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    September 18

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Away from the watchful eyes of project supervisors, other trades, and/or owners, is it okay to shortcut application? If some time is saved, we may reason that it is not a big deal and maybe no one will notice. Often pricing pressure seemingly forces professionals to meet or get close to the bottom feeder outfits that really cheat. Plus, when you are good, walls and trim can look fine with one and done…right?
Massive Disruption Required to Save the Construction Industry
The construction industry has reached a tipping point. The older generation is retiring at a growing rate, taking with them decades of invaluable knowledge and expertise. Without massive disruption, the industry will soon struggle to meet ongoing demand. As more senior professionals transition out, a new generation with a new mindset is entering the workforce. The challenge is the loss of knowledge, but the opportunity lies in a new perspective.
Five Ways to Better Assess a Candidate During the Job Interview
The dreaded job interview. These days, both the interviewer and the interviewee are being assessed. The construction labor shortage seems to have given candidates a certain bravado during interviews. It is common to hear about candidates texting during an interview and showing up late or not at all. When they do show up on time and are present during the meeting, it can be difficult to assess what they will bring to the job. Here are five signs to look for to see if a candidate is all talk or if they can walk the walk.
Wallcovering: 4 Design Trends
We’re in a time of new found appreciation and demand for wallpaper and wallcoverings. The design trends are pointing to a desire to add pattern, sheen, texture, and art to walls that the eggshell white of the 90s could never accomplish.
Industry News
AkzoNobel embraces the sweet life with Spiced Honey – Color of the Year 2019
Spiced Honey has been unveiled by AkzoNobel as the Color of the Year for 2019. The shade was selected following expert research into global trends, insights and consumer behavior. Click here for more      
Cloverdale Paint…85 years!
All paints are created with the same components, however not all paints are created equal. Click here for more      
PPG Celebrating 135 Years
We’re celebrating our 135th anniversary! In 1883, Captain John B. Ford and John Pitcairn founded our company with a focus on innovation and quality. In 2018, we continue those priorities of protecting and beautifying the world, offering our customers around the globe unique technologies, services, and solutions. Learn more about us at ppg.com. Click here for more      
The History of Sherwin-Williams
More than 150 years of heritage, innovation and performance. Click here to view      
Wooster–Exclusive Roller Gauge System Grows
The Wooster Brush Company is proud to announce the addition of a green, 16mm, roller gauge to extend the product line of the roller gauge system. These tools make a challenging application – controlling mil thickness – instantly more precise. Click here for more      
NACE 75th Anniversary
A brief overview of NACE International and its 75 year history. Click here for more      
Festool Expands U.S. Headquarters
Festool announced that the headquarters for Festool USA and Festool Canada, located in Lebanon, Indiana, will expand by 80,000 square feet. This is the second, large-scale expansion within the past three years. Company executives cite increased demand and robust sales behind $9.3 million expansion, as the Festool brand continues to grow among professional tool users, residential contractors, painters, remodelers, and woodworkers. Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2018 and will be completed by December 2019. Click here for more      
Small Business Owners' Plans to Create New Jobs Hit 45-year High
Small business plans to create new jobs and job openings hit a 45-year high in August, but owners still struggled to fill their open positions, according to NFIB’s monthly jobs report, released today. After posting significant gains in filling open positions in July, it slowed slightly in August, perhaps due to fewer qualified applicants. Click here for more      
Take Action: Tell Your Representative to Cosponsor the OPTIONS Act
Named after Section 529 of the IRS Code, a 529 plan is a tax advantaged savings account intended to be used for higher and continuing education institutions, as well as the expenditures associated with them. These plans allow the use of such funds on “qualified tuition plans” and are sponsored in each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Click here for more      
American Coatings Association Argues in Favor of Sherwin-Williams et al in California Lead Based Paint Case
ACA’s brief argues that basing tort liability on truthful advertising of a lawful product is an unconstitutional burden on commercial speech and by including truthful promotions by a trade association compounds the injury by burdening and ultimately impairing the right to freedom of association. ACA and its members have a significant interest in seeking to reverse the decision. This expansion and misapplication of public nuisance could have far reaching consequences and, if the decision is left undisturbed, could be the basis for future litigation as well as state legislative initiatives codifying this expansion of public nuisance. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
Grasp the future with Titan's Red Series(R), innovative spray guns built for the way you work. The RX-Apex is the newest with practical innovations like the Infinity Packing(tm) , an ultra-customizable grip and All-Day Trigger(tm), delivering more comfort and making jobsite life easier. Watch the video and find out more at titantool.com/RedSeries.
Stop stains and tannins from bleeding through repaints with Sherwin-Williams(R) Extreme Block(tm) Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer. The fast-drying alkyd formula seals off stubborn stains like smoke and nicotine, is easy to sand and can be topcoated in as little as two hours, quickly restoring properties to a fresh condition.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
Upcoming Industry Events
IDAL 2018 Convention
Greensboro, NC
October 17th - 21st 2018
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Nashville, Tennesse
March 6 - 9th 2019
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