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         April 26

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At this time of year, most ski and snow board turns are fading memories. The mountains are left alone, abandoned and weeping white tears. Although winter ended a month ago, cold nights and wet skies have dampened the signal of hibernation’s alarm clock. In some places the icy grip has been so firm flowers are just now revealing nature’s kaleidoscope. Finally, the weather is clear for NASCAR and the exterior professional painting season. Climb in and pin 4th gear on the straight away.
Spring Clean Your Business
Spring cleaning—although not the most glamorous of side projects—it is an essential part of small business operations. Without a pre-planned cleaning session, the important yet tedious upkeep can get left behind. Some basic spring cleaning tips and reminders to help organize your small business. Apply the knowledge of the rest of the year’s new developments, technological glitches, and growth to this period of reorganization. Based on the findings, a small business could look completely different by summer.
Improve Employees’ Knowledge Retention
The dangers of working on a construction site are numerous—working at hazardous heights, operating heavy machinery, noise-induced health problems, trips and falls, and collapses, just to name a few. The number of injuries that go hand in hand with the industry is staggering. However, the truth is that this situation can be turned around with proper training. A common cause of these problems is lack of knowledge and, more importantly, lack of knowledge retention. Simply attending seminars on health and safety won’t yield positive results if employees don’t apply their newfound knowledge.
Technical Talk
New Gypsum Board II
At times, negative issues have risen between the industry trades of gypsum board finishing, paint and wallcovering application. Rather than remain in a foggy, unclear understanding or worse operate under a false assumption of following the way “it has always been done”, we are sharing the industry standards of how to prepare and finish new gypsum board. Accurate knowledge combined with technical skills usually saves aggravation and helps to avoid “he said, she said” lawsuits. This “Paint Application” section describes different paint methods as the final decoration over new interior gypsum board surfaces.
Industry News
AkzoNobel Painting a brighter future for young people
Find out how AkzoNobel and SOS Children’s Villages collaboration helps young people to gain practical experience and converts more than 4,000 liters of paint into smiles! Click here for more      
Doing it Right Since 1883 | Benjamin Moore
When it comes to premium paints and stains for your home, we have set the standard for excellence. Click here for more      
Prep Like A Pro KILZ
Professional painters know the importance of using primer before you paint. Click here for more      
Rust-Oleum introduces decorative faux finish in an aerosol
New spray paint replicates cement look. Cement is trending as a decorative accessory in the home. Click here for more      
PPG’s Olympic Brand expanded to Home Depot
PPG (NYSE:PPG) and THE HOME DEPOT® (NYSE:HD) announced an expanded partnership to offer PPG’s OLYMPIC® brand stains in its nearly 2,000 locations across the U.S. Click here for more      
PPG reports first quarter 2018 financial results
PPG (NYSE:PPG) reported first quarter 2018 net sales of about $3.8 billion, up nearly 9 percent versus the prior year. Click here for more      
Pro On The Go: The Seattle Aquarium – Sherwin-Williams
Located on Pier 59 on the Elliott Bay waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is always a challenging job for painters. Click here for more      
Tnemec Tank Highlight Project
The highlighted water tank this month is none other than the official Tank of the Year in Destin, Florida. Click here for more      
ZipWall Introduces the SideBridge Wall Mount
The SideBridge works with the ZipWall FoamRail Span™ to tightly seal a barrier along a wall and keep dust under control during remodeling, restoration and repair. Click here for more      
Wooster Adds New Size to Bravo Stainer Line
The Wooster Brush Company is proud to announce the addition of a 2¾-inch size to extend the product lines of both available blends. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
Titan | TR1 High Efficiency Airless™ Tip
The TR1 HEA tip is a high production tip that is optimized to spray coatings at 1,000 psi which decreases overspray by up to 55%. This revolutionary technology delivers speed, added durability and is perfect for spraying large residential and commercial jobs. Find out more at titantool.com/TR1HEA.         
Sherwin-Williams | Click. Buy. Paint.
Sherwin-Williams has exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Buy online anytime with benefits including order status updates, 24/7 ordering, a Quick Order link to streamline your purchase, and a Frequently Purchased section for easy reordering. At mySW.com, you can plan ahead for a faster, more efficient workflow.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
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Sept 13 - 15, 2018
Knowledge Test
1. With three coats of joint filler, professional finishers make gypsum board seams a flat plane:
2. According to a recently featured article, to get more projects emphasize this point to customers:
3. According to OSHA, employees have the right to a safe work place and:
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