcoming Industry Events
Galveston Island, Texas
February 21-23, 2018
SUB Excel
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center
Tempe, AZ
Feb 28th - March 3rd 2018
Knowledge Test
1. Like paint color names, gloss and sheen are labeled purely for marketing purposes:
2. Metal stud framing and gypsum drywall systems will have acceptable varying degrees of “flatness” due to the:
3. When accessing paint or coating adhesion, the:
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